Biomass Pellets Trade & Power
09-12 Sep, 2013 - Seoul
Conrad Seoul
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Pellet Association Malaysia Agensi Inovasi MalaysiaBiomass Pellets Trade & Power is proud to welcome the Pellet Association of Malaysia (P.A.M.) and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) as Premium Sponsor.


P.A.M. is an association of Malaysian pellet manufacturers that establishes common industry practices and standards within the nation as well as aid in the international promotion of Malaysian pellets. AIM is the Malaysian National Innovation Agency that serves as the driving force behind the national innovation agenda and plays a major role in the National Biomass Strategy 2020development of the National Biomass Strategy, working with industry majors in implementation and facilitation to achieve the objectives.


As Premium Sponsor, AIM is offering a report entitled `National Biomass Strategy 2020' as free download.


Click here or image on the right to obtain your copy today.


"Enabling the Growth of Biomass to Power & Heat

- Feed-in Asia's Demand for Wood Pellets & Biomass"

"Global Buyers and Suppliers Meet!"


CMT's Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Taps into Growing Biomass Demand in North Asia


With RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) implemented last year South Korea's thirteen power utilities must now deliver two percent of their generated energy from renewables and progressively to ten percent in the coming decade (2022). Compared to other renewables such as wind, solar, hydropower - Biomass is expected to deliver the bulk of the clean energy capacity estimated at 50-60 percent.


Whilst in Japan discussion of nuclear power continues with solar power expected to dominate the renewable energy spectrum. When feed-in tariffs (FiTs) for biomass power kicked-in mid last year, industrial generators such as Sumitomo Osaka Cement, Nippon Paper Industries and Idemitsu Kosan Co. took advantage of the tariffs to reduce their dependence on coal with wood chips and other biomass at their power plants.


In order to meet the RPS mandate, South Korean government has set a target to import 5 millon tonnes of pellets by 2020, thus meeting almost75% of pellets requirement in the country. Energy and trading companies such as GS, LG and Samsung are currently actively exploring pellets import opportunities with the suppliers from Australia, Canada, US and South-East - Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc), and the first to take the lead is Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) with the purchase of 15,000 metric tons of wood pellets and delivery in last October.


Global suppliers from USA, Canada, Russia and Australia, wood pellets suppliers are cranking up their production supply chain to meet this emerging demand from North Asia, despite the uncertainty of how massive this demand can grow to. In South - East Asia, intra-regional cooperation and investments as well as indigenous efforts to develop the biomass sector have led to Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam scaling up as potential exporters of wood pellets and high calorific value biomass fuel such as Palm Pellets, EFP and PKS. Bio-Coal, or torrefied Pellet, has also evolved from R&D to commercial productions globally.


The competition is intensifying and the action is right here in Asia. Attend CMT's Biomass Pellets Trade & Power and secure deals and partnerships.


Register NOW for the 4-days' exciting event with Contact us for attractive bundle and group discounts.


Post Conference Workshop on Biomass to Power: Procurement Challenges, Recommendation, Status of Biomass Torrefaction & Applications - Detailed discussion on biomass procurement strategy including recommendation, and evaluation on commercial availability of Bio-coal pellets and torrefaction technologies.


PLUS Finale Highlight on 12 Sept: A guided visit to Donghae Biomass Power Plant, operated and tour facilitated by Korean East West Power (EWP).
Limited seats, site visit registration on a first come first serve basis.

