2nd Food Proteins Asia 2019

22-23 Jan, 2019 - Bangkok

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Asians have a growing appetite for plant based proteins

Posted on : 17 Sep, 2018

More and more Asians are preferring plant based food protein. According to Mintel, as many as two in five (39%) urban Indonesians and one in three (34%) urban Thais consumed more non-animal sources of protein (eg plant, dairy, grains) in 2017, compared to 2016.
Soybeans, cassava, potato are popular sources of plant based protein for Asians.
This shift to plant based proteins is expected to not only reduce reliance on factory-farmed animals, but also encourage manufacturers to tap this growing demand for plant based proteins via innovative food and beverages.
The shift is often attributed to the increasing health consciousness among consumers as plant based proteins are considered better options than traditional red meat sources of protein.
Food engineers and scientists are looking at innovative, sustainable and alternative protein sources to meet such demand. In fact there are already a lot of investments from food manufacturers. For instance, China’s Dao Foods is coming up with a plant-based protein and clean meat alternatives to meet the high demand in China.
At the global level, majors such as ADM, Cargill and others have invested heavily in developing plant based protein formulations.
Find out more about plant based protein demand in Asia at CMT’s 2nd Food Proteins Asia on 22-23 January, 2019 in Bangkok.
For more information about the summit, contact Ms. Huiyan – huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113.

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• Food ingredients companies • Companies that produce proteins from plant-based sources - peas, pulses, wheat, rice, soy, from animal protein dairy – eggs, whey, meat, and novel ingredients - insects • Food manufacturers & processing industries investing into protein markets , nutritionists, private retail manufacturers, retail & food services channels • Process technology suppliers, regulatory officials • Companies into food for sports nutrition, food for elderly, muscle building, health & wellness

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