PET Sheets & Thermoforms,

19-20 Feb, 2018 - Gatwick, UNITED KINGDOM

Crowne Plaza London - Gatwick Airport

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The concept of extrusion intelligence® is the essence of Bandera’s continuous innovative ideas, developed throughout its technologies and applied to the PET rigid packaging industry.


Innovation is a state of mind!


Today Bandera means excellence in PET resin purification (PURe ®), dry-less HTVSE® extruders in the production of rigid packaging film.


The company is recognized for its top OEEE®  (Overall Extrusion Effectiveness Equipment) grade and Customer Care technical service.


The results are top flexibility in extrusion, cost effective and power saving solution.




Bottle-to-Tray, the successful way of rPET thermoforming


Using rPET in thermoformed food packaging can be a huge ecological and economical advantage for the complete supply chain. However, there are some real challenges to be considered.


Getting it right is crucial, which means having the appropriate properties like food safety, optical appearance and mechanical stability for each individual application.


Viscotec is not just building machines, but is also actively looking at improving rPET processes in their own research facility. 


We will provide you an insight of the latest research and its conclusions.





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• Thermoformers • OEM’s • Machinery & Tooling Producers • Film and Sheet Suppliers • Resin Producers • Recyclers • Packaging companies • Supermarket retailers • Brand owners and end users from the food & beverage, home and personal care, medical & pharmaceutical industry