North America PET Markets, Trade, Recycling

12-13 Nov, 2014 - Los Angeles, U S A

Hotel Palomar Los Angeles - Westwood
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Patty Moore

Patty Moore

Patty founded Moore Recycling Associates in 1989 while she was completing her M.S. in Resource Management and Administration from the University of Antioch, New England's Environmental Studies Department.

Patty Moore has been involved in the field of recycling since 1983 when she became fascinated with the commonality, variety, and value of waste while working at the Wilton Recycling Center in Wilton, NH. She was the principal author of How to Implement a Plastics Recycling Program (also known as The Idiot Book of Plastic Recycling), published by the Council for Solid Waste Solutions in 1991. Since then, she has not once looked back in her efforts to advance the number and type of materials collected for recycling on both a local and global scale. Ms. Moore was a participant in a Department of Commerce, Plastics Trade and Investment Mission to China in 1996 and countinues to have a strong interest and understanding of the critical role played by China and other developing nations in domestic recycling efforts.

Under her leadership, Moore Recycling Associates has had a huge impact on current recycling systems while managing to maintain a small staff of professionals.

Patty Moore, President
Moore Recycling Associates
North America rPET Markets
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 11:10 AM

Dale Behm

Dale Behm

Mr. Behm (BEAM) graduated from California State University Long Beach with Degrees in Engineering and Business Management. He was recruited on campus by a Fortune 100 company to start-up the very first "Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Plant" in the world. At issue was that the technology had not been fully developed or commercialized in 1974. Today Mr. Behm holds 22 US Patents in the packaging industry with most of them in PET packaging. He has held leadership positions at Continental Can Company, Johnson Controls, Grafco PET Packaging, Pretium Packaging, Medical Device Manufacturing and for the past three years as Managing Director of Pacific Rim PET, San Francisco, California. Pacific Rim imports PET resin from parent company, Xianglu Dragon Group, Xaimen China a $16 Billion US Dollar private China Corporation. PRT sells "Virgin" PET Resin throughout North America while providing substantial technical and logistic services.

Dale Behm, Managing Director
Pacific Rim PET
History of PET and current North America Market for Virgin PET
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 09:40 AM
Chairman's Introduction
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 09:00 AM

Mr. Rui Peneda

Rui Peneda

Mr Peneda graduated from Lisbon Technical University with a Master Degree in Electrotechnical engineering. He has also an MBA from AESE/IESE. With more than 10 years in operation management he is now General Manager for GEPACK, establishing new standards for Premium PET packaging

Mr. Rui Peneda, General Manager
GEPACK | A True Alternative to Glass
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 09:10 AM

Mr. David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson

After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1976, David Wilkerson joined Shaw Industries' inaugural Management Training Class in August of that year. Over his 37 year career he has held numerous management positions in sales, marketing and product development on both the carpet and hard surface sides of Shaw's business.

As Corporate Director of Sustainability and Product Stewardship, David is responsible for identifying, planning and leading key sustainability initiatives for Shaw's carpet and hard surface divisions. In this capacity he works closely with the commercial and residential sales and marketing teams as well as Shaw's corporate communications department and product innovation group. David is also a member of Shaw's Growth and Sustainability Council and serves on the Residential and Commercial Strategic Business Teams.

Prior to this current position, David led the start up of Shaw's Hard Surface Division where he served 10 years as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development.

David is based in Dalton, GA at Shaw's corporate headquarters.

Mr. David Wilkerson, Corporate Director - Sustainability & Product Stewardship
Shaw Industries Inc.
Growing Application of RPET in Carpet and Non-Woven Industry
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 10:10 AM

Monika Gneuss

Monika Gneuss

Monika Gneuss received a Masters Degree in 1996 after studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University in Aachen, Germany. She received a PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 from the same university.

After 3 years as an R&D engineer in the plastics department of the IMM in Mainz, Germany, she joined Gneuss Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany in 1999. In 2000 she was transferred to Gneuss, Inc. in Matthews, NC, as VP/Sales & Marketing Manager.

Gneuss sells Filtration Technology, Measurement Technology and Processing Technology for the plastics industry.

Monika Gneuss, Vice President and Sales and Marketing Manager
Gneuss Inc
Processing undried PET into high quality end products with the innovative MRS extrusion technology
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 04:15 PM

Mr. Bruce Malashevich

Bruce Malashevich

Bruce Malashevich joined Economic Consulting Services in 1976 and became Vice President of Economic Consulting Services Inc. in 1978, and President and Chief Executive Officer in 1988.

