15th LPGtrade Summit,

New dates to be confirmed soon

Rescheduled of event 15th LPGtrade Summit

Pre-Conference Workshop (Separately Bookable)


LPG: A By-product Market Amidst a Backdrop of Major Global Economic and Environmental Shifts

(Tools & Fundamentals to Navigate Changing Circumstances)


Objective: This course aims to equip the attendees with the principles of the internationally traded LPG market and how it is determined by the economics of oil/oil products, gas, and petrochemicals markets. During the course, we will also aim to provide the core tools and understanding of fundamentals that are required for any market player.





Introduction to the LPG Market

  • The Basics of the LPG Market – is LPG still a by-product/supply driven?
  • Global LPG Supply: changing sources and major exporters
  • Global LPG Demand: changing outlets and major importers
  • LPG Trading & Shipping  


Market Fundamentals – Key Drivers

  • How has Shale Gas Changed the NGL Market?
  • Upstream Fundamentals
  • Midstream Fundamentals
  • Downstream Fundamentals – the increasing role of petchems


Discussion & Coffee Refreshment


Intro to LPG Pricing

  • Introduction to Global LPG Pricing & Major LPG Pricing Hubs
  • How LPG Pricing Patterns Have Evolved
  • Understanding the Basics of LPG Price Forecasting


Fundamentals of LPG as Petrochemical Feedstock

  • The shifting pattern of Petrochemical demand and production
  • The drive to low-cost Petchem Feedstocks
  • Flexible Feed Petrochemicals that Consume LPG
  • Fixed Feed Petrochemicals that Consume LPG


Discussion & Luncheon



LPG Shipping

  • LPG Shipping Fundamentals
  • LPG Shipping Supply/Demand and the Effects on Freight Rates
  • LPG Shipping Charter Types and Strategies


Key Economics of the LPG Market

  • Upstream & Midstream Economics
  • Petchem Economics – the interaction of product pricing and feedstock cost
  • Shipping Economics
  • Exercises


Discussion & Tea Refreshment


LPG Trading

  • LPG Trading Fundamentals
  • Major Trading Routes and Players
  • What Factors Affect LPG Trading
  • LPG Market Arbitrage Calcs
  • Major Contractual Terms and Conditions
  • Trading Strategies and Tools


Future Considerations

  • Supply: How will LPG Gas Plant and Refinery Production be affected as the Global Energy Transition progresses?
  • Retail Demand: How will Global LPG Retail Demand trends change and what countries will be in the forefront of those changes?
  • Petchem Demand and Production: How will Plastic Recycling and Environmental Regulations impact global Petchem demand and production (eg construction of more integrated refinery/petchem complexes as refiners lose refinery product demand), and what will be the ramifications for the LPG Market?
  • Shipping: What will be the effects of Environmental Regulations, the new Bunker Fuel Solutions, and the expansion of the Ammonia Trade on LPG Shipping? • LPG Trading: How will the LPG Trading Future be shaped following all these developments?


Conclusion & End of Day