Biomass Trade & BioEnergy Africa

28-29 Sep, 2017 - Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton
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Mr. Eddie Cooke

Eddie started his career as Mechanical Engineer for 5 years, and there after he started LPG business 15 years ago which included running vehicles on LPG and is still involved with LPG distribution. After natural gas was introduced into South Africa and he got involved with the conversion of vehicles to run on CNG. He is involved in CNG and all its technologies for last 11 years.

Eddie was involved with the first Biogas to Vehicle fuel project that started 4 years ago. Currently he serves as director on Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) and part of his duties is as technical standards convener for CNG and Biogas standards at SABS. He is also currently serving as Vice Chairman of Southern African Biogas Industries Association (SABIA).

Recently he started a consultant company Gas4E specialising in CNG and Biogas consultation services. Specialising in upgrading of biogas to be used as Compressed biogas for industrial and vehicle fuel applications.

Mr. Eddie Cooke, Vice Chairman
Southern African Biogas Industries Association (SABIA)
Commercial Biogas Development & Growth in South Africa – Prospects & Challenges
Day 2 [Fri 29, September], at 09:05 AM