Asia Fuels 2007 - Gasoline & Middle Distilates,

01-02 Mar, 2007 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Marina Mandarin Singapore

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Asia Fuels 2007 is established to address the important and growing issue of clean fuel and low sulphur fuels production within the region. The industry is currently focused on meeting and aligning Asia’s specification, as well as global demand for cleaner fuels. Special focus has been given to the middle distillates, diesel and aviation fuels.

Technology such as diesel desulphurization plays a vital role as refiners gear towards clean fuel production. What are the latest innovative technologies available to help them meet their objectives?

The emergence of alternative fuels such as biodiesel, ethanol, synthetic fuels from GTL and CTL is also high on the agenda and we will look at how this new supply stream will complement the current supply.

CMT’s Asia Fuels 2007 conference brings together leading panel of experts to examine crucial issues on the fuels market in Asia. This conference focus on the following pertinent issues:
• Outlook of the demand and supply balance for gasoline & middle distillates
• Addressing the deficit position in global transportation fuel demand
• Regional market analysis for the middle distillates & specifications
• Petroleum products prices & trade flow outlook
• New supply arising from Bio & Synthetic fuels

Presenting a complete and up to date overview of the Asia Pacific oil and energy industry, the event will feature key organisations and senior decision makers, providing attendees with exceptional networking and business opportunities.

A must attend event for your 2007 calendar.

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