Food Proteins Asia

09-10 Nov, 2017 - Bangkok, THAILAND

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Dr. Satish Lele

Dr. Satish Lele is a Senior Vice President at Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific. He covers the Automation & Electronics, Chemicals, Materials & Food, and Manufacturing Process Consulting sectors. He has significant industry experience in the global MNC environment with expertise in Business Strategy, Manufacturing, Project Management, Process improvement and Implementation of Best Practices.
Prior to joining Frost & Sullivan, Satish’s last role was Head of International Sales and Business Strategy.
In Frost & Sullivan, Satish has helped to build its Industrial business across Energy, Environment and Aerospace & Defense sectors. In this capacity he has worked on significant projects and provided consulting to corporate and government agencies.
Satish is a thought leader in the area of industry and manufacturing. He is a sought after speaker at seminars and events on diverse subjects including emerging technologies, manufacturing and industry outlooks. He contributes to trade magazines, newspapers and media. He has been featured on BBC, CNBC and Channel News Asia. He has also provided various guest lectures for Engineering Colleges and Institutions.

Dr. Satish Lele, Senior Vice President
Frost & Sullivan
Global Food Protein Trends & Growth Opportunities in Asia
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 09:05 AM

David Janow

David J. Janow, Chief Executive Officer and President of Axiom Foods, Inc., Growing Naturals™ and Simply Rice, is an expert in plant ingredient manufacturing, and is best known for developing Oryzatein®, the industry
standard for chemical-free whole grain brown rice protein.  In 2005, David founded Axiom Foods; his greatest success to date. The Los Angeles based company manufactures plant-based food, beverage, and nutraceutical ingredients.


 Axiom has been growing over 100% each year thanks to a voracious demand for Oryzatein® whole grain brown rice protein concentrates and isolates, and an extensive range of additional rice fractions plus plant proteins made from peas, hemp and sacha inchi.

Some of Janow’s recent accomplishments include bringing Oryzatein to the forefront of the global food industry
as the USP monographed standard and it being used in a clinical trial that showed plant proteins to equal animal-
based whey protein for the very first time. 

Janow is a frequent speaker on the subject of plant proteins with leading researchers, manufacturers, and institutions
such as the WTG and Food Bloggers Conferences on The Capabilities of Vegetable Proteins. Axiom’s products are USDA
certified organic and GRAS approved.

David Janow, CEO
Axiom Foods Inc.
The Tipping Point for Plant
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 09:40 AM

Wilfred Feng

Wilfred provides technical assistance to clients on regulatory issues focusing on food and drug regulation and chemical control laws in Asia, including food additives, food labeling, food packaging, dietary supplements, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, pesticides, bioengineered products, and industry and specialty chemicals. 

Mr. Feng has an extensive background in regulatory affairs, government affairs, marketing, and project management and has worked in several capacities in Industry. His experience includes working with government officials and industry groups in policy-making for the biotechnology industry, securing necessary approvals, product management and development. Mr. Feng has served as chairman and spokesperson for a biotech industry association.

Before working for the industry, Mr. Feng was an Assistant Professor at the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, specialized in crop protection research. 

Wilfred Feng, Scientist
Keller & Heckman
New food proteins in Asia - regulatory perspective
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 09:05 AM

Mr. Massimo Reverberi

Massimo Reverberi is founder of Bugsolutely Thailand, a Bangkok-based pioneering company that makes packaged food with edible insects, as for example the Cricket Pasta ( Most recently, he has entered China’s Bits x Bites food accelerator program to innovate new insect eating experiences for Chinese consumers ( and founded Bugsolutely China in Shanghai. Bugsolutely's mission is to create tasty new superfoods that harness the nutritional and sustainability benefits of edible insects. To date, Cricket Pasta is the only pasta containing 20% cricket flour, and Bella Pupa is the first silkworm based packaged snack in China. Reverberi is also an active proponent for the insect food industry. He is a founding member and chairperson for the Asian Food and Feed Insects Association [], heading up the collaborative effort to advance the development of the sector.

