Ready-Mix Concrete, Sustainability and Construction Practices,

26 Mar, 2021

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Decarbonization shifts are driving materials innovations. The demand for 'green' or low-carbon concrete is one of the growing trends..

Japan's Taisei to make concrete with alternative method to cut CO2. ~ 15/2/2021,

Demolition and foundations specialist Keltbray has committed to using new low carbon concrete following trials in London. ~ 28/10/2020,

More emphasis is also placed on the efficient use, re-use and recycling of concrete and building materials.

The use of environmentally-friendly products for the production of ready-mixed concrete is one of the key trends in the global ready-mixed concrete market. Producers that are developing sustainable concrete mixes will gain greater market share in this competitive market. With more governments and businesses adopting low-carbon construction policies and climate-friendly strategies, more and more construction companies are integrating sustainability into their construction process.

As global urbanization continues, the demand for concrete (and the sand that goes into it) increases. With depleting natural sand sites, the demand for manufactured sand increases especially in the construction industries – a trend to continue in the coming years. 

With 3D printers now capable of printing building walls and processing cement, the technology could help reshape construction industry. The main advantage of  3D printing in the construction industry is the savings of production costs on material waste. Is 3D concrete printing here to stay?

CMT’s Ready-mixed Concrete, Sustainability and Construction Practices virtual event on 26 March 2021 at 15:30 SGT (GMT+8) brings together industry experts to share insights on the RMC market trends, Sustainable concrete technology, project case study, construction trends and practices.

Featuring Panel of Speakers :

•  Dr. Andrew Minson, Concrete and Sustainable Construction Director, 
    GCCA – Global Cement and Concrete Association

•  Jason Zafiriadis, General Manager - Earth Friendly Concrete, Wagners EFC

•  Shi HaiXia, Secretary General of Ready-Mixed Concrete Branch,
    China Concrete & Cement-Based Products Association

•  Sanjay Mathur, Former Chief Special Initiatives Officer, UltraTech Cement

•  Abhishek Bhatia, Head - Branding & New Product Division,
    Robo Silicon (A True North Group Co)

•  Sarakorn Homsub, RMC Associate Director, CPAC - The Concrete Products and

•  Jordy Vos, Team Leader Digital Construction Singapore, Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia

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Dr. Andrew Minson
Concrete and Sustainable
Construction Director
GCCA – Global Cement and
Concrete Association 


Jason Zafiriadis
General Manager - Earth Friendly Concrete
Wagners EFC 

Shi HaiXia
Secretary General of Ready-Mixed Concrete Branch
China Concrete & Cement-Based Products Association 

Sanjay Mathur
Former Chief Special Initiatives Officer
UltraTech Cement 

Abhishek Bhatia
Head - Branding & New Product Division
Robo Silicon (A True North Group Co) 

Sarakorn Homsub
RMC Associate Director,
CPAC - The Concrete Products and Aggregate 

Jordy Vos
Team Leader Digital Construction Singapore, 
Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia