12th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, 第12回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電

20-21 Jul, 2022 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

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Welcome & Keynote Speech

Be Future Positive: Innovating Together Towards A More Sustainable Future

Mr. Yasuhisa Okamoto, Managing Director

Drax Asia

Current & Future of Biomass Power Generation in Japan

Mr. Seishi Narita, President & CEO

Marubeni Clean Power Corporation


Networking & Refreshment @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition


Role of Biomass in Japan’s Energy Transition

  • Development in Energy Transition Policy
  • The Japanese Bioenergy Industry in the New Stage: Contribution to Accelerating Decarbonization 
  • Beyond the Power & Utilities - Evolving demand for biomass in Japan

Dr. Takanobu Aikawa, Senior Researcher

Renewable Energy Institute


Beyond Japan – Biomass Growth in Asia

Biomass Market in Korea
  • Renewable Energy Policy in Korea
  • Demand of Biomass in Korea
  • Recent movement of SMP/REC & its impact on biomass market

Mr. Cheulsoo Park, Trader, Energy Dept 2, Renewable Energy Section

Hanwa Co.,Ltd.

Biomass Power Generation in Taiwan
  • Power Facilities Renewable Energy Policy in Taiwan
  • Solid Biofuel Standards & Regulations of Taiwan
  • Demand Estimates & Challenges for Solid Biomass Fuel in Power Industry

Dr. Chia-Chi Chang, Senior Researcher

Taiwan Bio-energy Technology Development Association

13:00 - 14:15 hrs.
Luncheon & Networking 
Sponsored by 


Panel – Biomass Utilisation (End-Users) & Requirement in Japan


Present & Future of Clinker Zero Solution

  • Issues with Biomass Fuel in Boiler: Agglomeration, Slagging & Fouling
  • Clinker Control Effort & Methods (Maintenance, Fuel Pre-Treatment, Additive)
  • Successful Additive Application & Emerging Techniques
  • Fuel-Integrated Type Solution – Clinker Zero Products

Mr. Jake Jeon, President

Blue Ocean Industry Inc


Networking & Refreshment @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition


Biomass Carbon Capture & Storage (BECCS) & Net-Zero Economy

The Future of Fibre: Transforming Biomass into Products that Support Transition to a Net Zero Carbon Economy (A New Zealand Case Study)

  • The lead up
  • The priority products
  • Business case outcomes
  • Focus on wood pellets

Mr. Matt Bovelander, Senior Consultant Bio Solutions

Indufor Asia Pacific Ltd


End of Day One

17:30 - 19:00 hrs.
Networking Cocktail Reception 
Sponsored by 


Day 2 Morning Chairperson's Welcome


How will Growing Japanese Demand Alter Global Biomass Trade Flows?


How Sustainable are Vietnam's Wood Pellets? Opportunities & Challenges

  • Landscape of forestry & wood processing industries
  • Vietnam's climate advantages & green growth potential
  • Industries that are consuming wood fiber & certification challenges

Dr. Kenneth Tran, EVP, Business Development Director

Ayo Biomass LLC


The Global Trend Towards High Efficiency Wood Pelleting Plants


Networking & Refreshment @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition


Panel - Global Wood Pellets Markets

  • Japan’s demand for imported biomass has grown rapidly over the past 7 years.  As demand for pellet fuel continues to increase and as Japan codifies its sustainability and carbon footprint requirements, what are your opinions about where those pellets will be produced? 
  • There is much talk about so-called black pellets made from torrefaction or steam explosion.  What is your opinion about black pellets for power generation and steel making?
  • How do you see the current bout of inflation impacting the pellet markets in terms of supply and demand, and in terms of cost?
  • Given that most of the press and policy pronouncements in Japan about the future of renewable energy are about wind, solar, energy storage, and hydrogen (and sometimes ammonia), do you think that government policies in Japan will include the use of pellets to replace coal in power generation by the major utilities?
Moderated by:

Dr. William "Bill" Strauss, President & Founder

FutureMetrics, LLC

Mr. John-Paul Taylor, VP Optimization & Origination

Enviva LP


Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) Supply Dynamics & Meeting the Japanese’s Sustainability Requirement

PKS: How the Market is Adapting to Changes

  • Key supply-demand fundamentals and trade trends
  • Growing European demand for Asian PKS
  • Will Japan’s feed-in-tariff limit further price rises?
  • Adapting to new sustainability requirements

Ms. Erisa Senerdem, Editor

Argus Media Ltd

Japan's PKS Market & Sustainability Progress

Mr. Abe Yasunari, Sales, Renewable Energy Section

Hanwa Co.,Ltd.

12:45 - 14:00 hrs.
Luncheon & Networking 
Sponsored by 


Day 2 Afternoon Chair

Mr. Michael Wild, President

International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC)


Japan Utility Decarbonisation; How Wildfire Emission Mitigation Brings Large-Scale Black Pellet Introduction


Follow-Up on Torrefied Biomass & the Japanese’s Appetite

  • Potential of Japanese Coal-Fired Plants Energy Transition with Black Pellets
  • Where & Which Applications do you see the Torrefied Biomass Market Growing
  • The Business Development & Market Uptake of the Technology
  • Feedstock including its Sustainability
  • Where would you See the Use of Torrefied Biomass in 2030 & Which steps you would see necessary to be Done Today to Achieve Your Prospect

Mr. Michael Wild, .

International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC)


Ms. Masako Ikai, Director

Japan Black Pellet Co. Ltd.


Mr. Katsumi Shibata, Director

Japan Black Pellet Co. Ltd.

Mr. Satoshi Ishikawa, Director

Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil SA


Networking & Refreshment @ Biomass Pellet Trade & Power Exhibition



End of Day Two


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