15th LPGtrade Summit,

New dates to be confirmed soon

Rescheduled of event 15th LPGtrade Summit

"Connecting with the Competitive LPG Landscape"


CMT’s 15th LPGtrade Summit returns to Dubai on 7 – 9 November!


"Energy and product markets are in a state of flux with numerous factors influencing the direction of future trends. For LPG, the effect of current geopolitical influences has been to a lesser extent than other commodities but, even so, the market is continuing to evolve.


Now more than ever, volatility is characterising several segments of the propane and butane markets. Key decisions about future trends e.g. ESG and sustainability, are becoming increasingly influential. Global LPG production is expected to continue to expand over the next few years, with exports increasing from North America and the Middle East in particular. Future production levels will depend on factors such as the level of investment in oil & gas, optimisation of NGLs in US production as well as the start-up timings of new gas projects in Iran and Qatar.


In terms of demand, retail applications currently represent around 60% of total demand, but petrochemical consumption is the fastest-growing sector, with investment continuing in PDH plants and LPG cracking flexibility. This increased consumption of LPG within the petrochemical sector is seen in both exporting regions as well as importing countries in the East and the West.


As petrochemical demand rises, prices are expected to be influenced by the marginal consumer of the incremental LPG barrel on the water, whether this be flexible steam crackers in Europe or Asia, or PDH plants in the Far East.


While never a headline product, LPG could yet have an important intermediate role in the global energy transition away from fossil fuels to green energy. There is a potential for increased demand in both the retail and shipping (bunker fuel) sectors, especially if LPG is competitively priced.


Against this changing background, it is vital to understand the forces shaping the propane and butane markets, and to know how best to position your company.” (Contributed by NGLStrategy, LLC)


Re-Connecting with the LPG Market Landscape… CMT’s LPGtrade Summit brings the commercial stakeholders in the LPG marketplace back with topical presentations and insightful discussion on the current developments and forward changes.


Be sure to register early to enjoy the attractive promotions! Contact huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.


Conference Highlights 

  • Global LPG Production/Supply Markets & Competitiveness
  • Demand Dynamics from Asia & etc
  • Africa & Black Sea Markets Update
  • European LPG imports & development on bio-LPG
  • LPG Shipping & VLGC Market Development
  • Petrochemicals (PDH) & Feedstock Demand Analysis


Pre-Conference Workshop (Separately Bookable)


Separately Bookable FULL DAY Workshop on 

"LPG: A By-product Market Amidst a Backdrop of Major Global Economic and Environmental Shifts"

(Tools & Fundamentals to Navigate Changing Circumstances)


Objective: This course aims to equip the attendees with the principles of the internationally traded LPG market and how it is determined by the economics of oil/oil products, gas, and petrochemicals markets. During the course, we will also aim to provide the core tools and understanding of fundamentals that are required for any market player.


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