Multiple Benefits & Vital Sessions to Attain Your Leads & Network


  • Updates on Asia's biomass demand and clean energy mandate
  • Gencos' Perspectives on biomass co-firing or dedicated power project development and implication on the biomass fuel requirements
  • Maximum networking benefits over 4 days, gain direct interaction with the power utilities and buyers from Korea and Japan
  • Updates on cross-regional development of wood pellets and other biomass production from Canada, USA, Russia, and export potential for the North Asian market
  • Plan, Strategize and position your company in the global wood pellets markets
  • Assess the opportunity of biomass pellets production from Palm, Sugar Bagasse and Rice Husk in South-East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand)
  • Deepen your knowledge on converting coal to biomass-fired unit from EU experts


Confirmed Speakers from:

  • Korea Midland Power (KOMIPO)
  • Korea South East Power (KOSEP)
  • Korea Southern Power (KOSPO)
  • Korea Western Power
  • Korea East-West Power
  • Pelletclub Japan
  • National Bioenergy Union, Russia
  • Global Green Synergy
  • EDF Trading
  • Dong Energy
  • Poyry
  • EnerOne
  • Eco-Frontier
  • Chungbuk National University
  • Bioenergy Development Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Indufor Asia Pacific
  • Pellet Association Malaysia, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia
  • Firefly AB

Donghae Thermal Power Plant


Donghae Thermal Power Plant
(Coal + Wood Chip, Wood Pellet, PKS & EFB)
Boiler Type: Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB)
Capacity: 200MW x 2 units
Main Fuel: Anthracite 50% + Bituminous 50%
Co-firing fuel: Wood Chip, Wood Pellet, PKS, EFB
Co-firing rate: 10%
Fuel Quantity: Coal - 1,400,000 ton/a at 4,500kcal/kg
Biomass - max 150,000ton/a at 3,800kcal/kg

Donghae 30MW Biomass Power Plant


Donghae 30MW Biomass Power Plant
(100% Wood Chip)
Boiler Type: Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB)
Capacity: 30MW x 1 unit
Main Fuel: Biomass (Wood Chip)
Fuel Quantity: Biomass - max 200,000ton/a at 3,000kcal/kg




"Very impressive and valuable to my work"

- Korea Western Power


"This is my first time attending the conference. It really provide a lot of information about the industry and future"

- Malaysian Investment Development Authority


"Conference provided the forum to understand Korean market for biomass pellets & chips"

- Fibreco Export Inc.


"A Must Attend for renewable energy companies"

- Thaitransfarmer


"Excellent opportunity to explore potential new business opportunity in wood pellets"

- Green River Holding


"Very informative enough to get updated on the market situation"

- British Columbia Representative Office Korea


Profile of attendees
3rd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia
Industry News Who Will You Meet Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

Metso Plans Biomass Plants in China, India as Europe Scales Back


Cambodia - KH - Malaysia Firm To Implement Biomass Project


UK biomass project gets Korean backing | News on environment, business sustainability and cleantech in Asia


German firms eye Philippine energy projects


Aboitiz, GazAsia to spend $30-M for biomass plant


Asian Century Institute - Strong Regulatory Push Can Jumpstart the Dormant Biomass Sector in Indonesia


GS EPS to Build Biomass Power Plant in Dangjin


Foster Wheeler awarded South Korea contract


Wood-based Biomass Blossoming in Asia


Nippon Paper Industries to Introduce Japan’s First Biomass Power Generation Project Utilizing100% Unused Woody Materials at Yatsushiro Mill (Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture)


Asian Markets for Wood Pellets


Wood Pellets & Wood Chips Producers, Traders & Importers - Palm Oil & Sugar Mills Owner - Aggregator for Agricultural Residues (PKS, EFB, Sugar Bagasse, Rice Hisk) -Power Utilities, Industrial Power Plants, Distributed Power - CHP project owners, developers -Agriculture / Forestry / Plantation Companies -Commodity Brokers & Analysts - Wood Processing Companies - Shipping & Brokers (DryBulk, Biomass / Pellets) - Government / Regulators - Pulp & Paper -Pelleting Equipment/Technologies - Biomass Pretreatment Technologies - Enzymes / Catalysts Providers - Trade/Project Financing Institutions -Specification & Benchmarking - Biomass / Bio-Power Associations -Emission / CDM Traders -Environmental Engineers

This event is an excellent platform to promote your oganization to influential players & investors in the industry.


