3rd Biomass Trade & Power

22-24 Feb, 2012 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Crowne Plaza Brussels - Le Palace
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Mr. Robin Post van der Burg ***

After working for almost 10 years in various positions for Arco Chemical and Lyondell in the Netherlands, the USA and the UK, Robin repatriated to Amsterdam to realize his ambition of becoming an entrepreneur.


He founded Topell Energy in 2006 together with partner WWE, a renewable energy investor; in May 2008 RWE Innogy invested to become the third shareholder. Robin is Director of Business Development in Topell Energy and responsible for strategic partnerships and roll out.


Robin holds a MSc. in Chemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

Mr. Robin Post van der Burg ***, Director, Business Development
Blackwood Technology B.V.
Torrefied Pellets Production Value Chain
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 03:50 PM

Mr. Roeland Jacob Reesinck
Roeland Reesinck heads GF Energy as its Managing Director. GF Energy is a Rotterdam based international wholesaler of wood pellets since 2005 and producer of wood pellets since 2007. Roeland has an LLM degree in law from Leiden University, had several management positions in logistics companies before he co-founded GF Energy.

Mr. Roeland Jacob Reesinck, Director
GF Energy BV
A Profitable Wood Pellet Producer – a contradictio in terminis?
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 10:00 AM

Mr. Piotr M. Nowak
Born in Katowice, Poland in 1955. Studied languages, international law and management. Joined Weglokoks in 1979. Responsible for deliveries of Polish coal to USSR. Spent 5 years in Moscow (1989 - 1995) as the Head of Weglokoks Representative Office. Upon returning nominated as the Head of Eastern Sales Department, supervising sales of steam and coking coals to Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. From 2006 to September 2008 Member of the Board of Polske uhli, a.s., a Weglokoks' daughter company in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In October 2008 appointed as the Head of newly created Coal Purchasing Department, European Markets, mainly covering supplies from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan - both rail and seaborne. As of October 2010 this Department has also been responsible for biomass trading and subsequently renamed to Foreign Solid Fuels Trading Department.

Mr. Piotr M. Nowak, Manager - Foreign Solid Fuels Trading Department
Weglokoks S.A.
b) Poland
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 09:10 AM

Mr. Ronald Meijer
Ronald Meijer, has 20 years experience as a senior consultant and project manager for thermal conversion processes focusing on coal, co-firing, biomass, and fuel and flue gas clean-up processes. Recently he has been involved in several major international European and U.S. projects investigating the technical and economical feasibility of biomass co-firing and repowering. Since 1991 he has been involved in the initiation, evaluation and development of projects into (new) thermal conversion technologies focused on increased efficiency and a reduction of investment costs for power production in combination with fossil and non-fossil (biomass, waste) conversion. In recent years he has been actively involved in many European and US projects addressing strategic decision making on the technical and economical feasibility of biomass and clean fossil power projects for these clients. He is responsible for KEMA's activities in the field of Clean Fossil Power and actively involved in these projects as a project manager and senior consultant. This includes issues such as biomass co-firing, full coal to biomass conversion, new clean conversion technologies, emission management, and carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).

Mr. Ronald Meijer, Managing Principal Clean Fossil Power
KEMA Netherlands Ltd
Co-firing & full conversion from Coal to Biomass: Assessment of Fuel Alternatives
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 05:15 PM

Dr. Yves Ryckmans
 Yves Ryckmans graduated from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and conducted a PhD study at the same university on modeling heat transfer in furnaces by finite elements techniques. In 1989, he joined Laborelec research Centre of Electrabel as a research engineer in the field of nuclear energy. From 1996 on, he initiated the development of fixed bed gasification and CFB gasification of wood through several Belgian and European projects. In 1999 he became Head of the Biomass Competence Centre of Electrabel at Laborelec. This competence centre covers more than 15 years technical issues like co-firing biomass in pulverised-coal power plants, biomass gasification, biomass fuel quality, biogas applications and biomass sustainability verification. His R&D efforts were focused on CFD modeling of PC boilers, slagging and fouling, NOx and SOx emissions, biomass milling and upgrading, ESP, ash quality and utilisation, as well as the verification of sustainability criteria for solid biomass. Currently, Yves Ryckmans is Chief Technology Officer Biomass at Laborelec. As such, he is managing research and services for bio-energy applications within GDF SUEZ Group.