Mr. Malashevich works closely on an ongoing basis with clients in various manufacturing industries, including metals, minerals, agricultural, industrial chemicals, telecommunications and electronics product areas. He has prepared numerous technical studies and has testified often as an expert before the U.S. International Trade Commission, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. federal courts and other U.S. Government agencies on the impact of changes in competitive conditions on a wide variety of manufacturing and service industries. He also has testified on numerous occasions, and in various legal venues, regarding issues of damages allegedly resulting from breaches of contract and trade-distorting measures, in the United States and other jurisdictions.
In this capacity, his attention has been focused principally on market definition, price behavior, and conditions of competition which could lead to damages.

Mr. Malashevich pioneered in the study of international trade in services by assuming key responsibilities for a series of research contracts with agencies of the U.S. Government. The resulting studies, which span eighteen service sectors, identify and evaluate the non-tariff measures that effectively prevent or inhibit the growth of service industries internationally, and recommend certain policy guidelines for consideration by U.S. and other authorities in ongoing efforts to reduce or eliminate obstacles to the further expansion of international commerce in services.

Mr. Malashevich received his B.A. cum laude from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and his M.A. from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. He is listed in Who's Who in the East, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Finance & Industry, and Who's Who in the World.

Since 1996, he has been annually reappointed to the U.S. Roster of Experts for service on dispute settlement panels formed under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). He has written and spoken widely regarding the economics of applying antidumping/countervailing duty and other trade law in the United States, the EU, Russia, China, Mexico, South Africa, India and other jurisdictions. .

Mr. Bruce Malashevich, President
Economic Consulting Services Llc
Dumping Duties, Countervailing Duties and GSP-How Do They Affect Imports of PET . What is Next?
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 02:10 PM

Mr. Robert W Alshuler

Robert  Alshuler

Rob Alshuler founded Outrigger Strategy LLC in 2012 to help consumer goods, food and beverage companies manage rapid growth more effectively. A graduate of The University of California at Berkeley, Rob was instrumental in the growth of Niagara Bottling from 1998 to 2012, having directly managed or been intimately involved with every aspect of the business on the way to over $1.5B in sales. Outrigger Strategy builds on Rob's experience in fast-paced, aggressive growth environments by focusing on optimizing operations, the supply chain and information systems for faster growth, satisfied customers and improved margins.

Mr. Robert W Alshuler, Director
Outrigger Strategy Llc
Strategic Sourcing of packaging raw materials, resin and bottle procurement for converters
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 02:40 PM

Mr. John Bissell

John Bissell

John Bissell obtained his bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis in 2008. He is founder and CEO of Micromidas, a West Sacramento company that uses microorganisms to convert municipal wastewater sludge into high-performance petrochemicals and plastics. Bissell was introduced to the concept of bioplastics as an undergraduate student at UC Davis. His student team entered the technology into the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Annual P3 - People, Prosperity, and the Planet - Competition, winning the $85,000 grand prize. Bissell then enrolled into the UC Davis Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy, where he learned the skills needed to turn his technology into a viable and marketable solution. His company has now raised over $7 million in venture capital funding and has 24 employees working to have their first biorefinery plant up and running in 2013. Bissell was recently named a UC Davis College of Engineering Innovator, and awarded the 2013 Cal Aggie Young Alumnus Award

Mr. John Bissell, CEO & Co-Founder
Origin Materials
Bio-Paraxylene from Cellulosic Waste
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 12:10 PM

Mr. JT Marburger

JT Marburger

J.T. Marburger graduated from Georgia Southern University in 1984 with a degree in Business Management. He has owned 5 companies that distribute promotional merchandise to Sports Properties and large Fortune 500 Companies. In 2007 Marburger started making promotional merchandise out of recycled PET bottles and understanding the different processes of how bottles get recycled. In 2012 Marburger invested in making filament, fiber, yarn, fabric and finished apparel goods made out of recycled PET bottles. He currently owns contracts with Coca-Cola Company, MLB teams, Delta Airlines, Chick-fil-A, University of Oregon, University of South Carolina and number of other Colleges selling branded merchandise made from recycled PET in the promotional, uniform and retail markets.

Mr. JT Marburger, President
Renew Merchandise
Overall Market Conditions for Apparel & other products made from RPET
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 11:35 AM

Mr . Markus Fellinger
Markus Fellinger joined the plastics industry in 1990 as a process engineer for plastic recycling lines and filed his first patent for a new type of recycling machinery in 1997.
In 2001, he became general manager of the then newly founded Starlinger recycling division and developed together with his team several types of recycling machines for different markets, mainly focused on PET recycling including the iV plus SSP reactors.
Since 2005, Markus has been general manager of viscotec, the SSP and PET sheet line division of Starlinger & Co GmbH

Mr . Markus Fellinger, General manager viscotec
Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H.
Foodgrade rPET production, applications, and usage
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 10:10 AM

Mr. David Clark
-David leads Amcor's safety, environmental compliance, and sustainability programs including the EnviroAction program to improve the environmental profile of their plants and products. He is closely involved with integrating sustainable design and social responsibility into Amcor's product development and innovation processes, and with issues related to the collection, processing, and use of recycled containers. David is an active member of several organizations, including the External Advisory Board of the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan and serves as chairman of the Plastic Recycling Corporation of California. David holds a B.S., Physics, from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Mr. David Clark, Vice President of Safety, Environment & Sustainability
Amcor PET Packaging (Global HQ)
Innovative and Sustainable PET Packaging Solutions - Thinking Beyond the Bottle
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 03:45 PM

Mr. Francesco Zanchi

Francesco Zanchi

Mr Zanchi extensive international business experience in textile industry, synthetics fibre and polymers.