For a customized Sponsorship package contact or

(65) 6346 9130


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(65) 6346 9218 TODAY!

Posted on : 17 Jul, 2013


Pöyry与CMT的Biomass Pellets Trade & Power大会联合发布生物煤白皮书;此次会议与EnerOne共同举办,并由Pellet Association Malaysia (PAM)提供赞助,将于2013年9月9-10日在首尔举行


全球生物质与可再生电力领袖们将出席Biomass Pellets Trade & Power大会。此次会议由顶级赞助商Pellet Association Malaysia (PAM)和Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM)提供支持。PAM制定了通用实践与标准,并在全球宣传马来西亚颗粒(Malaysian pellets),携手马来西亚国家创新机构AIM共同推进创新日程和全国生物质战略。




Biomass Pellets Trade & Power将介绍主要的国家专家—Pellet Club Japan董事总经理Ken Kojima先生和忠北大学(Chungbuk National University)教授Gyu-Seong Han,他们会各自阐述日本和韩国的生物质市场。欧洲是全球生物质市场的领导者,随着亚洲拉动对木屑和棕榈颗粒以及农业废物的需求,该市场的规模有望扩大。欧洲领先的生物质贸易商和电力公用事业部门将分享市场及经营见解,其中EDF Trading Markets的Nicholas Tsirigotis先生将就全球木屑颗粒供应与贸易动态发表看法,而Jens Price Wolf先生则将就DONG Energy在将现有煤炭转化成发电站燃烧的木屑颗粒方面的经验发表见解。




在生物煤方面,Pöyry下属Global BioFutures Practice总监、Biocoal – Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia?(《生物煤– 亚洲,生物能规则改变者?》)白皮书作者Andreas Teir先生将就亚洲生物煤市场潜力分享更多真知灼见。


Ekman & Co AB、Eco-Frontier、Indufor Asia Pacific、Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd.、The National Bioenergy Union (俄罗斯)以及Firefly AB等机构将就木屑与棕榈颗粒供应、可持续性、农业废物、合作以及马来西亚、加拿大、美国和俄罗斯的生物质市场分享看法。



Centre for Management Technology
Hafizah Adam, +65 6346 9218

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Market Watch: Sabah, Malaysia a rising biomass game field, Video on Waste to Wealth
Posted on : 17 Jul, 2013


Sabah, a key oil palm producing state in Malaysia, is quickly turning into a biomass game field for industry players. Recent research has revealed Sabah’s capabilities in producing 30 million tonnes of wet palm biomass per year, sparking renewed interest in the state across both industries. On top of that, the study has also revealed Sabah’s potential in producing 12.69 million tonnes of dry biomass annually for downstream use.


As highlighted by Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, prospective key areas are Lahad Datu and Sandakan, both able to produce more than 5 million tonnes per year each, as well as Kunak and Tawau.


With the new figures in place, Sabah is expected to achieve an additional income of RM 15 billion per year by 2020, giving the biomass sector greater prominence within the country itself.


Pellet Association of Malaysia (P.A.M), an association of Malaysian pellet manufacturers, and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), the National Innovation Agency driving the national innovation agenda, serve essential roles in the promotion of Malaysian pellets internationally as well as the development of the National Biomass Strategy 2020 to ensure that Malaysia steps up to the growing global biomass game.


For a start, watch the video clip below in which Bas Melssen, Executive Vice-President and Head of Strategic Innovation Projects, Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) talks about the immense opportunity that would be created by harnessing and utilizing Malaysia's biomass.





Next, download and gain insights on Malaysia’s palm oil sector and biomass strategy from their report on National Biomass Strategy 2020.


At the Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Summit in Seoul on September 9-12, 2013, P.A.M and AIM will elaborate further on Malaysia’s National Biomass Strategy 2020 as well as P.A.M’s role in unlocking Malaysia’s biomass potential and achieving Asia’s renewable energy targets.


More information on the program is available here.


