2nd Biomass Pellets Trade Asia

07-08 Sep, 2011 - Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

Sheraton Grande Walkerhill
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About our Event Speakers
We pride ourselves in presenting to you accomplished leaders, authors and advocates with strong track records of achievement and vision in a wide array of backgrounds, professional fields and life experiences. We believe you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience and also from the latest thinking and innovative processes driving individuals and organizations forward.
Mr. Peter Kernohan

Current role - Sales and Technical Manager for Nature's Flame; main responsibility is to develop the commercial and industrial wood fuelled heating market. In addition, Peter is responsible for all wood pellet sales both nationally and to export. Peter is also assisting Nature's Flame sister companies to develop the market for Biodiesel and solar water heating systems.


Peter's 33 year career in the energy sector started with 23 years in Northern Ireland Electricity, initially in Engineering then on to Energy Marketing and Market Development. Peter moved to the renewable energy sector and worked as Market Development Manager for B9 Energy gasification systems and then, after a spell in the UK Government's Energy Efficiency Programme, took up the role of Business Development Manager at Balcas (one of Europe's major wood pellet producers). Before relocating to NZ, Peter worked at Wood Energy Ltd where he designed and installed a wide range of wood fuelled boilers in Ireland and the UK, projects ranged from small hot water systems to multi Megawatt steam systems. Peter was also heavily involved in the development of the new European wood pellets standards and the training and accreditation scheme for renewable energy installers in Ireland.

Mr. Peter Kernohan, Sales and Technical Manager
Solid Energy Renewable Fuels Ltd. (Nature's Flame)
Premium Grade Wood Pellets from New Zealand, Applications and Benefits
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 04:40 PM

Mr. Chia Lik Khai

Lik Khai is the Corporate Development Director at QL Resources Bhd, a leading agricultural company in Malaysia listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. He is responsible for developing the renewable energy business and overseeing the overall corporate development of the Group. He is also the Executive Director of Boilermech Holdings Berhad, a leading biomass energy engineering company listed on ACE Market of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange.


Prior to joining QL Resources Berhad, he was with McKinsey & Company in Shanghai, where he was an affiliate of Global Energy & Materials and High-Tech practice. During his tenure, he focused on serving global clients in renewable energy, consumer products and high-tech sectors on strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and sales & marketing related topics.


Lik Khai possesses extensive management experience in high-tech, telecommunications and internet commerce. He spent seven years in the semiconductor industry with Agilent and Avago Technologies in Silicon Valley, where he assumed multiple roles as R&D staff, new Product Manager and Marketing Manager.


He graduated from the MBA program of Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania, USA where he focused on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance. He also received Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA.

Mr. Chia Lik Khai, Executive Director
QL Resources Berhad
Delivering the Promise of Palm Biomass
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 12:10 PM

Ms. Suan Kim Ooi
 Ms. Ooi is Chairman of Builders Biomass Sdn. Bhd., an energy provider specializing in the manufacturing of biomass solid biofuel pellets.  Ms. Ooi is also head of the green technology division of the Builders Group of Companies, advising on legal and corporate development affairs.  Ms. Ooi was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales as Barrister-At-Law of The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn and is Advocate & Solicitor of Malaya. A bursary recipient at The University of Sheffield, Ms. Ooi graduated with LL.B (Hons) and received corporate training from Harvard, Stanford and NUS Business School. With Ms. Ooi’s corporate and legal expertise, her strategies on a sustainable, carefully managed environmental and quality system of operations has transformed the manufacturing sector of the biomass pelletizing industry.  At the helm of Ms. Ooi, Builders Biomass has attained significant international recognition, with Builders Biomass being the only Malaysian biomass pellets manufacturer in the industry to be certified to ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008 status.

Ms. Suan Kim Ooi, Director
Builders Biomass Sdn Bhd
Impact of Regulatory Measures and Incentives on Biomass Pellets Productions & Usage
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 02:05 PM

Mr. James Leitheiser
James Leitheiser is Director of Global Business Services for Weyerhaeuser Solutions, an affiliate of the Weyerhaeuser Company. Weyerhaeuser owns or manages nearly 9 million hectares of timberlands in a number of global geographies. In this role, James is responsible for developing customized, forestry-based solutions for customers around the world in the areas of biofuels, biochemicals and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. James has over 25 years experience in the areas of environmental, energy, and sustainability issues. Prior to joining Weyerhaeuser, James spent 16 years with International Paper and was most recently the director of environmental and sustainability issues for Arizona Chemical, a global manufacturer of chemicals based on raw materials extracted from the forest product and citrus industries. James attained a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Alabama with an environmental concentration.

