7th EU Starch Value Chain & Fermentation,

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15-17 Oct, 2024 - Berlin, HYBRID

DoubleTree by Hilton Berlin Ku’damm



Optimising starch full value chains in the EU

The 7th EU Starch Value Chain & Fermentation covers a full value-chain approach discussing issues from innovations to achieve better yields , valorising of starch waste streams to the  agility  of starch biorefineries that produce a wide variety of ingredients serving all bioeconomy outlets, enabling the sector to be near zero-waste.
Proteins produced by the EU starch industry (eg cereal crop- maize, wheat, barley and rice), peas and starch potatoes  are valuable components that will significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the EU starch industry.
In its continuous research effort to valorise the whole plant, the EU starch industry has developed outlets for plant based protein products and their Innovative functionalities.
In leveraging the full value chain of the starch industy, this year's conference expands to discussions on fermentation - a critical process linked to the starch industry, especially in the production of various value-added products. Fermentation utilizes microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi to convert carbohydrates (like starch) into other chemical compounds.
Ongoing research and development are crucial for advancing fermentation technologies, improving yields, and discovering new applications for starch-derived products.
The 7th EU Starch Value Chain & Fermentation is a must attend event and have been brought around the region to many European cities.
Supported by Starch Europe, the key highlights of the conference includes discussions on

-  A new European Parliament/Commission; implications for the EU starch industry
-  Value chain diversification for a corn ethanol biorefinery
-  Increasing the value of by-products from starch production
-  Value added ingredients from agri side streams
-  UPF – Ultra Processed Foods – Reacting, reflecting and responding to customers needs in the context of starch
-  Innovations in milling processes to make pulse starch  resistant
-  New value chain and fermentation pathways for the EU starch industry
- Chemicals from renewable raw materials  and many more
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Thursday, 17 Oct 2024 | (08:00 – 15:30 hrs.)

 EMSLAND Starch Facility in Kyritz  



With over 150 years of history, the potato starch plant in Kyritz is one of the oldest in Europe. The plant has been part of the Emsland Group since 1991.

With a starch modification ratio of approx. 60%, a large proportion of the native potato starch is converted into high-quality starch modifications, which are also the basic material for the production of starch blend products at the plant. Within the Group, the Kyritz plant has developed into an important location for the production of starch products for the food industry and supplies customers worldwide. Furthermore, valuable components of the potato, such as fibres in wet and dry form, are obtained and fruit and process water are used for agricultural purposes due to their fertilizing value.

New investments in recent years include the evaporation plant, dextrin plant and potato washing unit.

Time  Itinerary
08:00  Depart from hotel
10:00 Arrival at the factory
Presentation and factory tour
Light lunch at the factory
13:30 Leave factory
15:30 Arrive back to hotel

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