2nd Starch World Europe

30-31 Oct, 2017 - Budapest, HUNGARY

Courtyard by Marriott Budapest City Center
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Jean-Marc Corpart

Master in chemical engineering and PhD in chemistry, JMC is an experienced manager within R&D and new business development.

He joined Roquette in 2010 where he is in charge of R&D for the Group in the field of chemistry. In this position, He directly supervises the teams involved in starches and proteins modification and formulation, sugars and polyols chemistry and polymers synthesis. The developed products find applications in many markets in the food industry , pharmacy and numerous other industries.

Before Roquette, he spent more than 20 years in the chemical industry in management positions in R&D and innovation business development.

Jean-Marc Corpart, Head of Chemistry R & D
Roquette Freres
ii) Isosorbide Projections & Developing Market Applications
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 11:30 AM

Alisson Duclay

Alisson Duclay is currently Global category manager for Starch&derivatives at Nestrade.

Alisson joined Nestlé in 2011 as European buyer for cereals and gluten, before moving as Starch derivatives European Lead buyer in 2014




Alisson Duclay, Global Procurement Manager
Nestrade (Nestle Group)
i) Evolving Role of Starch – from the World’s Leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness Company
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 02:00 PM

Jamie Fortescue

Jamie Fortescue, British, born 1966, joined the European Starch Industry Association, Starch Europe, in January 2012 as its managing director. Supported by a team of five staff, his role is to represent the interests of EU starch producers to the EU institutions and other EU stakeholders.

From 2014-2011, Jamie was the Director General of Spirits Europe, the trade association representing EU spirits drinks producers. Prior to that, he was the director for international corporate affairs at the employment agency, Randstad, based in Amsterdam (1997-2004) and an account director at the public affairs consultancy, EPPA, based mainly from their offices in London and Brussels, but also Madrid and Warsaw (1992-1997). Before becoming involved in EU public affairs, Jamie worked in third world development (at London based Planco Consulting from 1989-91, and as a trainee at DG Development of the European Commission from 1988-89). Jamie was educated at Eton College and the University of East Anglia, and has a degree in French and Economics.



Jamie Fortescue, Managing Director
Starch Europe
i) Levelling the Playing Field for European Starch Producers Post Quota
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 09:40 AM

Dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen

Lubbert Dijkhuizen is Professor of Microbiology at the University of Groningen (NL). He has a track record in novel enzyme characterization (2016 recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award) with emphasis on enzymes cleaving starch (a1-4)-linkages and introducing (a1-6) or (a1-3)-linkages (synthesizing a-glucan dietary food fibers that act as prebiotics). He has published 350 peer-reviewed papers with 16,000 citations, and has successfully supervised 70 PhD students. Dijkhuizen also is scientific director of the Carbohydrate Competence Center CCC (https://www.cccresearch.nl) that organizes and runs public private partnerships, with 25 companies and 6 universities involved. He currently acts as CSO of CarbExplore Research BV (https://carbexplore.com/).



Dr. Lubbert Dijkhuizen, Professor of Microbiology
University of Groningen
Novel Enzymes that Can Produce New Generation of Starch Derivatives
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 04:20 PM

Dr. Walter Lopez

Walter LOPEZ is a Ph.D. nutritionist.

His thesis was obtained in 2001 in France and the topic was about “the link between wheat varieties and nutrition (fibres, minerals)”

For more than 20 years, he has always worked in Limagrain group (group owned by farmer cooperative and involved in cereal and vegetable seeds and also cereal products) in several sectors of the group : R&D, sales, marketing & communication

He is a member of French Society of Nutrition (SFN)

Dr. Walter Lopez, Nutritionist
Limagrain Cereales Ingredients and WestHove - Limagrain Group / Force Limagrain S.A.
iii) Functional Flours, Clean Label and Naturality
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 03:50 PM

Ruud Schers

Ruud Schers is an analyst at RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness. RaboResearch F&A has 85 analysts working in local teams across the worldwide Rabobank network. They generate knowledge, and develop views and insights on businesses, topics and developments in the food & agribusiness sectors across the globe. Mr Schers has more than twelve years of experience in food & agri. Mr Schers has been with Rabobank since 2013 and has coordinated various research projects, published multiple reports and has been involved in strategic discussions with clients at board level. He previously worked for Copa-Cogeca, the European umbrella organisation for farmers and agri-cooperatives in Brussels (Belgium), and for the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture in The Hague (The Netherlands).

