“My colleague Sven and I really enjoyed the event and found it being fruitful for us”
“I am confident every delegate gets a piece of Myanmar Power sector situation”
“It was an eye opener”
“Extremely well organized summit with useful information exchanges and fruitful findings”
“The management of the one-to-one meeting was particularly appreciated. Thanks again.”
“It has been quite busy. I’ve really enjoyed the meet and greet last night. Your staff have been very helpful and always smiling.
Thanks again for all your help”
“Huge thanks to your entire team. Please give our regards and gratitude
to all for taking such a good care of us. It was truly appreciated.”
“Myanmar offers exciting opportunities to everyone around the world who are frantically looking for new markets, frontier markets. This is an informative summit to everyone in the industry to digest about Myanmar, a helpful summit to the Ministry to gather and digest how things work around the world on this industry legally and economically, and best of all, everyone gets a good chance to mingle and network to bring out more potentials and thorough understandings in both Myanmar’s perspective and in the International’s perspective.”
“Thanks for all your kind help! Your team is great! ”
“An efficient organization and a well suited audience
mad for a fruitful conference”
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