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Mondelez files ‘soluble corn fiber solution’ patent aiming sugar reduction in chocolates

Posted on : 11 May, 2020

There are concerns over consuming high sugar food, especially confectionery products such as chocolate that are high on sugar content.
Manufacturers have been looking for reduced sugar and sugar alternatives in confectionaries, however they are often faced with problems of products having inferior taste or texture compared to “full sugar” products.
Last year, Mondelez International filed a patent for a chocolate manufacturing process that reduces both sugar and calories in products. The company says the process can reduce total sugar in chocolate products by at least 10 percent and by as much as 50 percent by using a soluble corn fiber as a sugar replacement in parts.
The soluble corn fiber solution is expected to help retain the properties of chocolate composition significantly while reducing the total amount of sugar.
The solution can be used in chocolate bars, fillings for chocolate-shelled products, or in baked goods as well as chocolate coatings, sprinkles and flakes, or nut spreads.
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