Upcycling Food Waste to Packaging,

25 May, 2021

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Upcycling food waste & side streams to value added packaging

Upcycling has been increasingly spotlighted as providing new avenues for creating value-added products – the packaging sector no less.

As brands come under intense scrutiny on their environmental credentials, there has  been a surge of interest in start-ups focused on new technologies and food waste approaches. One area that investors are looking at is certainly on Upcycling Food Waste & side streams to Packaging.

Such new innovations include production of flexible films to food trays made from waste crustacean shells, agriculture wastes, expired dairy products, spent grain from beer making process.

With an endless supply of discarded food and agriwaste, these innovations come at a cost that no other biobased materials can match and have been proven to be home compostable !

What is the most ideal sustainable material that can be derived from streams of food waste ? What technologies are applicable in upcycling any protein-derived waste ?

What challenges exist to scale up production ?

Striving for a truly closed-loop economy with zero waste, CMT’s UPCYCLING FOOD WASTE TO PACKAGING virtual event gathers experts to discuss how  different industries can work together and exchange materials that otherwise would be discarded.


- (Chairman) Marco Scialpi, FCM Global Business Devt Manager, TÜV Rheinland

- Enrico Miceli, Product Manager - Sustainability,
Din Certco

- Robert Luo, CEO,

- Craig Sterling, CEO,

- Malgorzata Then, CEO,

- Joseph Siani, CTO & Founder,

- Dr. Tuulamari Helaja, Lead - Circular Plastics, VTT Technical Research

Date: 25 May 2021

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Marco Scialpi
FCM Global Business Devt Manager
TÜV Rheinland  


Enrico Miceli
Product Manager - Sustainability
Din Certco  


Robert Luo


Craig Sterling


Malgorzata Then

Joseph Siani
CTO & Founder

Dr. Tuulamari Helaja
Lead - Circular Plastics
VTT Technical Research