Mr. James Leitheiser, Director, Global Business Services
Weyerhaeuser Solutions
Critical Factors in Optimizing Biomass Supply Solutions
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 05:05 PM

Dipl.-Ing. Angelika Rubick ***
 Mrs. Angelika Rubick is educated in ecological engineering. Since 2002 she is employed at the Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology based in Vienna. She has excellent experience and eco/sustainability evaluation of products and processes. Since 2006 she is involved in the technical development of the Austrians torrefaction solution. She has managed several national and international projects and is head of the R&D Project department.

Dipl.-Ing. Angelika Rubick ***, Project leader, Bioenergy and Environmental Technology
OFI - Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik
Torrefaction Technologies and Economics
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 01:00 PM

Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 02:00 PM

Mr. Andrea Alessandrini

 Mr. Andrea Alessandrini is a italian lawyer firm; his experience on Oil market had been reversed on Biomasse trading counsulting since the early june 2005 when, as free lance, where appointed to contract and to deliver 25.000 MT of PKS from North Sumatra' Belawan port, to Endesa Italia, Porto Torres, Italy.

Actually Mr. Andrea Alessandrini manages the indonesian company PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia that since 2008 export PKS in Europe and East Asia.

Mr Andrea Alessandrini and his indonesian co- founder mr Kayamuddin Nasution, had recently joint-ventured with Enviro srl/SAIF Group, the italian largest company for biomasse industrial activities and trading.; the joint-venture allows to organize the Indonesia company with the western costumes and practice to grow up to lead the Indonesian Biomasse Export.

Mr. Andrea Alessandrini, Managing Director
PT Trenergy Biomasse Indonesia
Rise of Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) for Power Generation – Supply/Export Outlook from Indonesia and Practical Guidance
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 11:20 AM

Mr. Jarrod Waring ***
Jarrod Waring is a graduate of Economics and Marketing with post graduate studies in International Business. Joining Plantation Energy in 2008 as Business Development Manager, Jarrod has witnessed first hand the development of the pellet industry in Australia from plant concept design through to pellet supply negotiations and delivery into Europe's major power utilities. Prior to joining Plantation Energy, he worked for the Australian Government for four years as Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner in Fukuoka Japan and prior to that four years based in Shanghai as Export Director for Australian Hardwood Exports Pty Ltd. He has 16 year experience in manufacturing and timber processing.

Mr. Jarrod Waring ***, Business Development Manager
Plantation Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 03:50 PM

Dr. Martin Junginger
Dr. Martin Junginger is a senior researcher and assistant professor at the Copernicus Institute since 2005. His main working field is the development of sustainable International Bioenergy Trade. He is coordinator of the IEA Bioenergy Task 40 on International Bioenergy Trade, and currently works amongst others on charting international trade in biomass and biofuels, and sustainability criteria for both solid and liquid biomass. He is a contributing author to the biomass chapter of the forthcoming IPCC special report on renewable energy sources, and published over 25 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of biomass trade and technological learning.

Dr. Martin Junginger, Assistant Professor
University of Utrecht
Morning Chairman’s Welcome & Remarks
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 08:30 AM
Outlook of Global Woody Biomass Trade – Drivers & Key Considerations
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 02:30 PM

Mr. Kunio Wakiwaka
 Kunio Wakiwaka graduated with a degree in Faculty of Economics from Sophia University.
He joined Mitsui in 1993 initially in the Metals Administration Division. Since then he has has held several positions within Mitsui's coal division and recently spent 4years in Brisbane, Australia as Chief Financial Officer of Mitsui Coal Holdings. His current position is General Manager of the Utility Marketing Department in Mitsui & Co Ltd Tokyo Headquarters.

Mr. Kunio Wakiwaka, GM, Utility Marketing
Mitsui & Co., Ltd
Demand Forecast for Biomass (Wood Pellets, etc) in Japan
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 09:15 AM

Mr. Sang Seop Lim

Professional Experience:
- Director, Urban Forest Policy Team and Forest Tending Team at the Korea Forest Service (January, 2005 - July, 2007)

- Deputy Director, Forest Resources Division, Forest Resources Division and Forest Policy Division at Korea Forest Service (May 1999 - January 2005)

- Part-time Lecturer, Forest Human Resources Development Institute (May 1999 - July 2008)
He has taught approximately two thousand central and local government officers onLandscape Aesthetics, Forest Tending Policy, Urban Forest Policy and Forest Management for Landscape Policy. Teaching was a good opportunity for Mr Lim to share his understandings gained his Master's program and experiences at KFS.


Special Qualification Certificate:
Professional Engineer of Forestry, 2005, Human Resources Development Service of Korea
(This qualification is similar with the certification of the Professional Forester in Canada)

Mr. Sang Seop Lim, Director, Timber Product & Utilization Division
Korea Forest Service
Korea's Wood Pellets Policy & Requirements for Energy Generation
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 08:50 AM

Dr. Hyoung-Woo, Lee
Dr. Hyoung Woo Lee is a professor of Chonnam National University in Korea since 1989. He is also the director of Biomass Utilization Center of that university. This center is now working on many biomass energy projects with Korean energy companies like Korea District Heating Co. and Korea Electric Power Industrial Development Co. Since 2000, he has run the venture company, DEI, which is designing and manufacturing drying equipments and biomass pellet plants. He has more than twenty years of experience in the field of biomass processing.

