5th Africa Oil Palm & Rubber Summit

25-26 Apr, 2018 - Accra, GHANA

Labadi Beach Hotel
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About our Event Speakers
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Ranveer Singh Chauhan

Ranveer has been long at Olam and now heads the Edible Oils and Natural Rubber Business. To Olam’s credit they have the best, biggest and most successful plantation project in Africa, their plantations are in Gabon. Apart from the plantations Olam also has rubber factories, edible oil refineries, soap plants and they own brands for their edible oil and soap products. They also have a global spread of trading teams for these businesses. Prior to this role as head of Edible Oils and Rubber, Ranveer lived and worked in Africa and built Olam business across many countries.
Ranveer has worked all his career in Agri-Commodity sector, before starting his Africa stint in Africa Ranveer worked in India in the oilseed crushing sector.
Ranveer studied Business Management and Leadership at IIM-Ahmedabad (India), Wharton (US) and at the Said Business School at Oxford University, UK.
Ranveer works in Business advisory capacity pro-bono and is Vice Chairman of the African Business Group at SBF (Singapore Business Federation), he is also member of the Advisory Board of CAS (Centre for African Studies). For his leading investment and business development work in Co^te d'Ivoire during their difficult years, the country recognized Ranveer's contributions with a National Award.
Ranveer has been in Singapore since 2009, and to address the gaps in real understanding about 'living and working in Africa', Ranveer partnered with his colleague and wrote a book which they self-published in Singapore. The book is called "Amazing Africa: A corporate journey".

Ranveer Singh Chauhan, MD & CEO - Edible Oils & Natural Rubber Business
Olam International Limited
Integrating Africa with the Global Industry
Day 1 [Wed 25, April], at 09:40 AM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 1 [Wed 25, April], at 02:00 PM