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Citeo joins hands with Total, Recycling Technologies, Mars and Nestlé to study Chemical Recycling of Plastics in France

Posted on : 16 Apr, 2020

In a first of its kind industry consortium involving world-leading players from across the plastic packaging value chain – Citeo, Total (international energy company), Recycling Technologies (plastic recycling technology provider), and global brands Nestlé and Mars have collaborated to study chemical recycling of plastics in France.
The companies will partner to examine the technical and economic feasibility of recycling complex plastic waste, such as small, flexible and multilayered food-grade packaging that are currently incinerated or disposed in landfills as they are considered non-recyclable.
The study aligns with Citeo’s goal of finding end-to-end solutions for all packaging and achieve a true circular economy for post-consumer plastic waste.
The project aligns with brand owner Mars’ Circular Packaging Plan including its goal for 100% plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025 as well as Nestle’s target if making 100% of its packaging to be reusable or recyclable by 2025.

Find out more from Valentin Fournel, R & D Director, CITEO at CMT’s 2nd Recycled Packaging for Food Contact in Lisbon, Portugal.
Contact Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6817 5744 for more details on the program.