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Trade Kings’ second detergent plant to be completed soon

Posted on : 10 May, 2018

After much delay in bringing key spares and equipment from South Africa, Zimbabwe’s FMCG company - Trade Kings is expected to complete construction of its paste detergent plant.
The new detergent paste plant is an addition to Trade Kings’ larger detergent powder manufacturing plant, commissioned in October 2017. The detergent project is built at a total cost of approximately $20 million – that includes cost of construction, infrastructure, machinery, raw materials and commissioning.
Zimbabwe has a high demand for laundry detergents. The country imports a lot of this product from Zambia and distributes in Zimbabwe.
During the trial run, Trade Kings’ plant managed to produce 200 tonnes of high quality detergent powder. Trade Kings’ two plants have the capacity to supply both to local markets as well as export to regional markets, that will strengthen Trade Kings Zimbabwe as the only large-scale manufacturer of detergents in Zimbabwe.
Trade Kings is known for popular detergent pastes such as Boom, Xtra and Bullet and powders as well as other laundry soaps, household products, confectioneries, carbolic and snacks.
Ballestra has designed and supplied all the process machinery for the detergent powder plant.
Gain insights on Africa’s detergent market’s at CMT’s Africa Home and Personal Care Markets Summit on 26-27 September, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
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