Dr. Yves Ryckmans, Chief Technology Officer Biomass
Electrabel (GDF Suez)
c) Progress on Initiative Wood Pellets Buyers’ Initiative on Sustainability & Specifications for Industrial Wood Pellets
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 09:10 AM
Afternoon's Chairman
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 01:55 PM

Mr. Rob Prange

1982-1995. I Started as a regular police officer with the Dutch Police, where I was able to promote to the Flying department of the dutch Police. Being a Police pilot I was involved in law enforcement duties as well as polution control duties, flying for the Dutch coastguard. `In 1995 I left the Dutch Police being a chief inspector, maintenance test pilot and flight instructor. I transferred to KLM to become an airline Pilot.


1995- 2012. Having flown several aircraft types within the KLM fleet I am now currently a pilot on the Boeing 777


2001-2005 Appointed as representative for the Dutch Airline Pilots Association to work together with international government bodies in the aftermath of 9-11 to make air-travel more secure.


2006-2012. Became involved in a bamboo biomass project in South Africa, with the goal of creating green energy from fast growing, very sustainable bamboo species. During this period a lot of knowledge was gaine don conversion technologies, plantation systems and schemes,

Currently I am part of a group that is putting up plantations of a fast growing dedicated energy crop in the `Philippines. The goal is to create green electricity initially and later on synthetic diesel and ethanol via various conversion technologies.


Motivation for this involvement:
1. The urgency for climate change, especially as an airline pilot, and seeing this happening on a global scale.
2. Has 2 wonderfull boys living in the Netherlands at -2 m, Below current Dutch sea level.


Furthermore I see people struggling in all parts of our planet to feed their families and to keep their head above the economic waters. I am certain that the solution to climate change and the battle against poverty need to go hand in hand. That is the basis of my presentation.

Mr. Rob Prange, Executive Consultant (International)
Mackay Green Energy Inc.
Africa’s Biomass Focus – on On-Going Projects, Infrastructure, Investment & Trade
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 09:05 AM

Mr. Jonas Wilde

Mr Wilde's current main responsibility is Vattenfall's long term large scale sourcing of biomass as well as development of technology for producing refined biomass with the purpose of replacing hard coal with biomass for production of heat and power.


During 22 years at Vattenfall Mr Wilde has been active in many areas primarily within R&D and business development: rational use of energy, peat and biomass for heat and power production, product development of customer communication systems, standardisation of instrumentation and control systems and development of increased use of biomass in primarily coal plants.


Other assignments include responsible of product development of IT-based services within the care-sector at Rivermen AB.

Mr Wilde earned his BSc in Bachelor of Science Energy- and Building installations technology at the University of Karlstad.

Mr. Jonas Wilde, Director, Biomass sourcing project development
Vattenfall AB
Africa’s Biomass Focus – on On-Going Projects, Infrastructure, Investment & Trade
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 09:05 AM

Johan Granath
Johan Granath has a degree in International Business from the Gothenburg School of Economics and Law. He started his career at General Electric Capital and joined Ekman & Co in 1998. After 10 years in credit and finance, he started Ekman's trade in biomass in 2008. Johan is now Head of the Bioenergy Division at Ekman & Co and a member of the corporate management team.

Johan Granath, Senior VP Bioenergy
Ekman & Co AB
Update of Vyborgskaya Cellulose Pellet Plant & Distinction Between Working with an Agent & Trader
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 10:55 AM

Dato' Joseph Lim Heng Ee

 Mr. Joseph Lim, Founder & Managing Director of Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd, was started up by marketing Dried Long Fiber (DLF) in China. Through his years of experience with the industry, he realized that this trade has a huge potential to further develop itself in Malaysia especially support of technology and advance machinery. Malaysia is one of the largest palm oil contributors in the world therefore making it one country with the most biomass wastage. He took that advantage and set his goal beyond trading but into manufacturing and supplying to the global demand of the industry. With that, Global Green Synergy (GGS) was established.


GGS is one of the largest manufacturers which utilizing Palm Oil residues into value-added products in support of other industries with tis vision to be the leader in Malaysia Green Property by providing oil palm residues solution worldwide. GGS produced quality Dried Long Fiber (DLF) and palm bio-fuels products such as palm briquette and palm pellet, the renewable source of energy in both domestic and export markets. Further, GGS is also providing consultation on setting up EFB treatment Plant and Palm Bio-fuel production plant through the Transfer of Technology (TOT). This is innovative strategy in palm oil industry is the first step to establish the Palm Biomass Industry which is a brand new Green Industry.

Dato' Joseph Lim Heng Ee, Managing Director
Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd
Energy Economics & Palm Biomass for Power Generation & Availability
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 12:10 PM

Mr. Patrick de Jamblinne
Since 1990, Patrick has mostly worked in Central and Eastern Europe. He speaks, Czech, Slovak, Russian, English and Dutch in addition to his French mother-tongue. His 4 years expertise is in the development of business opportunities in Central Europe, the Balkans in close collaboration with local stake holders and biomass owners.
Patrick is devoted to European integration, the development of bio-resources and is working on the certifications schemes.

Mr. Patrick de Jamblinne, Managing Director
2ZK - Tuzetka SA
Bioenergy Development in Central Europe & Supply Chain of Biomass Pellets (Woody and Agricultural Residues)
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 11:45 AM

Mr. Ric Hoefnagels
Ric Hoefnagels (MSc) is researcher at the Energy & Resources group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University since 2008. He has been involved in many bioenergy projects, including macro-economic effects of bioenergy and biobased materials on a national level in the Netherlands and European and international projects on biomass potentials, trade and sustainability criteria of solid biomass. Furthermore, he has experience with greenhouse gas balances of biofuels, technological learning and CO2 capture and storage. He has frequently worked for IEA Bioenergy Task 40, amongst others on the development of a comprehensive GIS-based logistic model to analyze intra-European biomass trade. He is also member of the Biobench consortium, which recently advised the European Commission on the introduction of mandatory sustainability criteria for solid biomass and possible implications for bioenergy trade.

Mr. Ric Hoefnagels, Junior Researcher
University of Utrecht
Insights of Global Trade Flow (Limiting Factors, Cost Structures, etc)
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 12:10 PM

Mr. Michael Paik

Son-U Michael Paik is Senior Vice President and General Counsel of EnerOne, based in Seoul, Korea.


In his 20 years of professional experience in consulting and law practice, Michael has served as consultant or counsel for some of Korea's most prominent companies, and has assisted Korean, European and US clients in risk management as well as venture capital, public offering and merger transactions. Michael has also represented numerous start-up
companies, as well as leading venture capital, private equity and investment banking firms.


As part of his practice at Hanol Law Offices, Michael served in various client management positions, including as General Counsel of Hankook Tire and the STX Group. From 2004, Michael taught corporate law, technology transfer and energy transactions as a professor at Yonsei University's College of Law, The Republic of Korea's Judicial Research & Training Institute and Seoul National University's College of Engineering, where he also served as Director of Technology Incubation, Chief Technology Officer for the university and Alumni Advisor for the International Energy Policy Program. From 2002, Michael has served in various public positions, including as an elected member representing Silicon Valley to the board of directors for the California Young Lawyers' Association, and legal advisor to the Korean Venture Capital Association, the Korean Nurses' Association and the Incheon Free Economic Zone Authority.


He is Trustee and General Counsel at the Inje Foundation, Korea's oldest privately endowed foundation and holding entity for five general hospitals and Inje University.

Mr. Michael Paik, General Counsel & SVP, International Projects
EnerOne, Inc.
Meeting Korea’s RPS 2012 – Outlook of Biomass to Power
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 11:20 AM

Mr. Michael Wild
 Michael Wild, economist and engineer by education, is active in renewable energies for practically his entire 24 years professional career. He has pioneered Biomass fired district heating systems in Austria and conversion of coal fired systems to biomass in former socialist countries. The first internet based biomass trading platform (ABEX) was started by him in 1999. Until 2010 he led the international biomass trading company EBES creating numerous intercontinental supply chains for palm kernel shell, pellets and wood chips. From 2007 he took a leading position in torrefaction technology development forming also a consortium with Andritz AG. Today he is acting in project development, as supply chain consultant and represents selected producers, traders and consumers in both torrefied and regular biomasses to the market. In 2012 he helped setting up within AEBIOM the International Biomass Torrefaction Council  IBTC whos members elected him president.

Mr. Michael Wild, European Sales Manager
Wild & Partners KG
Torrefied Biomass/Pellets – Finally it is Happening
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 11:20 AM

Dr. Marieke Harteveld
 Dr. Marieke Harteveld has over 8 years of experience in environmental issues and sustainable biomass production. Marieke holds a PhD in Tropical Ecology from the University of Göttingen. During her PhD, Marieke gained knowledge of forest conservation and soil carbon management. She recently joined the Ecofys bio-energy team after working for five years at NL-Agency, the Dutch Governmental Agency for Climate and Innovation. At NL agency she worked on sustainability issues related to bioenergy and biofuels, among other things preparing the Dutch input for the development of the sustainability criteria within the Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP). Further she represented the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the advisory board for the development of the NTA8080 certification standard for sustainable bio-energy (the implementation of the Cramer criteria) and was involved in preparing the Dutch input for the development of the RED. In addition to her work on biomass sustainability, Marieke worked for the Dutch Biorenewables Business Platform, focusing on strategy development, building partnerships, facilitateing project start-ups and advising the Dutch government on the sustainable development of the biobased economy in the Netherlands. At Ecofys she works as a consultant within the Biomass & Bioenergy Unit, supporting both policy development as the development of corporate strategies regarding the sustainable sourcing and use of biomass.

Dr. Marieke Harteveld, Consultant Bioenergy & Biobased Economy
Ecofys Netherlands BV
Latest on Sustainability Criterias for Solid Biomass & iLUC
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 02:25 PM

Dr. Mairi Black
Mairi has 20 years of commercial and academic experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with specific application to non-food uses of plant/marine derived materials (industrial and pharmaceutical uses). She has worked for Reckitt and Benckiser, Du Pont (UK) Ltd, the UK agricultural levy board HGCA and has been working on biofuels/biomass policy, GHG LCA and sustainability analysis of biomass materials since 2004. Mairi has a B.Sc (Hons) in Horticulture (1991); a PhD (2000) on "The physico-chemical structure of the polysaccharides of Plantago ovata Forsk." and worked as a Research Associate for the Porter Alliance at Imperial College from 2008 - 2011. Mairi joined Drax Power Ltd in April 2011 as Biomass Sustainability Development Manager and is involved in the practical implementation of sustainability principles in biomass supply chains.

Dr. Mairi Black, Biomass Sustainability Development Manager
Drax Power Ltd
LCA & Sustainability of Solid Biomass for UK's Power Generation
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 02:50 PM

Mr. Rob Verheem

Rob Verheem is deputy director of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment. This Commission - a private foundation, subsidized by Dutch government - has a legal mandate for independent quality review of impact assessments in the Netherlands. In international cooperation, the Commission is involved in both independent quality assurance of impact assessment and capacity development in EIA and strategic EIA, subsidized by Dutch government. Rob is heading the international activities.


Rob Verheem has over 20 years of practice experience in Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment, both in developed and developing countries. Before, Rob Verheem worked at the European Commission and the Ministry of the Environment in the Netherlands. He has published extensively, including co-author of the 1996 SEA Effectiveness Study, co-author of the 2010 SEA in policy and sector reform book and co-editor of the 2011 SEA Handbook. In 2004 Rob won the Individual Award of the International Association for Impact Assessment. Rob is member of the OECD DAC SEA task team and the advisory committee of the Hong Kong SEA Center.

Mr. Rob Verheem, ?Director International
Netherlands Commission for Environmental Impact Assessment (NCEA)
Africa’s Biomass Focus – on On-Going Projects, Infrastructure, Investment & Trade
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 09:05 AM

Ms. Silvia Vivarelli

Ms. Silvia Vivarelli is a Project Officer at the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Commission. She works for the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme and she is responsible for bioenergy projects.


Silvia has more than 12 years of experience in the bioenergy sector. After a short experience as a researcher at the University of Pisa, investigating biomass combustion in fluidized beds, she first worked for four years as a Project Engineer for the design and construction of biomass energy and waste to energy plants with Termomeccanica Ecologia. She then became a Project manager in the bioenergy division of ETA-Renewable Energies, a company working in the renewable energy field at international level, mostly in the framework of European programmes. In 2007 she joined the EACI.


Silvia holds a Masters Degree (MSc) in Chemical Engineering, specialization in Environmental Engineering, from the University of Pisa.

Ms. Silvia Vivarelli, Project Officer - Renewable Energy (Unit 1)
European Commission - Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation(EACI)
d) Bioenergy in the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 09:10 AM

Pia Kåll

Pia Kåll is an Associate Principal based in McKinsey's Helsinki office. She is part of the core leadership group for McKinsey's Bio-systems service line, with special focus on developing biomass to energy.

Pia has focused her work primarily on biomass related topics in the energy and forest products industries, ranging from asset and fuel strategies for biomass and waste fired power and heat assets for energy utilities, strategies for new biomaterials in the pulp and paper industry, and growth strategies for equipment providers. Pia has served companies mainly in the Nordics, Russia and continental Europe.

Pia has a Masters degree in Engineering Physics and Mathematics from Helsinki University of Technology. Before joining McKinsey Pia worked as a research assistant on Fusion and plasma physics.

Pia Kåll, Associate Principal
McKinsey & Company Inc
Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 09:00 AM
Biomass to Energy Sourcing Economics
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 04:50 PM

Mr. Alexandre Strapasson
Alexandre Strapasson is PhD Researcher at Imperial College London. He works with energy and environmental sciences, focused on bioenergy, and is also Chairman of the Imperial College Brazil Forum. Among his professional experiences he worked at the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture as Head of the Department of Sugarcane and Agroenergy and Chairman of the Sugar and Ethanol Chamber, which is responsible for the political articulation between government and the industrial and farming associations. He also worked at the Ministry of the Environment of Brazil (MMA) as Consultant of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for energy and climate change affairs. He studied Agronomy Engineering at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and took a Masters in Energy at the University of São Paulo (USP), with additional studies in Physics at the University of Brasilia (UnB), in Climate Change at the Japan Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC) in Tokyo, and in Economics and Management at the IFP Energies Nouvelles in Paris, where he is also occasionally teaching.

Mr. Alexandre Strapasson, PhD Researcher, Energy Policy & Technology
Imperial College London - Centre for Environmental Policy
Global Growth in Biomass Based Power Generation & Trade/Demand Updates
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 09:10 AM
Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 09:00 AM

Mr. Shanmugam Pattu
Mr.S Pattu is a Mechanical Engineer from University of Madras and is a Fellow of various professional bodies like the Institution of Engineers & American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has worked in Senior capacities in ICI Group, Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd, and Nagarjuna Steels Ltd etc before taking up an assignment at Indonesia as CEO of Heavy Engineering Company in the Texmaco/Polysyndo Group. He has hands on experience in setting up of power plant, management of Fertilizer, Petrochemicals & Steel plants. After returning from Indonesia he was head of the automobile business of the well known HINDUSTAN MOTORS Ltd before assuring the office of Chairman of Cetex Petrochemicals Ltd. An entrepreneur with diverse interests in agri based edible oil, power and overseas business associations.

Mr. Shanmugam Pattu, Director
Cetex Energy Generation Co Pvt Ltd
Current Situation in India on Renewable Biomass Power Generation
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 11:45 AM

Mr. Thomas Meth

Thomas Meth is a co-founder of Enviva LP and leads the global sales and marketing team, developing wood pellet and wood chip supply strategies and contracts for utility, industrial and commercial customers both in the U.S. and Europe. Through his efforts, annual production and sales grew to nearly one million metric tons of woody biomass in 2011. He is responsible for Enviva's commercial customer relations as well as marketing, communications and public relations initiatives.


Previously, Thomas focused on the sales and customer development efforts of Enviva's combined heat and power business, leading to multiple long-term contracts and an operational footprint in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. Today, Enviva has manufacturing facilities in Mississippi and North Carolina, as well as Belgium, with storage and Transatlantic export capabilities at the company-owned deep water port terminal in Virginia.


Thomas holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration in Austria as well as an M.B.A. from The Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at The University of Virginia.

Mr. Thomas Meth, Co-Founder & Executive VP, Sales & Marketing
Enviva LP
Outlook of US Wood Pellets Supply & Cost Competitiveness of Supply to EU & Other Demand Markets
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 04:15 PM

Ms. Edita Vagonyte

Edita Vagonyte is currently working as European Affairs manager for AEBIOM, the European Biomass Association.

She started work at Renewable Energy House in spring 2006. Since then Ms Vagonyte has been in charge of the European Affairs and Communication divisions within the Brussels office. Prior to joining AEBIOM, Edita temporarily worked for the European Commission, DG Communication.

Ms. Edita Vagonyte, European Affairs Manager
BioEnergy Europe ( formerly European Biomass Association - AEBIOM)
Efforts of the European Pellet Council & Progress on Industrial Adoption of ENplus Pellet Certification Scheme
Day 2 [Thu 23, February], at 02:00 PM

Dr.-Ing. Wolter Elbersen
Wolter Elbersen (1964) is senior scientist at Wageningen UR – Institute for Food and Biobased Research. His interests lie in the development of sustainable biomass supply chains. In recent years he has worked on development of herbaceous biomass chains based on straw, reed, road side grass and energy grasses (switchgrass) and other crops in The Netherlands, the EU, Ukraine, Brazil, South Africa and in Suriname.

Dr.-Ing. Wolter Elbersen, Senior Scientist Biomass and Bioenergy
Wageningen University & Research Centre / WUR Biobased Products
Manipulating Biomass Ash Content & Ash Quality
Day 3 [Fri 24, February], at 12:35 PM