Dr. Hyoung-Woo, Lee, Director/Professor - Biomass Utilization Center
Chonnam National University
Torrefied Pellet from Korea Domestic Wood Species
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 11:30 AM

Dr. Carl Kukkonen

.Dr. Carl Kukkonen is CEO of VIASPACE, a renewable energy company with operations in the US and China.  VIASPACE grows Giant King Grass, a high yield dedicated energy crop as fuel for direct combustion in electricity generating power plants, for energy pellets to be cofired with coal, for bio methane production using anaerobic digestion, and as a feedstock for cellulosic biofuels, biochemicals and bio plastics.


Previously, Dr. Kukkonen directed a research center at the NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and before that he was at Ford Motor Company, where he was Ford’s expert on hydrogen as an alternative automotive fuel.


Dr. Kukkonen earned a BS in physics from The University of California, Davis and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cornell University.  He was a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University.

Dr. Carl Kukkonen, CTO
VIASPACE Green Energy Inc
Wood Pellets or Agricultural Pellets - Pluses and Minuses
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 11:45 AM

Ing. George van Bommel

 Drs. Ing. George van Bommel (MBE) is sr. Energy Systems Consultant and presently associated to BioTorTech and Royal Haskoning, both leading Dutch companies specialized in "biomass to energy" conversion technologies.

George was previously employed as Global Energy Manager at Cargill and earlier at DSM

(Stamicarbon) as project manager and process engineer.

He has decades of international experience in the agricultural and chemical industries.
George has a proven track record in starting new, innovative projects and commissioning production plants. He is also an award winning engineer and holder of numerous patents in various fields of technology.

George holds a business Master in Energy Systems from the Technical University of Delft, with a specialization in the fields of thermo-chemical conversions of biomass, such as torrefaction, fast pyrolysis, gasification and co-combustion.

Ing. George van Bommel, Senior Energy Systems Consultant
BioTorTech BV
Afternoon's chairman
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 02:00 PM
Torrefaction Technologies & Economics (I)
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 01:00 PM

Torrefaction Technologies & Economics (II)
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 01:00 PM

Mr. Edward Ryall

 Edward is a Chartered Engineer with nearly twenty years experience of biomass project development. He has been involved in biomass to power developments in the UK and Italy, and he has experience of bioethanol project development in Asia.


Edward is now responsible for commercialising Thermya's biomass conversion technologies, and in particular, Thermya's TORSPYD torrefaction technology; two 20,000 tonne/year TORSPYD units are currently in construction with a third 20,000 unit expected to start construction before the end of the year, and there is strong market interest in Thermya's 40,0000 tonne/year TORSPYD units.

Mr. Edward Ryall, Commercial and Marketing Director
AREVA Bioenergy
Torrefaction Technologies and Economics
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 01:00 PM

Mr. Petri Haataja
Mr. Haataja is the head of energy consulting Asia Pacific at Poyry Management Consulting focusing on the renewable and conventional energy across the region. He has over 15 years of management consulting and corporate finance experience in the energy sector. He has been heavily involved in the regional bioenergy development projects over the last two years. Mr. Haataja holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland and an Executive Master of European and International Business Law from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

Mr. Petri Haataja, Head of Energy Consulting, Asia Pacific
Poyry Management Consulting (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Chairman’s Remarks
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 09:00 AM

Dr. Andrew Grogan
 Dr. Grogan completed his Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of NSW, specializing in Fuel Engineering and Combustion Engineering. His PhD dealt with the dynamics of CO2 solution in large geological formations (geosequestration of carbon). He has over 25 years' experience in technical and commercial aspects of conventional large scale energy projects around the world, and has worked in many developing countries. Drawing on this experience, his current role with Aligned Energy is to help develop large integrated sustainable biomass projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Andrew Grogan, Technical Director
Aligned Energy Limited
Advantages of Large Scale Integrated Biomass Energy Production Projects
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 09:35 AM

Mr. Siu Hong Lee

Hong Lee, Managing Director of Control Union Certifications Korea. He was born and raised in the Netherlands and started his career in Banking and Finance in the Netherlands. Went to Hong Kong 9 years ago to pursue his career in Inspection and Certifications. He initiated and wrote together with his team the Global Recycle Standard, a certification standard for Recycled materials, now used by major textile brands and retailers.