For inquiries, please contact Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. +65 6346 9218.


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포이리, PAM-지원 바이오매스 컨퍼런스와 협력 하에 ‘생물석탄’ 백서 발간
Posted on : 04 Jul, 2013


포이리(Poyry), 에너원이 공동주최하고 PAM의 후원 하에 2013년 9월 9일~10일 양일간 서울에서 개최되는 CMT바이오매스 펠렛 트레이드&파워 컨퍼런스와 협력 하에 생물석탄 백서 발표


세 계 바이오매스, 재생에너지 리더들이 PAM(Premium Sponsors Pellet Association Malaysia)와 AIM(Agensi Inovasi Malaysia)가 지원하는 바이오매스 펠렛 트레이드&파워(Biomass Pellets Trade & Power) 컨퍼런스에 모인다. PAM는 일상관례와 표준을 설정하고 말레이시아 펠렛을 해외에 홍보해, 혁신안건과 국가 바이오매스 전략을 추진하는 말레이시아 국가혁신 당국(Malaysian National Innovation Agency)에 AIM를 일치시킨다. 

특 히 중국, 일본, 한국에서 수요가 늘고 있는 바이오파워에 있어 재생 에너지와 관련한 아시아 시장의 전망은 매우 밝다. 일본과 한국의 국가 재생 에너지 정책은 일본 발전소의 혼소발전 증가 전망과 더불어 한국의 바이오매스 사용량이 2020년이면 연간 1000만 톤에 달할 것으로 전망되는 가운데, 바이오매스 소비 성장을 장려하고 있다. 

바 이오매스 펠렛 트레이드&파워에는 일본 펠렛 클럽 이사인 켄 고지마(Mr. Ken Kojima)와 전북대학의 한규성 교수 등 한국, 일본의 전문가들이 참석해, 일본과 한국의 바이오매스 시장에 대해 상술할 예정이다. 유럽이 견인하고 있는 글로벌 바이오매스 시장은 아시아에서 증가 중인 목재, 팜펠렛과 농업잔존물 수요에 힘입어 성장이 기대된다. EDF 트레이딩 마켓츠(EDF Trading Markets)의 니콜라스 츠리고티스(Nicholas Tsirigotis)가 세계 목재 펠렛 공급과 무역역학에 대해, 젠 프라이스 울프(Mr. Jens Price Wolf)가 기존의 석탄기반 발전소를 목재 펠렛 기반 화력발전소로 전환한 경험에 대해 설명하는 등 유수 유럽 바이오매스 거래, 전력 유틸리티 사업체들이 시장과 사업과 관련한 견해를 공유한다. 

한 국의 유수 전력 유틸리티 업체인 한국남부발전주식회사(KOSPO), 한국동서발전주식회사(EWP), 한국남동발전주식회사(KOSEP), 한국서부발전주식회사(KOWEPO), 한국중부발전주식회사(KOMIPO)가 현재 바이오매스-기반 발전 프로젝트와 바이오매스 공급에 대한 전망에 대한 탁견을 들려준다. 

생 물석탄과 관련해 포이리(Poyry) 글로벌 바이오미래 프랙티스 디렉터이자 ‘아시아의 생물석탄 바이오에너지 게임 체인저는?’(Biocoal Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia?) 백서의 저자인 안드레아 테이르(Mr. Andreas Teir)가 아시아 생물석탄 가능성에 대한 식견을 공유한다. 

또 목재, 팜펠렛 공급, 지속가능성, 농업잔존물, 협력, 말레이시아, 캐나다, 미국, 러시아의 바이오매스 시장에 대해 에크만 앤코(Ekman & Co AB), 에코-프론티어(Eco-Frontier), 인듀포 아시아 퍼시픽(Indufor Asia Pacific), 글로벌그린 시너지(Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd.), 러시아 바이오에너지 조합(The National Bioenergy Union), 파이어플라이(Firefly AB)등의 기업들도 의견을 공유한다. 

