Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia,

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17-18 Oct, 2023 - Bangkok, HYBRID

Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok

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17 Oct 2023
18 Oct 2023
19 Oct 2023
Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia
Day 1
Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future
of Chemicals & Plastics Asia

Day 2
15th Bioplastics Market 
Day 1
15th Bioplastics Market
Day 2

15th Bioplastics Market

Day 1

Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia
17-18 Oct 2023, Bangkok
(Co-locate with 15th Bioplastics Market, 18-19 Oct 2023, Bangkok)

The future of chemicals and plastics relies heavily on the adoption of sustainable feedstocks. These feedstocks should be renewable, environmentally friendly, and capable of reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Several key areas of focus include waste-to-chemicals, plastics waste recycling, the feedstock supply chain, biomass & CO2 utilization, and more!

To drive the adoption of these sustainable feedstocks in Asia, governments, industries, and research institutions need to collaborate and invest in research, development, and implementation of new technologies. Additionally, policy frameworks, incentives, and regulations that encourage the use of renewable feedstocks can further accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable future for chemicals and plastics in Asia.

AFYREN Chooses Thailand for Its Second Biobased Organic Acids Plant, Entering a Partnership Project With Mitr Phol, a Global Leader in the Sugar Industry.   27/1/23,
ExxonMobil is also exploring advanced recycling opportunities in neighbouring countries, including Singapore, helping to accelerate a circular economy for plastics in Southeast Asia.  20/2/23,

OQ Chemicals launches isononanoic acid from bio-based feedstocks.   8/3/23,

Japan's Asahi Kasei to test polyamide (PA) chemical recycling.   23/4/23,

These projects and initiatives in Asia demonstrate the region's commitment to sustainable feedstocks for the future of chemicals and plastics.

Brand owners increasingly see chemical recycling as a necessary complement to mechanical recycling if they are to accomplish ambitious targets for a circular economy over the next decade. Several technology providers are working to create new technologies to overcome the limitations of current pyrolysis process and commercialize several alternative approaches to chemical recycling of plastics.

Following the success of the Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics in Europe this March, CMT is putting up the Sustainable Feedstocks for the Future of Chemicals & Plastics Asia series in Bangkok on 17-18 October 2023! Bring together leading industry players in the value chain to share valuable insights, investment, project status and technology advancement in one platform! 


  • Access to sustainable Feedstocks & circular supply chain management

  • Technology innovations transitioning to sustainable feedstocks

  • Update on Biorefineries & Chemical Recycling Projects

  • Collaboration & partnership in the value chain towards circular economy

  • Users’ perspective on demand & procurement challenges

And many more



Testimonials from our attendees at the recent conference in March 2023! 

Well organized, good overview of the field ~ TNO

Very interesting topics, good speakers, well organized ~ United Caps

Professionally organized & excellent speakers ~ LyondellBasell

It was good to see different companies and visions regarding the circular economy ~ Synpet

Good Forum, met a couple of Business whom we will keep in touch with ~ Central Plains Group

Very relevant experts covering the broad spectrum ~ Neste

Let’s continue to test and implement as many solutions as possible. All are needed for the transformation we need to drive ~ Sabic

The conference will share a half-day session with 15th Bioplastics Market conference which will take place on 18-19 Oct 2023.

More details of that conference can be viewed here: