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6th Palm Oil Asia Summit

13-14 Aug, 2014 - Jakarta, INDONESIA

Le Meridien Jakarta

PLEASE CLICK HERE to view upcoming event. Information here is outdated

"Mounting Pressures on Sustainability & New Challenges for the Palm Oil Industry"


"Sustainability has entered into a new ball game for the palm oil industry"


"For many years, there have been mounting pressures from NGOs eg Greenpeace but finally the catalysts that has pushed this to the tipping point is the changing tide of sentiment from consumers goods industry"


"Unilever Commits to Sustainable Palm Oil by End of 2014"

Wall Street Journal, Nov. 12, 2013


"Procter & Gamble commits to protect world's rain forests"

CBS New.com Apr 9, 2014


"L'Oréal Pledges 'Zero Deforestation' by 2020"

Environmental Leader Jan 27, 2014


"Kellogg's to buy only sustainably sourced palm oil"

The Guardian 19 Feb 2014


Palm oil companies are now forced look seriously into their procurement policies and incorporating sustainability into their supply chain.


2 big palm oil giants Wilmar and Golden Agri has already taken the lead to raise the bar for sustainability by committing to provide products that are "free from links to deforestation or abuse of human rights and local communities".


What significant impact will this bring to the palm oil industry ?


Meanwhile a multiplicity of standards such as the International Standard for Carbon Certification (ISCC), Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) and the newly introduced Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) have emerged.


Before we even go forward with sustainability, has the industry come together to see how different sustainability benchmarks can work together for the benefit of the planters ?


CMT's 6th Palm Oil ASIA Summit is a hands on, no-hype gathering of the palm oil fraternity to share the latest developments and challenges in the industry


Network with general managers, operational managers, plantation controllers, sustainability & environment directors, senior managers involved in the management of oil palm companies and estate managers and be updated on the following issues


  • Finding a compromise and common ground for the multiple sustainable standards
  • Indonesia's Biofuel Mandate - As dry weather in Asia is threatening to curb supply of palm oil , just as demand in biodiesel increases, it remains to be seen how much of Indonesia's biodiesel mandate can be fulfilled
  • India's recent policy changes and impact on their palm oil imports
  • Four Pillars of Sustainable Palm Oil from Univanich - Thailand's largest sustainable and most successful palm oil producer
  • Africa - Sharing of lessons learnt by Olam
  • Improvement in Planting Materials and Soil & water resources management
  • Strategies for sustainable upstream yield improvement
  • Finding added value in palm oil waste

And many more


Join us now and register in a group to gain more discounts. Email hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg to find out more.


5th Palm Oil Summit,19-21 Aug 2013 - Jakarta



Excellent Opportunities for networking with OP Management and R&D companies / people

- PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia


It is a good platform to get abreast with latest development in Palm Oil Industry

- Sabah Land Development Board


Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and I could gain a lot of valuable information

- Neo Morgan Laboratory Sdn. Bhd.


I like the CMT conference format. It brings together industry experts & brings current topics up for discussion



I enjoyed the one and a half days conference networking and sharing of information freely

- Sime Darby


Very useful summit! Given a lot of insight into oil palm

- Norpalm Ghana Limited


More constructive and suitable topic for gathering senior managers in one place



Beneficial and updated in latest technologies to increase yield

- PT Rebinmas Jaya


This conference is good for palm oil development

- PT Pilar Wanapersada (PWP)


Totally great conference

- PT Vermeer Indonesia


Overall I am satisfied with this conference by CMT

- Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)


Nice conference

- PT Pilar Wanapersada (PWP)




Profile of Attendees


Industry News Who Will You Meet Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

Lower export tariff sought
for refined palm oil


Rupiah Drop Spurs Mandiri Shift to Palm Producers


RI has potential to become global palm oil production base


Southeast Asia palm oil problems could hit consumers worldwide


Export of Indonesian Crude Palm Oil Rises due to Increased Demand


General Mills, Colgate-Palmolive announce deforestation-free policies for palm oil sourcing


Malaysia to assist large scale palm oil plantation in coastal areas


Palm Production in Indonesia Rising for First Time in Six Months


Foreign firms seen to invest in palm-oil business in Mindanao

Palm oil producers - from CEOs, MDs to Plantation Advisors, Agronomists, Scientific Officers, R&D Dept Heads to Sustainability Directors, Millers, Palm Oil Traders, Independent Agronomy Advisors, Plantation Consultants, IT Solution Providers, Milling Technology, Equipment Suppliers, Fertiliser Companies, Palm Oil Research Institutes, Agriculture Depts, Researchers, Crop Science and Agri Biotech Cos

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.


Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact nisha@cmtsp.com.sg or (65) 6346 9130

News Feed

CSPO demand to rise on the account of EU’s impending food labelling rule, says Sime Darby

Posted on : 14 Jul, 2014


Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is expected to witness a rise in demand by at least 25% according to Sime Darby Bhd. The expected growth will be stimulated by European Union's food labelling rule that requires food manufacturers to specify the vegetable oil used in their food products and the rule is approaching its 2015 deadline.


CSPO will gain a competitive advantage with this rule because CSPO scores well on certified good agricultural practices, social responsibility and environmental engagement.

Sime Darby explains that although Europe drives the current demand for CSPO, it is only for palm stearin - the solid part of palm oil that is widely used in food products.