Mr. Massimo Reverberi, Founder
Future of Insects as an alternative protein in Asia
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 02:00 PM

Michi Abe

Michi Abe  was born in Japan, but grew up in California. After graduating university, he's spent the past 12 years in Chiang Mai, Thailand working at small start up companies. As an active athlete, finding healthy food options very limited so two years ago he started his own health food business called Abundance Food focusing on ready-to-eat bars with natural and minimally processed ingredients. He is keen to make products that are appreciated and effective for the fitness community. 

Michi Abe, Founder
Abundance Food Co Ltd
Future of Insects as an alternative protein in Asia
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 02:30 PM

Dr. Jacques Bindels

Dr. Jacques Bindels obtained his PhD in 1982 in the Netherlands in Structural Protein Biochemistry. He then worked for 6 years on Human Milk proteins and lipid components in Germany. Subsequently he moved back to the Netherlands to Nutricia Research and became responsible for research into Infant and Enteral Clinical Nutrition. From 2000 till 2005, he was a Professor on “Nutrition during Growth and Development” at Wageningen University. In 2006, he was appointed R&D Nutrition Director for Asia and in 2011 he was physically relocated to the Danone-Nutricia R&D hub in Singapore. His current title is Scientific Director and his main role is to initiate and support regional nutritional research collaborations.

Dr. Jacques Bindels, R & D Director - Infant Nutrition
Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Asia-Pacific
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 09:00 AM
Perspective on the evolving protein diets in infant and young child nutrition - is more protein really better ?
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 09:40 AM

Autchawadee Teekabun

Noi is a key member of the NZMP South & East Asia team, leading the development of new opportunities and sales with Thailand customers and across the SEA region.

Noi has 16 years of experience in dairy ingredients. She has held various roles covering Technical sales and support, business development. 

Noi has a Bachelor Degree in Food science from ABAC University Thailand and Masters Degree of Dairy Sciences from Massey University NZ

Autchawadee Teekabun, Account Manager
Why Dairy? The benefits of dairy protein
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 11:10 AM

Dr. Andy Kusumo

Andy is currently Director of Science and Technology for Monde Nissin. He is responsible for establishing R&D, regulatory and manufacturing strategy, organizations, and systems to support Monde Nissin business objectives in Asia Pacific region. He also identifies and implement new technology and global best practices to advance new product development and improve manufacturing robustness. Andy received his Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University and spent a considerable amount of time in the US working for major pharmaceutical companies. His technical expertise is on biopharmaceutical raw materials subject matter, multidisciplinary technical
expertise (biophysics, polymer science, solid state characterization, forensic analysis, packaging, powder technology,
tableting, ointment, statistics), project management.

Dr. Andy Kusumo, Director of Science and Technology
Monde Nissin Corporation
MycoProtein – Healthy new proteins with low environmental impact
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 03:40 PM

Ms. XiaoYu He

Xiaoyu is currently AsPac Research Manager for Glanbia Nutritionals. She has been working for Glanbia R&D at various locations including Ireland, U.S and now Singapore. She holds M.S. Research Master Degree in Food Safety from University College Dublin and B. S in Food Science from University College Cork at Ireland. Subsequently she move to Singapore with Asia Business scholarship from University College Cork and Nanyang Business School. Xiaoyu previously also worked for Abbott Nutrition in manufacturing & supply chain and Symrise for dairy application. 


Ms. XiaoYu He, Asia Pacific Research Manager
Glanbia Nutritionals Singapore Pte Ltd
Value-added protein solutions for RTD beverages, snack bars and sports nutrition
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 11:40 AM

Jovin Hasjim

Jovin Hasjim

Dr. Jovin Hasjim is a Biochemistry Research Manager at Roquette Asia, Shanghai, China. Dr. Hasjim is originally from Indonesia, and acquired his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Iowa State University, USA, in 2003 and Doctor of Philosophy in Food Science and Technology from the same university in 2009. Before joining Roquette in 2013, Dr. Hasjim worked at a research center in the University of Queensland, Australia, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for one year and then as a Senior Technical/Research Officer for three years.

Jovin Hasjim, Biochemistry Research Manager
Roquette Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Roquette Plant-Based Proteins and Their Applications in Nutritious Products
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 04:10 PM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 09:00 AM

Mr. Simon Bentley

Simon Bentley

Simon has 18 years of experience analysing and understanding commodity markets. He is a director of Commoditia, an advisory business based in Singapore focussed on supporting investors in, and traders and processors of South East Asian commodities.

