2nd OWP (Offshore Wind Power) Japan, 第二回 洋上風力発電サミット・日本

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18-20 May, 2020 - Tokyo, JAPAN

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“Towards Large-Scale Renewable Energy in Japan”



The Japanese government is clearing hurdles to start auctioning new offshore wind projects, as the country aims to develop at least 10GW of wind capacity by 2030.

The Bill on promotion of use of territorial waters for offshore renewable energy generation facilities, was passed last November, enabling the development of offshore wind farms outside port-related areas. Once the tendering procedure starts, the successful candidates will be granted a 30-year lease to develop and operate wind farms at the designated areas.

Following a period of consultation and data gathering with prefectures earlier, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the Port Authority of Japan, have jointly identified 11 suitable offshore wind areas that will progress to the preparatory stages for designation as areas of future promotion.

“Japan prepares new offshore wind auction in 2019”
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“EON enters into Japanese offshore wind market”
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“Siemens Gamesa wins first offshore wind deal in Japan”
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“Sumitomo starts surveys for Japan offshore push” 
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“Shimizu to build world’s largest ship for offshore wind farm” ~ 24 Jul, Nippon.com


Key Highlights :

  • Updates on the offshore wind project auction & regulations
  • Addressing project development, environmental & local community concerns - Developers’ Perspectives
  • Building the supply chain – What’s required from suppliers & developers?
  • Financing options & bankability considerations
  • Adopting best O&M practices
  • Floating & fixed bottom technologies in tandem for Japan?
  • Wind turbines technologies for Japan’s wind resource