Biomass Trade & Power

10-12 Mar, 2010 - Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS

Golden Tulip Rotterdam-Centre
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Mr. Peter-Paul Schouwenberg

 Peter - Paul Schouwenberg has a legal and business administration background and currently working as Senior Officier Regulatory Affairs and Project Manager Biobased Economy within Essent. Previously Peter-Paul was Vice-President Biofuels & Development within Essent Trading International SA in Geneva, and for more than 10 years responsible for the sourcing, trading and development of biomass (solids and liquids) on a global scale. Due to his leadership Essent became one of the authorities in the biomass market.


He developed furthermore an unique track and trace system, which can be used worldwide in the discussions regarding the sustainability of biomass. Furthermore he was one of the initiators of the standard Gafta (trading) contract for Biomass and the introduction of a forward curve for woodpellets. He was also involved in the development of several new (bio)fuels for the production of sustainable green electricity. The most important one, a worldwide primeur, was the development of a fair-trade coffeehuskpellet in Brazil. For this project he received the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America's) Sustainability Award.

Mr. Peter-Paul Schouwenberg, Senior Officer - Regulator Affairs, Essent''s Corporate Affairs
Essent Business Development
Nidera - Pooling for Success: Pooling Production & Conversion Capacity Strategy for Growth
Day 1 [Wed 10, March], at 11:05 AM