▲ 연락처:

관리기술 센터
하피자 애덤(Hafizah Adam), +65 6346 9218

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Posted on : 28 Jun, 2013


EnerOneが共同主催者となり、ペレット・アソシエーション・マレーシア(PAM)がスポンサーとなって2013年9月9~10にソウルで開催される CMTのバイオマス・ペレット・トレード&パワーに合わせ、Pöyryがバイオコール白書を公表


バイオマス・再生可能エネルギー発電の世界的リーダーらがバイオマス・ペレット・トレード&パワー会議に集います。本会議はプレミアムスポンサーのペレット・アソシエーション・マレーシア(PAM)とAgensi Inovasi Malaysia(AIM)が後援するものです。PAMはAIMと足並みを揃えながら、一般的慣行と規格を確立し、マレーシア産ペレットの利用を世界規模で推進しています。マレーシア国家イノベーション局のAIMは、イノベーションアジェンダと国家バイオマス戦略を推進する部局です。




バイオマス・ペレット・トレード&パワーでは、各国の重要専門家として、それぞれ日本と韓国のバイオマス市場を追究しているペレットクラブ事務局長の小島健一郎氏、忠北大学校の韓 奎成(Gyu-Seong Han)教授がプレゼンテーションを行います。世界規模のバイオマス市場となっている欧州がけん引する市場は拡大する見通しで、アジアでは木質ペレットやパームペレット、農業残渣の需要が伸びています。欧州一流のバイオマス取引業者と発電企業が市場とオペレーショナルインサイトについて語ります。EDF Trading MarketsのNicholas Tsirigotis氏が世界における木質ペレットの供給と取引状況について、イェンス・プリス・ウォルフ氏がドン・エナジーで在来型石炭火力を木質ペレット火力に転換した経験について説明します。




バイオコールについては、Pöyryのグローバル・バイオフューチャー・プラクティス担当ディレクターで、白書「バイオコールはアジアの市場を一変させるバイオエネルギーか」(Biocoal – Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia?)を執筆したAndreas Teirが、アジアのバイオコール市場の可能性について、さらに深い分析を提供します。


マレーシア、カナダ、米国、ロシアにおける木質ペレットやパームペレットの供給、持続可能性、農業残渣、協働、バイオマス市場について、Ekman & Co AB、Eco-Frontier、Indufor Asia Pacific、Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd.、The National Bioenergy Union(ロシア)、Firefly ABなどが情報を提供します。



Centre for Management Technology
Hafizah Adam, +65 6346 9218

Exclusive white paper download by Pöyry: Biocoal – Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia
Posted on : 07 Jun, 2013


In conjunction with CMT’s Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, Pöyry has released an exclusive white paper focusing on the market potentials of biocoal in Asia Pacific.Biocoal - Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia


Energy sector worldwide is looking at reducing fossil fuel consumption and sourcing for sustainable alternatives in renewable energy sources. Apart from wood pellets and agricultural residues, biocoal has also garnered increasing attention with its energy potential and characteristics that are similar to coal.


As North East Asia steps up its game in renewable energy sources, especially in Japan and South Korea where the advocacy is aligned with national energy policies, biocoal’s market potential is expected to surge.


Written by Pöyry’s Global BioFutures Practice’s Director, Andreas Teir, and bioenergy expert and consultant, Rickard Frithiof, the Biocoal – Bioenergy Game Changer in Asia white paper outlines the market potential of the global pellet market, forecasted to reach 60 million tonnes by 2020, as well as insights and analysis of biocoal’s growing market and potential in Asia Pacific.


More insights on biocoal growth opportunities, technology, production costs and the Asian markets are available in this exclusive release! Simply fill up the form below to obtain a complimentary copy of the white paper.



Please fill in your details below and click submit to confirm your request
Company Name
Email ID
By clicking submit you confirm that we have permission to send you our materials to the above email address.


