North America PET Markets, Trade, Recycling

12-13 Nov, 2014 - Los Angeles, U S A

Hotel Palomar Los Angeles - Westwood
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Alexander Delnik

Alexander Delnik

Mr. Alexander Delnik is President and CEO of Verdeco Recycling, a California company producing food-grade recycled PET (rPET) resin. In addition to having PhD in Engineering, Mr. Delnik is also a licensed engineer and holds MBA in Strategy and Finance from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Following his years in academia and renewable energy industry, Mr. Delnik has been involved in plastics recycling for over 10 years. As one of the founders of Verdeco Recycling, Mr. Delnik has been instrumental in launching the first of its kind rPET manufacturing facility utilizing advanced, energy-efficient PET recycling technology pioneered by researchers in Europe. Since coming online in 2012, Verdeco Recycling' 50M lbs/yr plant in the Los Angeles area has been supplying quality food-grade rPET resin to customers in North America. Today, you can find beverage containers and thermoformed packages made from Verdeco rPET resin (with up to 100% recycled content) on the shelves of practically all major retailers in the US. Mr. Delnik is a regular participant in industry meetings and panels and has been actively promoting the use or recycled PET in food and beverage containers, as well as in other high-value applications.

Alexander Delnik, President
Verdeco Recycling Inc.
Energy Efficient PET recycling systems with high quality food grade rPET
Day 2 [Thu 13, November], at 11:05 AM