But palm stearin only represents 20% of the palm oil volume, while palm olein (the liquid form) represents the remaining 80%.

Moreover, there is a gap between supply and demand for CSPO because of a number of challenges. Logistical complexity of the palm oil supply chain, lack of awareness about how and where industry can find CSPO and its derivatives in individual markets, and low consumer awareness are some of the factors leading to low demand. Moreover, China and India - two of the top consumers of palm oil, aren't promoting the use of CSPO.

More on CSPO will be discussed when stakeholders meet at 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit opening on 13-14 August, 2014, in Jakarta.


Visit 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit website for more details or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218.


Indonesia to increase biodiesel consumption in 2014

Posted on : 28 May, 2014


Following a new blending regulation, Indonesia's biodiesel consumption is likely to rise in 2014, according to Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (APROBI).
Being the world's top producer of palm oil, the South East Asian country plans to use palm oil to produce biodiesel.

Although the country is expected to face logistical issues, the Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (APROBI) chairman expects the domestic biodiesel sales to jump to 3 million kilolitres in 2014, up from 1.006 million kilolitres in 2013.

Moreover, the country's biodiesel exports are also likely to witness a 20 percent rise. Although exports to the European Union are likely to fall, purchases by China, South Korea, Australia and the United States will balance it. EU was one of the biggest biodiesel customer for Indonesia, but a trade spat over alleged biodiesel dumping and illegal subsidies have changed trading equations between them.

It's predicted that this year, approximately 2.2 million kilolitres of biodiesel will be exported by Indonesian biodiesel producers, which indicates a rise up from 1.833 million kilolitres in 2013.

Indonesia's total biodiesel capacity is expected to touch 8.8 million kilolitres in 2015, from the present 5.6 million kilolitres.

6th Palm Oil Asia Summit opening on 13-14 August, 2014, in Jakarta will reflect more on the biodiesel industry in Indonesia.

Visit 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit website for more details or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218.



Malaysia to assist in palm oil plantations in coastal Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan

Posted on : 23 Apr, 2014


In a move towards boosting the palm oil production in Pakistan, the country is negotiating with the Federal Land Development Authority of Malaysia to seek assistance for a large-scale palm oil plantation in coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan.


Currently, Pakistan spends millions of dollars on importing edible oil imports every year.


As much as 8,000 acres of land in Sindh and about an equivalent in Balochistan is planned to be brought under palm oil cultivation. The Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) is already working on importing the seedlings for the same.


Ministry of National Food Security and Research confirms that the coastal belt of Sindh and Balochistan are suitable areas for palm oil cultivation, given the favorable climate, water scarcity and extreme heat.


With the area least affected by monsoons and a low annual rainfall of about 25-50mm, the plantation business can benefit people living along the coast from Karachi to Gawadar.


In the past, there were many palm oil development projects in Pakistan. For instance, the Palm Oil Development Pilot Project launched by Pakistan Oilseed Development Board (PODB) in coastal areas of Sindh and Balochistan, the Palm Oil Development Project worth Rs.113.08 million on 12,000 acres plus a project on palm oil cultivation by government of Balochistan worth Rs.326.371 million.


To encourage cultivation, palm oil seedlings were provided at subsidized rates to growers and a loan of Rs 5,000 per acre to growers having palm oil plantation on their field was offered by Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL).


CMT's 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit is coming to Jakarta on 13-14 August, 2014 to discuss more on the palm oil industry prospects in Asia.


View the 6th Palm Oil Asia Summit website for more details or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218.




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Speaker Profile

Mr. Ranveer Singh Chauhan
MD & CEO - Edible Oils & Natural Rubber Business, Olam International Limited
Update on Olam’s Palm Oil & Rubber Plantations in Gabon – Lessons Learnt
Day 2 [Thu 14, August], at 08:35 AM

Ranveer Chauhan

RRanveer is Managing Director, Head of Edible Oils and Natural Rubber Business at Olam International Ltd. Olam is a large and leading agri-commodity company, listed in Singapore and with presence in 65 countries. Ranveer has over 25 years of work experience in agri-commodities, a large part of that living and working in Africa.
Ranveer has studied Busi....
Read more

Chairman's Remarks
Day 1 [Wed 13, August], at 10:48 AM
Mr. Marcello Brito
CEO, Agropalma Group
Plantation experiences, sustainability status and challenges for palm oil business in Brazil
Day 2 [Thu 14, August], at 09:10 AM

Marcello Brito

Mr. Brito is the Commercial & Sustainability Director of Agropalma Group in Brazil. He is a Food Engineer by UNIFEB, Barretos - Brazil with a degree in Social Responsibility and Nonprofit Sector, an MBA in International Trading by FIA/University of São Paulo and a Masters Degree in International Strategy and Science Administration Management by IAE ....
Read more

Chairman's Introduction
Day 1 [Wed 13, August], at 01:55 PM
Dr. William Radany
President and Chief Executive Officer, Verdezyne, Inc.
Leveraging Sustainable Palm Based Materials into Higher Value Downstream Renewable Products
Day 2 [Thu 14, August], at 10:20 AM

William Radany

E. William Radany has more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry. Prior to joining Verdezyne, he was the President and CEO of High Throughput Genomics, Inc., a provider of novel array-based gene expression assay technology for the life science industry. Dr. Radany has spoken at numerous conferences and has invented several patents over the past ....
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