Biobased Packaging for Food Contact,

18 May, 2021

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Use of biobased plastics in food packaging is expanding as food and beverage companies set goals to reduce their environmental footprint  and find sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel-based plastics.

Biobased materials for food packaging are subjected to strict regulatory requirements as the concerns in the raw materials such as cellulose, PLA and 2nd generation materials eg agriwaste, food-by-products is that these materials come with a wide range of compositional variability and a set of impurities that are more difficult to quantify and qualify.

When preparing a submission to obtain clearance of the material, what are the appropriate food simulants to be used to estimate the potential for migration? As a producer, how do you prove that the substance is stable for an intended application that involves a specific type of food or temperature range ?

What possible contamination may occur and how do you demonstrate the suitable purity of a product with respect to the potential presence of organic matter ?

Since its exit from EU , the UK Food Standards Agency has published several new guidelines for authorization of novel FCMs including biobased materials placed on the market in GB.

How much of these guidelines are different from those developed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ?

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- (Moderator) Enrico Miceli, Product Manager - Sustainability, Din Certco

- Marco Scialpi, Food Contact Material & Food Safety Global Business Development Head
  & Technical Senior Expert,
TÜV Rheinland Schweiz GmbH

- Elisa Mayrhofer, Safety Assessment - Food Packaging Migrates,
OFI - Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Chemie und Technik

- Dr. Emma Bradley, Head of Food Quality and Safety, Fera Science Ltd

- Timothy Chandler, Senior Scientific Officer - Food Contact Materials,
Food Standards Agency

- Vincent Greenwood, Policy Advisor,
Food Standards Agency

Date: 18 May 2021

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Enrico Miceli
Product Manager - Sustainability
Din Certco  


Marco Scialpi
Food Contact Material &
Food Safety Global Business Development
Head & Technical Senior Expert
TÜV Rheinland Schweiz GmbH  


Elisa Mayrhofer
Safety Assessment - Food Packaging Migrates
OFI - Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut
für Chemie und Technik


Dr. Emma Bradley
Head of Food Quality and Safety
Fera Science Ltd


Timothy Chandler
Senior Scientific Officer - Food Contact Materials
Food Standards Agency

Vincent Greenwood
Policy Advisor
Food Standards Agency