Previously, as a Vice President of Invenio, part of Olam International, Mr Bentley led the research for a macro commodity fund trading agricultural commodity futures using fundamental models. Before this, and as a Director of LMC International, Mr Bentley led for many years a team advising multinational agribusinesses, energy and chemical companies, as well as governments, on all aspects of carbohydrate and protein markets. Through many different assignments he has developed a deep understanding of the fundamental structural factors underpinning agricultural commodity prices, costs, trade and production, which he uses to help clients position themselves in the face of changing market conditions.

Mr Bentley is a graduate of Trinity College, Oxford University and the London School of Economics

Mr. Simon Bentley, Managing Director
Commoditia Ltd
Understanding the vital gluten market going forward
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 12:00 PM

Henk Jaap Meijer

Henk Jaap Meijer

Mr. Henk Jaap Meijer is director and owner of Meijer Consult. He graduated in 1988 from State University Groningen in the Netherlands with a degree in Polymer Chemistry. During his career he has received several marketing programs.

Mr. Meijer has worked at AVEBE, the global market leader in potato starches, during 13 years on development of modified starches and potato based side stream products for food and technical applications. At BASF Plant Science he was involved in the development of applications for AMFLORA® amylopectin and high-amylose starches from genetically modified potatoes. From 2007 till 2014 Mr. Meijer worked as Director Marketing & Innovation at Emsland Group where he was responsible for amongst others product development and market introduction of the Empure® range clean label starches and dehydrated potatoes.

Meijer Consult develops innovations for the cassava, potato and starch modification and - processing industry. Clients are located in Europe, South East Asia, South America and Africa. With focus on starch modifications, food-fibre and protein production they support clients with their product development, application research and market introductions.

Mr. Meijer founded the LinkedIn CASSAVA group with more than 1.300 members worldwide. Daily cassava news and background information are a resource for the global cassava industry.

Henk Jaap Meijer, Managing Director
Meijer Consult BV
The promise of pulses
Day 2 [Fri 10, November], at 10:40 AM
Chairman's Introduction
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 01:50 PM

Mr. Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg is Managing Director of Pacific Dairy Ingredients in Shanghai, China. Pacific Dairy Ingredients is one of the leading dairy trading companies in China, and part of the Hoogwegt Group. Pacific Dairy Ingredients imports whey- and milk powder and -proteins, lactose and other dairy ingredients to all food and feed industries in China.

Prior to joining Pacific Dairy ingredients, Paul has worked as Global Commercial Director for Meelunie BV in Amsterdam, a global leader in agro-commodity trading.

Paul has 30+ years in executive and senior management positions in various food ingredients companies in USA, Europe and Africa including Chiquita Brands, Interfood, National Starch.

Paul holds a degree in Food Technology.




Mr. Paul Rosenberg, Managing Director
Pacific Dairy Ingredients
The value of whey protein
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 11:20 AM

Jean Heggie

Jean Heggie is currently Strategic Marketing Lead for DuPont Nutrition & Health’s Protein Business.  At DuPont Nutrition & Health, she is responsible for the Company’s global marketing initiatives focused on expanding sales and opportunities for the Company’s protein ingredient portfolio.  Much of her career at DuPont Nutrition & Health has been focused on expanding opportunities for the Company’s ingredients in key health and wellness markets in the North America market as well as around the globe. 


Ms. Heggie began her career in the food industry with Ralston Purina Company’s Protein Division, which DuPont purchased in the late 1990’s, and has also held marketing positions in the flavor ingredient segment.

Ms. Heggie represents DuPont Nutrition & Health as a Board Member of the International Food Information Council (IFIC).   She also serves as a Board Member for the Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA), and was recently appointed President of that Association.  


Ms. Heggie holds a B.S. in Food and Nutrition, a M.S. in Education and a M.B.A, with an emphasis in marketing, all from the University of Missouri-Columbia.   She resides in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband, Robert, and daughter, Claire.  

Jean Heggie, Strategic Marketing Lead
DuPont Nutrition & Health
Capturing the Protein Opportunity with Soy Protein: Market Fit, Applications and Advantages
Day 1 [Thu 09, November], at 10:45 AM