Upcycled Food Ingredients & Proteins,

01 Jul, 2021

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Upcycling for a more sustainable food system and the key to reduce food waste

Food waste is an alarming concern related to both the food system and the climate. As the industry works towards securing  a sustainable food future,  exciting and innovative concepts emerge and food waste upcycling is poised to be a high-growth area over the next decade !

"Upcycled’ Ingredients Can Help Reduce The $940 Billion Global Food Waste Problem"
Forbes May 19, 2020

Investor interest is high with valorising of waste within the food industry indentified as one of the top 10 trends for 2021 by Whole Foods.

Opportunities are immense mostly in Europe & United States which are the fastest growing and most lucrative regions for upcycled products.

Initiatives range from using manufacturing side stream waste , fruit peels, byproducts from grain milling , cocoa shells to extracting pigments and compound from agriculture waste  for pharmaceutical, skincare and health supplement products are accelerating.

Upcycled Certification Standard which will be rolled out soon is a major milestone that will lay the foundation for the 21st-century food system we so desperately need — a system that recognises the need to solve food waste and empowers businesses and consumers to solve food waste problem and benefit the planet together.

What is the consumer appetite for upcycled food waste products ?

What technical challenges hinder the processes ? How much  processing is needed, and how can brandowners and niche start-ups work together to deliver strong outcomes ?

Staying relevant, CMT has put together a panel of experts that will deliver insights into the Upcycled Food Ingredients & Proteins trends and what opportunities exist in this exciting concept !


- (Moderator) Turner Wyatt, CEO,
Upcycled Food Association

- Claire Schlemme, CEO,
Renewal Mill

- Caroline Cotto, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer,
Renewal Mill

- David Wishnick, Co-Founder,

- Juan Cajiao, Co-Founder / Commercial Director, Greencovery

- Sue Marshall, CEO & Founder, NETZRO

- Michael Beitl, Managing Director, Kern Tec GmbH

- Moayad Abushokhedim, Food Scientist - Founder, Fooditive

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Turner Wyatt
Upcycled Food Association  


Claire Schlemme
Renewal Mill


Caroline Cotto
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Renewal Mill


David Wishnick

Juan Cajiao
Co-Founder / Commercial Director

Sue Marshall
CEO & Founder

Michael Beitl
Managing Director
Kern Tec GmbH

Moayad Abushokhedim
Food Scientist - Founder