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16-17 May, 2019 - Tokyo, JAPAN

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Japan considers reducing restrictions on wind power to boost capacity

Posted on : 03 Dec, 2018


As the Japanese government aims to increase wind power capacity in the country to 10 million kilowatts by 2030, it is looking at removing some of the restrictions on building wind power plants in Japan. Since 2012, Japan had subjected wind power generation to environmental assessment. This system, required wind power plants with an output of 10,000 kilowatts or more to undergo the assessment.


Now, Japan's Environment Ministry plans to raise the output from the current level and only mandate large-scale wind power plants to undergo environmental impact assessments.


These environmental assessment requirement has proven to be a huge obstacle for wind power capacity generation in Japan as the procedure takes up to four to five years and incurs huge costs.


Although the deregulation is expected to reduce the time and financial burden on plant constructors, there are also concerns over wind power plants causing deforestation and endangering birds that strike windmills.


Get more information about wind power generation in Japan at OWP Japan (Offshore Wind Power) on 16-17 May, 2019 in Tokyo.


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