3rd Africa Palm Oil (Rubber & Cocoa),

13-15 Oct, 2015 - Accra, GHANA

Labadi Beach Hotel

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Gabon is launching a new initiative, the first of its type: the GRAINE Programme (standing for Gabon des Réalisations Agricoles et des Initiatives des Nationaux Engagés or Gabon of Agricultural Activity and Initiatives for Committed Nationals).


The GRAINE Programme is supported by the company Société de Transformation Agricole et de Développement Rural, which was formed in the context of a Public-Private Partnership between the Republic of Gabon and Olam. Olam International, a leading player in integrated supply chain management and agricultural and food product processing, which is present in 65 countries around the world, contributes its technical expertise and know-how.


This programme offers to support Gabonese people in the creation of industrial agricultural cooperatives to respond to challenges in this sector in Gabon. 


The GRAINE Programme is a 5-year plan that aims to:

  • Lead to the emergence of a new generation of skilled, productive, financially independent and socially responsible farmers (15,000-20,000 new jobs by the end of the Programme)
  • Promote the harmonious social and economic development of rural areas
  • Create the conditions for the emergence and diversification of the Gabonese economy by promoting modern industrial agricultural practices with a view to significantly contributing to the country’s food security objectives
  • Reduce the balance of payments for food imports




BIOTEC was established in Belgium in 1984 with the aim of developing conceptual, technological and methodological tools for tropical regions. The aim is to treat wastewater (agricultural, agro-industrial and urban) and manage solid organic waste in an integrated manner. 


Our motto: “Turning waste into profit”


BIOTEC mission: Organic matter management (carbon + nutrients) to generate renewable energy without negative impact on the environment (water, soils, atmosphere) while improving soil fertility.


To achieve this, BIOTEC combines several technologies, including:

  • Biodigestors
  • Composting
  • Liquid organic fertilization (Ferti-irrigation systems)

Biotec is an engineering and EPC company which implements turnkey or partial turn key projects. We usually include two years of operation direction after the commissioning of our projects to train local teams and achieve KPIs. 


Biotec started expanding internationally in Colombia in 1986 followed by Central America, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia and recently in Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, and Gabon – 2011). 


Over the past 10 years, Biotec has worked in nine different countries and has installed more tan 500,000m3 of biodigester generating 75 million of m3 of gas per year. The main sectors of activities were oil palm, sugar cane and citrus. 


Today, BIOTEC is also engaged in the generation of electricity from biogas. For the 2015-2020 period and additionally to its usual business with tropical agro-industries, Biotec will focus on the generation of biogas from energy crops (grasses and sugar cane) in remote tropical regions. 





ICL Specialty Fertilizers is a global manufacturer of products based on specialty minerals that fulfil essential needs in Specialty Agriculture (with brands such as Agroblen, Novacid, Agroleaf Power and PeKacid). The company leverages innovativeness and scientific excellence to offer groundbreaking specialty fertilizer solutions for grass, plants and crops to grow greener, stronger and healthier.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers benefits from a broad presence throughout the world and proximity to large markets, including in emerging regions. With some of the world’s most advanced Research & Development facilities, ICL Fertilizers continually works to develop new technologies to improve the environmental profile of plant nutritio

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