Americas Thermoform Recycling and Food Contact Recycled Packaging,

10 Nov, 2020

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Cost-effective pathways to increase recycling of thermoformed trays & improving its value for food packaging applications

Thermoformed packaging is becoming more widely used and is increasingly present in the waste stream.

PET has been the popular choice for food trays , deli containers, although PP has gained ground.

Because of difficulty in removing the labels in the washing process,  they produce more fines during processing plus the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of the recycled material is a concern to some people.

For this reason, only some PET reclaimers accept a minimal percentage of thermoform bale as it poses challenges especially when co-mingled with used PET bottles.

NAPCOR reports that the volume of PET thermoform material recycled in the U.S. surpassed 100 million pounds in 2018. Most of this volume was captured in curbside PET bottle bales and processed with bottles by PET reclaimers that accept them at specified percentages of the bale weight.

Green Impact Plastics says it is the first PET reclaimer solely recycling postconsumer PET thermoform packaging in the Americas. It has overcome technical challenges of processing this stream and is ready to process up to 3 million pounds of material per month.

Demand for postconsumer PP is up and global brands are interested in purchasing the material . Reprocessors predict that the market potential for recycled polypropylene (PP) is huge and it is easier to recycle because it is a monomaterial concept.

Nextek will share their viable process to recycle residential PP packaging waste into recycled PP (rPP) approved for use in the manufacture of food packaging.

CMT is pleased to put together a timely webinar addressing the challenges and  opportunities on recycling PET thermoforms and grow the market for this once difficult-to-recycle material.

NAPCOR  will address efforts to advance thermoform recycling and the US roadmap to cost effective and practical pathways to recover this material

Green Impact Plastics will share his perspective on closing the loop for thermoform recycling and the challenges faced

TOMRA will present their latest sorting technology for thermoform and PET bottles

Driscoll's - the world's largest berry company shares their packaging sustainability goals

Keller & Heckman – As more brand owners and fresh producers incorporate recycled content into their packaging, what are the regulations in the US on this and how can recyclers get FDA approval


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