3rd Biomass Trade and BioEnergy Africa,

25-26 Sep, 2019 - Abidjan, COTE D'IVOIRE

Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport

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Egyptian Company for solid Waste Recycling (ECARU), which is the largest Solid Waste Management service provider in the Middle East and Africa providing the following Businesses:

1-Biomass Business, ECARU providing Collecting, transporting, Processing all types of agricultural residues as ECARU collects and processes approximately 750.000 ton /year of the biomasses’ (Agricultural residues). We producing various types of products such as Alternative solid fuel for the industrial sector & Organic Compost, Animal Feed for Agricultural sector & we are currently processing our Biomasses to produce an Alternative solid Fuel for Cement kilns (300,000-500,000 ton/year)

2-Municipal Solid waste (MSW) Business, ECARU is most innovative, experienced & specialized in MSW management (MRF, composting, Recycling, RDF Production and disposal facilities), upgrade, maintenance, equipment supply and technical support to provide integrated services for any projects. We are producing various types of products such as Organic Compost for Agricultural sector, we are currently receiving 500,000 ton of MSW on our MRF Projects, and we are currently processing the receiving quantities and produce 100.000 ton/year high quality Fluff RDF as an Alternative solid Fuel for Cement kilns.

3-Engineering and Contracting Business, Engineering Tasks Group ENTAG, is  a sister company to ECARU, has more than 58 MRF & composting plants; in Egypt, Libya, Malaysia, Sudan, kingdom of Sudai Arabia, Oman , Katter &Syria . the first engineering and contracting firm in Egypt to operate in the field of Municipal solid waste processing  at this  time, Entag  develops turnkey projects covering for MRF, Composting, recycling, RDF production and disposal facilities regarding Municipal, Commercial, Agricultural and animal waste. ENTAG scope is to provide a complete solution for solid waste treatment & management.

I invite you to have a look to our website ( http://www.ecaru.net & http://www.entag.net ) & our YouTube videos showing our different facilities in operation on http://www.youtube.com/user/ecaru1 get further information about the companies. We value the experience of industry leaders, and we strive to establish win-win relationships with our partners where all parties benefit from growth and expansion in new fields and regions.



Located near Bordeaux in France, Sepaval is specialised in industrial briquetting, and in prepairing biomass for densification or combustion.

We have delopped the biggest briquetting projects in France in wood and agricultural waste, and we  also have a nice experience in Africa (Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia…). Our partner Di Piu Systems (CPM group) is a leading player in biomass briquetting worldwide.

For drying, shredding, refining, separating, screening, briquetting, pelettizing : just ask us.

Big or small, every project matters !


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Companies related to Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, Agricultural Biomass (covering PKS, EFB, sugar bagasse, straw, and others), Forestry, Plantations, Commodity Brokers/ Traders, Shipping & Logistics, Government Agencies, Regulators, Pulp & Paper, Power Plants, Equipment Manufacturers, Technology Providers, Project Financiers, CDM, and other groups involving in biomass power generation.