A participating partner of CMT’s Biomass Pellets Trade & Power in Seoul on September 9-12, 2013, Pöyry leaders will also be speaking and networking at the industry event. More event details available here>>>


Registration is now open! Secure your seat today by registering here or through Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. +65 6346 9218.


Japan, South Korea and China leads Asia’s Biomass Prospects
Posted on : 27 May, 2013


The market for wood pellets no longer revolves around the European nations. The promising Asian markets continue to rise, with three nations, namely Japan, South Korea and China, leading the race in the use of woody biomass to charge up the nation’s energy output from renewable sources.


Looking beyond national policies and mandates on renewable energy sources and reduction in carbon emissions, wood pellets play vital roles in domestic energy source and industrial use. However, given each country’s different dynamics, market opportunities vary. Although China’s market structure remains ambiguous, market researchers find Japan’s and South Korea’s to be inclined towards one that is by-invitation. 


CMT’s Biomass Pellets Trade & Power in Seoul, September 9-12, 2013 serves as an assessment and discussion ground on Asia’s wood pellets & biomass market, with high participation from local biomass trade players. Examining beyond market dynamics and policies, distinguished international players at the trade summit will look into SEA’S prospective agricultural biomass supply as well as industry technology and developments.


For more information on the Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, an updates and global buyers-suppliers meet, contact Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. 6346 9218. 



Read more: Asian Markets for Wood Pellets

Nippon Power Industries powers up with new biomass power generation project
Posted on : 25 Apr, 2013


Nippon Paper Industries has announced plans for a new biomass power generation project. The facilities will be constructed at Japan’s Yatsushiro Mill and slated to start operations by March 2015. Using only 100% unused woody materials, this new development is expected to generate a power output of 5,000kW.


The exclusive use of 100% unused woody materials leverages on Nippon Paper Group’s network, allowing it to fully utilize the feed-in tariff system. Also, this move will significantly expand the use of forest materials, aligning the group with the national Forest and Forestry Industries Revitalization Plan that aims to achieve 50% self-sufficiency in terms of woody material.


Nippon Paper Industries will also be transforming its business structure into that of a biomass company, tapping on and integrating its strengths in paper manufacturing, power generation, forest operations and quality woodchip production.


International powerhouses and decision makers from Japan, South Korea and China are poised to participate in the annual industry meet, Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, in Seoul on September 9-10, 2013, for a more in-depth look into Asia’s biomass demand and renewable energy policies.


More details on the summit are available on the Event Page. Alternatively, please contact Ms. Hafizah at +65 6346 9218 or for more information.



Read more:

Nippon paper industries to introduce Japan’s first biomass power generation project utilizing 100% unused woody materials at Yatsushiro Mill

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Pellet Association Malaysia
Agensi Inovasi Malaysia



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Speaker Profile

Mr.Takahiro Yoshida
 Takahiro Yoshida was born in 1972 at Iwate Prefecture in Japan. He studied coal carbonization during bachelor and graduate school. He earned Ph.D degree in March 2000 from Tohoku University. He worked for National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) as a NEDO research associate and studied coal beneficiation for thre....
Read more

Mr.Takahiro Yoshida, Researcher, Wood Drying Laboratory
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Torrefaction Study in Japan – From Large to Small Scale
Day 1 [Mon 09, September], at 05:10 PM
Mr.Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan Bassett is the Vice President of Sales and Logistics for the Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group. He is responsible for their pellet marketing, sales, logistics, quality assurance and third party trading activities and he is based at the Pinnacle head office in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, Mr Bassett is a director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada.


Mr. Bassett has an extensive international career in the forest products industry. He spent almost 20 years ....
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Mr.Vaughan Bassett, Senior Vice President, Sales & Logistics
Pinnacle Renewable Energy
An Optimal Biomass Purchasing Strategy for Korean Genco’s (Perspective from Canadian Wood Pellet Supplier)
Day 2 [Tue 10, September], at 09:05 AM

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