Ruud Schers, Analyst RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness
Rabobank Group
ii) EU Sugar Reform Impact on Beet Growers and Sugar Producers - the Dynamic Effects on Sugar and Isoglucose Markets
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 10:50 AM

Johan Schrijver

Johan Schrijver was born in Groningen, the Netherlands. He is an accomplished manager within the starch industry with more than 30 years of experience in Commercial and R&D functions. During his career he worked in multiple countries and achieved structural growth in every company he worked for. He has lead successful larger projects including new binder systems for the paper industry and development and implementation of a special wheat hydrolysate for the alcohol production, these all resulting in a major impact in the market. The main companies he worked for were: KSH (today AVEBE) potatostarch; ZBB (today T&L); Cargill in Europe (building up the starch market) and in the USA (special projects); Kolb CH where he was responsible for End Users Products (Surfactants) and as managing director for Caldic NL (Chemicals). In 2009 he started to work for T&L and was responsible for the starch sales in EMEA. This department integrated in 2016 into the Sweeteners and Starches of ADM. Johan is now responsible for the starch sales in EMEA and the StarchLab in the Netherlands. He coordinates and supports also several global activities in Starches.

Johan Schrijver, Sales Director Starches
ADM Europe
ADM’s Focus and Perspective on the Global Starch Industry
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 11:30 AM

Dr. Gülden Yilmaz

Gülden Yilmaz is working as program manager Biorefinery at Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research.

She has obtained her engineering degree from Istanbul Technical University in food engineering and her PhD from Utrecht University in polymer technology. She is currently responsible for coordination of new business initiatives and ongoing research activities in the field of biorefinery and biobased products at Wageningen UR.

Gulden has over 15 years of experience in applied research in a wide range of projects. She has played a significant role in facilitating regional innovation in the field of Biobased Economy in several positions. She been the chairperson of the of the program board at Gelderland Transition Center. Her role in this position involved facilitating the transition process towards a Biobased Economy via identification and facilitation of high potential projects and programs. Furthermore, she is initiator and facilitator of Bioeconomy Innovation Cluster East Netherlands; a cooperation platform for stakeholders that are active in the Biobased Economy. Until 2016 she has been acting as the coordinator and innovation manager for Bioeconomy Innovation Cluster East Netherlands.

Her activities and interests involve being at the interface with research, strategy development and clustering as well as facilities development through programmatic approaches in a multi-stakeholder environment. To achieve these projects and goals she works with industries, governments, and knowledge providers.



Dr. Gülden Yilmaz, Program manager Biorefinery
Wageningen University
Outlook on biorefining approaches for the sugar and starch containing crops
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 09:45 AM

Dr. Laia Alemany Costa

Laia Alemany is a Graduate in Chemistry and Food Technology from Valencia University (Spain) and in Chemical Engineering from Strasbourg University (France).

She has also PhD in Food Science. She  worked as analyst in different research groups in France, Italy and Spain. Currently, she is working as R&D manager in Dulcesol Group, a large bakery company that exports to more than 40 countries. She currently has a lot of ongoing projects based on the development of new ingredients and/or new products, as well as on the adaptation of new formulas, some of them focused on its healthiness and their functional properties.

Dr. Laia Alemany Costa, Head of Research
ii) Responding to Market Needs for New Healthier Ingredients – Innovations in the Bakery Sector
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 02:30 PM

Henk Jaap Meijer

Henk Jaap Meijer

Mr. Henk Jaap Meijer is director and owner of Meijer Consult. He graduated in 1988 from State University Groningen in the Netherlands with a degree in Polymer Chemistry. During his career he has received several marketing programs.

Mr. Meijer has worked at AVEBE, the global market leader in potato starches, during 13 years on development of modified starches and potato based side stream products for food and technical applications. At BASF Plant Science he was involved in the development of applications for AMFLORA® amylopectin and high-amylose starches from genetically modified potatoes. From 2007 till 2014 Mr. Meijer worked as Director Marketing & Innovation at Emsland Group where he was responsible for amongst others product development and market introduction of the Empure® range clean label starches and dehydrated potatoes.

Meijer Consult develops innovations for the cassava, potato and starch modification and - processing industry. Clients are located in Europe, South East Asia, South America and Africa. With focus on starch modifications, food-fibre and protein production they support clients with their product development, application research and market introductions.