During the 80s, he served as managing director of Enichem Fibre Group, he also founded Inca International, one of the major european PET producer at that time, and now part of the Dow Group.

In the same period of time he realized other new companies, most of them in joint venture with international partners, and concentrated into the packaging business, such as:

- Emblem Europe, a j.v. between Enichem Fibre, Unitika and Marubeni into bioriented nylon film, where he served as President;
- Fapack, a bioriented polyester film company where he served as President and CEO;
- Promochem, President and CEO in a company specialized in selling of equipment and technologies for down stream of the polymers.

He has been member of the Board of Directors in Companies such as: Alcantara (a joint venture between Enichem and Toray into microfibre fabric), Wellstar B.V. - The Netherlands (a j.v. between Wellman, Constar and Inca into preform and PET bottles business), Carpol (nylon filament) and R. K. Technologies - U. K. (carbon fibre).

He also served as vice president for Assofibre, the italian syntethic fibre producers association.

Following this wide range of experiences, in 1993, Mr. Zanchi founded his own company, Global Service International (G.S.I.), whose mission is to improve and manage import of polymers and fibre into the European Market, giving customers the same level of service as the one granted by local producers.

Mr. Francesco Zanchi, CEO
GSI Global Service International
Role of China in the global PET trade and US Market
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 11:40 AM

Alexander Delnik

Alexander Delnik

Mr. Alexander Delnik is President and CEO of Verdeco Recycling, a California company producing food-grade recycled PET (rPET) resin. In addition to having PhD in Engineering, Mr. Delnik is also a licensed engineer and holds MBA in Strategy and Finance from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Following his years in academia and renewable energy industry, Mr. Delnik has been involved in plastics recycling for over 10 years. As one of the founders of Verdeco Recycling, Mr. Delnik has been instrumental in launching the first of its kind rPET manufacturing facility utilizing advanced, energy-efficient PET recycling technology pioneered by researchers in Europe. Since coming online in 2012, Verdeco Recycling' 50M lbs/yr plant in the Los Angeles area has been supplying quality food-grade rPET resin to customers in North America. Today, you can find beverage containers and thermoformed packages made from Verdeco rPET resin (with up to 100% recycled content) on the shelves of practically all major retailers in the US. Mr. Delnik is a regular participant in industry meetings and panels and has been actively promoting the use or recycled PET in food and beverage containers, as well as in other high-value applications.

Alexander Delnik, President
Verdeco Recycling Inc.
Energy Efficient PET recycling systems with high quality food grade rPET
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 11:05 AM

Paul Ou
Paul works closely with PET recycling companies in China, Japan and Taiwan. He has helped clients in in China, India, Mexico ,Paraguay, Japan and the US on successfully installing and operating Boretech PET bottle washing equipment.

Paul Ou, Sales Manager
Zhejiang Boretech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd
Case Study- Boretech Washing Line in Stockton
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 12:40 PM

Alasdair Carmichael

Alasdair Carmichael

Alasdair has over 35 years of experience in the polyester business mainly in the synthetic fibers sector. He has lived in Europe, Asia and North America during this time.

He has been with the PCI Group (Petrochemical Consulting International) since 2000 and has involvement in fibers, PET resin and recycling in North America and is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Prior to joining the PCI Group he spent more years than he cares to remember in the extrusion and process machinery business, latterly with Rieter Corporation in South Carolina.

He is a business graduate of Manchester in the UK.

Alasdair Carmichael, Senior Consultant
PCI PET Packaging, Resin & Recycling
Will 2015 be a crisis year for PET producers?
Day 1 [Wed 12, November], at 09:10 AM

Mr. Roland Lechler

Roland started his carerr in Diamat Maschinenbau being responsible for design, construction works and assistant administration of business, sales and distribution. During this time he had been following the development of flat sheet extrusion lines from recycled materials and plastics converting them into thermoformable flat sheet and films.

In 2005 he became Managing Director of Diamat and acquired 50% ownership. Diamat is a very fast and innovative player among the extrusion line manufacturers in the world and cover a niche field of tailor made solutions and customer dedicated patterns.

Mr. Roland Lechler, Director
Diamat Maschinenbau GmbH
New PET sheet technology from rPET flakes
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 12:05 PM