In 2010 he was appointed member of the Certification Management team of Control Union World Group. Since 2011 he is Managing Director of Control Union Certifications in Korea and is responsible for the overall management of all activities of Control Union World Group in Korea.

Mr. Siu Hong Lee, CEO
Control Union Certifications Korea Co., Ltd.
Practical Experience in Bulk Handling of Wood Pellets
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 11:05 AM

Mr. Vaughan Bassett

Vaughan Bassett is the Vice President of Sales and Logistics for the Pinnacle Renewable Energy Group. He is responsible for their pellet marketing, sales, logistics, quality assurance and third party trading activities and he is based at the Pinnacle head office in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition, Mr Bassett is a director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada.


Mr. Bassett has an extensive international career in the forest products industry. He spent almost 20 years with Sappi, a global pulp and paper company, most recently as their executive in charge of world-wide pulp sales, stationed in Hong Kong.


Mr. Bassett has also taught export management and international logistics at the Humber Business School in Toronto as well as starting up his own green business in BC. He has a BSc from the University of Natal and an MBA from the University of the Witwatersrand, both in South Africa.

Mr. Vaughan Bassett, Senior Vice President, Sales & Logistics
Pinnacle Renewable Energy
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 04:15 PM

Mr. Rickard Frithiof
Mr. Frithiof holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to joining Pöyry Management Consulting in Singapore, he worked as an in-house management consultant for a European energy utility, with particular focus on biomass procurement and carbon-related strategies. At Pöyry, Mr. Frithiof specializes in biomass procurement strategies and energy market modeling in Asia Pacific. He is the author of the conference white paper "Pellets are coming to Asia" and contributed significantly to Pöyry's report "Pellets - Becoming a Global Commodity?".

Mr. Rickard Frithiof, Analyst
Pöyry Management Consulting (Schweiz) AG
How does the Design of Policies Influence Pellet Demand?
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 10:10 AM

Yonggyun Roh

Mr. Roh is currently the New Business Development Team manager for Korea East West Power Co. Ltd., where he has served since 2010 in a variety of capacities, including New Renewable Energy Team manager.


He has also worked on the development of Individual Power Plant(IPP) of coal fired thermal power plant  and Combined Heat Power Plants(CHP), and has explored renewable energies such as biomass, wood chip, pellet, waste energy.


He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from Busan University.

Yonggyun Roh, General Manager, New Business Development Team
Korea East-West Power Co Ltd (EWP)
Prospect & Plan for Biomass in Genco
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 09:40 AM

Mr. Albert Law

Albert Law is the Business Development Manager of Global Green Synergy Sdn Bhd (GGS).


GGS has invested in R&D for advancement technology on palm based biomass, utilizing and converting the palm oil wastes into value added products to support of other industries. Led by a team of well-qualified and experienced professional in palm oil industry, GGS produces quality Dried Long Fiber (DLF) & Palm Bio-Fuel products and is today, one of the largest producer and exporter of DLF from palm residues in Malaysia. GGS's role also as biomass products trader, GGS managed to collect palm kernel shells from 50 over palm oil mills in Peninsular Malaysia.

GGS successfully handle the export market by bulk vessel.GGS aims to supply PKS and other palm biofuel products such as briquettes and pellets to Power Plant and other industries in Malaysia & oversea. This plan and action is to help users to reduce the usage of coal and fossil fuel which directly show GGS commitment on environmental protection and greening of the country.

Mr. Albert Law, Business Development Manager
Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd
Palm Kernel Shells (PKS) Supply from Malaysia and Practical Experience
Day 2 [Thu 08, September], at 10:40 AM

Dr. Gyu-Seong Han

? PhD Degree in Wood Science, Kyoto University
? Professor, Chungbuk National University
? President, Korea Pellet Fuel Association


Mainly focus on:
? Development of Biomass Pellet
? Policies & Regulations on Pellet Heating Systems
? Review of Sales & Trading of Wood Pellet
? Review of Quality Standards of Biomass Pellet
? Review of Biomass Pellet in Industrial Boiler


Recently projects includes:
? Developement of Wood Pellet & Agropellet
? Review of Wood Pellt & Agropellet in 300kW Boiler
? Review of Wood Pellet in 600kW Boiler

Dr. Gyu-Seong Han, President
Korea Association of Pellet (Fuel)
Opening Address
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 08:40 AM

Mr. Richard Hickey
Richard Hickey, born in Ireland, graduated as a mechanical engineer.
Currently, he is the general manager for Andritz Feed & Biofuel China and Asia operations.
He have been working 19 years with Andritz Feed & Biofuel, and he have mainly been working in the Asian market, currently he is located at the Andritz Feed & Biofuel office Foshan China.

Mr. Richard Hickey, General Director, China
Andritz Feed & Biofuel
Developments & Trends in Global Biomass Pelleting
Day 1 [Wed 07, September], at 02:55 PM