Mr. Meijer founded the LinkedIn CASSAVA group with more than 1.300 members worldwide. Daily cassava news and background information are a resource for the global cassava industry.

Henk Jaap Meijer, Managing Director
Meijer Consult BV
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 08:40 AM
Overview on Clean Label – Will No Label Be Next ?
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 12:10 PM

Jes Klausen

Jes is currently specialising in Pig Nutrition for Hamlet Protein. He has been focussing on pigs all this while and is even a part owner of a pig farm in Latvia


Jes Klausen, Nutritionist
Hamlet Protein AS
Comparing Proteins from Corn, Potatoes & Wheat for Animal Feed Nutrition
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 12:00 PM

Mariët van de Noort

MFH stands for: Mariët Food Holland. It is founded by Mariët van de Noort who grew up on a crops farm – between the beans and peas. At her fathers’ fields she saw the plants grow and growing up she learned about cultivation, harvest and sales. She studied food science at the Wageningen University.

For over 20 years, she has been active in the pulses industry, with a wide variety of companies in various functions and roles, both in the Netherlands and abroad.


Working for many years as an expert in the relatively unknown field of vegetable proteins (excluding soy) has provided Mariët with a vast experience and a huge network of producers, processors, of universities and research institutes to industrial end users.


Since 2002, Mariët is established as freelance food technologist, as an acting expert in: pulses and their extracts; vegetable protein, food fiber and meat substitures.

Mariët van de Noort, Owner
MFH Pulses
Post-Summit Workshop
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 01:30 PM
Pulse Ingredients & Applications
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 09:15 AM

Zoltan Reng

Zoltan graduated from St. Istvan University’s department of Architecture. Later he completed an EMBA course in  Central European University’s Business School. He gained 8 years experience in the porperty development and construction industry as a project manager. His last project was Pannonia Ethanol’s green-field bioethanol project in Hungary, where in 2012, when the plant strated up operation, he became CEO. During his time the plant’s capacity was doubled. In 2016 he joined Hungrana, Europe’s largest isosugar producer

Zoltan Reng, Chief Executive Officer
Hungrana Kft
Starch and Sugar Production in the Heart of CEE - Value Addition in Hungary’s Corn Industry
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 09:10 AM

Remy Jongboom

Remy Jongboom is working as Director Business Development at BIOTEC in Emmerich (Germany) since 2015. He has obtained his engineering degree in polymer technology from Eindhoven University (NL). Remy has been involved in the application of starch in bioplastics since 1991. After university he started as scientist ATO-DLO (contract research institute) on the development of starch plastics. After holding different positions in the institute, he joined Rodenburg in 2000 and co-founded Rodenburg Biopolymers, supervising the transition of a feed company towards a bioplastic company. From 2005 to 2014 he had his own consultancy company on bioplastics.


Remy is co-author of several scientific publications and patents related to the application of starch. He is cofounder of the Dutch bioplastic association BCPN (2002) in the Netherlands (>50 companies), holding the position of chairman for several years. He was furthermore responsible for several public-private cooperations in the Netherlands (>10M€), leading to acceptance of bioplastics in the majority of the Dutch supermarkets. Most recent activities include the development and introduction of new biomaterials (BIOPLAST 300 and BIOPLAST400) for application as ultra-thin, home compostable plastic bags for the French market via SPhere (parent company of BIOTEC).

Remy Jongboom, Business Development Director
i) Starch Based Bioplastics & Current Applications in the Market
Day 2 [Tue 31, October], at 11:00 AM
Chairman’s Introduction
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 01:55 PM

Attila Szalacsi-Toth

Attila has gained wide range of experiences in sales for the last 20 years. He worked 11 years in the FMCG market in the retail sector and 9 years ago started to work at Hungrana. During that time, he worked in various fields of sales and managed projects in the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biofuel, Paper & Corrugated industries. He has been leading the sales team of Hungrana in the past three years as a Sales and Marketing Director. Attila graduated at the Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences as an agricultural engineer. Later he completed M.Sc. in management and business analysis at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and few years later he obtained MBA degree at the same university.





Attila Szalacsi-Toth, Sales & Marketing Director
Hungrana Kft
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Day 1 [Mon 30, October], at 09:00 AM