2nd OWP (Offshore Wind Power) Japan, 第二回 洋上風力発電サミット・日本

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Rescheduled of event 2nd OWP (Offshore Wind Power) Japan
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“Towards Large-Scale Renewable Energy in Japan”



The Japanese government is clearing hurdles to start auctioning new offshore wind projects, as the country aims to develop at least 10GW of wind capacity by 2030.

The Bill on promotion of use of territorial waters for offshore renewable energy generation facilities, was passed last November, enabling the development of offshore wind farms outside port-related areas. Once the tendering procedure starts, the successful candidates will be granted a 30-year lease to develop and operate wind farms at the designated areas.

Following a period of consultation and data gathering with prefectures earlier, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the Port Authority of Japan, have jointly identified 11 suitable offshore wind areas that will progress to the preparatory stages for designation as areas of future promotion.

“Japan prepares new offshore wind auction in 2019”
~ 25 Jan, Infrastructure Investor 

“Japan identifies eleven offshore wind areas”
~ 31 July, offshoreWIND.biz 

“EON enters into Japanese offshore wind market”
~ 25 April, Smart Energy Int’l 

“Siemens Gamesa wins first offshore wind deal in Japan”
~ 20 Jun, Riviera Maritime Media 

“Building towards large-scale use of renewable energy in Japan” ~ 8 Jul, The Japan Times 

“Sumitomo starts surveys for Japan offshore push” 
~ 16 Jul, reNEWS.BIZ 

“Shimizu to build world’s largest ship for offshore wind farm” ~ 24 Jul, Nippon.com

Key Highlights :
  • Updates on the offshore wind project auction & regulations
  • Developers’ perspectives on prospects & progress
  • Building successful partnerships & world-class offshore wind supply chain
  • Financing options & bankability considerations
  • Wind turbines technologies & O&M best practices
  • Floating & fixed bottom technologies in tandem?
  • Prospect for co-production of green hydrogen


洋上風力発電促進のための法律案が昨年11月に閣議決定され たことで、港湾の外の洋上風力発電事業が可能になります。 一旦、入札手続きが開始されれば、担当事業者は指定地域を30年間占有でき、風力発電事業を展開、運営できます。
あらかじめの各県の調査やデータ収集に基づいて、 経済産業省 (METI)、国土交省(MLIT)、更に日本港湾委員会 が共同で洋上風力発電に適した11地域を確認しましたが、それら指定地域は将来の事業促進認定に向けて準備段階に入ります。

~ 1月25日, Infrastructure Investor

~ 7月31日, offshoreWIND.biz

~ 4月25日, Smart Energy Int’l

“Siemens Gamesa 社が日本で最初の洋上風力発電事業を落札”
~ 6月20日, Riviera Maritime Media

~ 7月8日, The Japan Times

~ 7月16日reNEWS.BIZ

~ 247月24日、Nippon.com


  • 洋上風力発電プロジェクト入札と規制についての最新動向
  • プロジェクトのの動向-環境問題や住民への配慮
  • サプライチェーンの構築-事業者に何が求められているか?
  • 金融オプション及び採算性についての考察
  • 運用と整備の実行の採択
  • 日本では浮体式と重力着底型の技術が並行か?
  • 日本の風力資源に合う風力タービン技術

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News Feed

Japan Offshore wind power could be cheaper compared to coal

Posted on : 25 Nov, 2019

A new study claims that offshore wind power could become cheaper than coal generation in Japan as early as 2022!

As offshore wind power as well as solar energy projects get underway in Japan, it poses a risk to Japan’s 11GW coal pipeline.

Already Japan’s offshore wind sector is taking off as the Japanese parliament - the Diet - passed a law creating a legal framework for auctions and zone allocations to enable the country’s 5GW-plus project pipeline in early 2019. The country has already picked the first four zones off its coast for future government offshore wind auctions.

Yet, investments in coal energy projects are still getting approvals too even as the Japanese government is very focused on decarbonization.

Some analysts argue that Japan’s existing as well as planned coal capacity are partially protected by regulations that give coal generators an unfair advantage in the marketplace.
However, the question is how will the coal industry compete against renewable energy especially offshore wind power.

For the latest updates on Japan’s offshore wind power market, attend CMT’s 2nd OWP Japan in Tokyo.

Contact Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9113 for more details on the program.