Recycled Packaging for Food Contact ASIA,

25 Nov, 2020

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Regulatory developments in ASIA and readiness for Recycled Packaging for Food Contact

Many multinational brand owners have committed to using up to 50% rPET content by 2030  and are calling for a change in Asia’s respective governments to allow what most developed nations  in Europe and USA already permit. Namely, a change to the regulation to allow recycled plastic or r-PET to be used in packaging for food and drinks.

How are Asia’s key governments developing and enacting enabling legislation and policy to drive the circular economy ? What is the current  governing rules on the use of recycled content and standards for food-grade applications ?

Currently global food packaging regulations are not harmonized, with many of the differences lying in the details.

Usage of recycled materials for food packaging is even more at its infant stage - as these regulations are influenced by safety concerns and the chemical migration to the food.

Are Asia’s recycling systems,  physical recycling efforts and infrastructure systems ready for a change?

Japan, by far the most advanced - recently  published a revised version of its positive list of substances approved for use in food contact materials. This list will allow manufacturers to use non-authorised resins in their products and claim an effective "functional barrier", provided that any substance migration is below the limit.

China is working on  a database for assessing exposure, with particular focus on the surface-to-volume ratio (S/V) of food contact article (FCA) to food. When a recycled material is intended for food-contact use, it is subject to case-by-case review and approval by the health authorities in China.

CMT is pleased to bring you the first Recycled Packaging for Food Contact ASIA webinar that discusses Regulatory developments in South East Asia and also China and Japan in more detail.

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