Food Waste Reduction & Innovation,

21 Jul, 2021

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And with aim to end global hunger, the UN has incorporated into the Sustainable Development Goals, a target of 50% less food waste by 2030.

Is this a tall order? As food waste is almost a natural by-product of the food value chain, it seems impossible to eliminate it completely. Research shows that total waste bills incurred at UK's supermarkets, could amount to over £2.4 billion by the end of this year. Bulk of the food we wasted ends up in landfills which significantly contributed to the greenhouse gas emissions.

"We throw out 74kg (163 lbs) of food annually per man, woman and child on the planet, while two billion of the world’s people suffer from hunger or undernourishment. In total 1.3 billion tonnes, or a third of all the world’s food produced, is wasted every year."
~ World Economic Forum, June 2021

The global food industry look towards governmental policy and legislation to promote sustainable food systems and reduce food waste.

Food loss and wastage can be tackled with effective integration of smart technologies (e.g. AI, packaging), and leveraging on insights that can assist in striking a balance in every step in the food value chain, from farm to plate, and not to the bin.

Join us and our expert speakers at CMT's Food Waste Reduction & Innovations, at 15:00 CEST on 21st July 2021. The panel will walk you through the structural initiatives towards the reduction of food loss and waste, and innovative development from stakeholders in agriculture, cold chain tech, packaging and sustainable food production.


•  Geeta Sethi, Advisor & Global Lead for Food Systems, The World Bank

•  Pete Pearson, Global Initiative Lead, Sr. Director Food Loss & Waste, 
    World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

•  Aaron Cohen, Co-Founder & VP – Business Development,  Therma

•  William McManus, Sector Specialist, Food,  WRAP

•  Andy Mitchell, Senior Technical & Sourcing Manager – Soft Fruit & Tropical, 
    Worldwide Fruit

•  Adam Preslar, Chief Technology Officer,  Hazel Technologies, Inc.

•  Hannah McCollum, Founder & MD,  ChicP

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Geeta Sethi
Advisor & Global Lead for Food Systems
The World Bank

Pete Pearson
Global Initiative Lead, Sr. Director Food Loss & Waste
World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Aaron Cohen
Co-Founder & VP – Business Development

William McManus
Sector Specialist, Food

Andy Mitchell
Senior Technical & Sourcing Manager – Soft Fruit & Tropical
Worldwide Fruit

Adam Preslar
Chief Technology Officer
Hazel Technologies, Inc.

Hannah McCollum
Founder & MD