14th BioPlastics Market,

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17-18 Mar, 2020 - Bangkok, THAILAND

DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

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"Bioplastics in the circular economy: Sustainability, Product Innovations & Waste Management"


Key Highlights :

  • Supply demand Outlook & regulatory framework: China, Japan, South Korea & South East Asia
  • Brand owner insights & applications:  food packaging, personal care, footwear, consumer electronics, automotive, and household appliances etc.
  • Are bioplastics the answers to SUP & Ocean plastics?
  • Material innovations & investment updates:  PHA, PLA, PEF, PHB, bio-PA, bio-PE, bio-PU, Hemp bioplastics
  • Emerging renewable feedstocks, sustainable supply & conversion economics
  • End-of-life options: Recyclability & composting infrastructure updates 

Testimonials from 13th bioplastics market

"Great chance to connect with new partners in packaging industry" - RKW Group

"One of the best conferences I have attended in the past 10 years. Every speaker was interesting" - Indorama Ventures

"Nice to know that we are making progress, a step towards addressing post consumer waste packaging"
- Del Monte

"Good discussion" - Novamont

"An eye-opening into the world of Bioplastics; An excellent networking opportunity" - Engen Petroleum

"Well represented by the Bioplastics community" - Global Biopolymers




News Feed

Japanese Retailers and Restaurants moving towards biobased plastics

Posted on : 14 Nov, 2019

Now that the Japanese government is encouraging people and businesses to reduce plastic waste to prevent marine pollution, retailers and F&B companies are starting to use bioplastics.
Japan’s convenience store operator -  Seven-Eleven Japan Co. has started to use new packaging made of sugar cane-derived material  to wrap its popular rice balls.
As Seven-Eleven sells 2.2 billion onigiri rice balls annually, it is estimated that the move will reduce the use of plastic by 260 tons and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 403 tons a year.
Apart from Seven-Eleven, convenience store chain operator FamilyMart Co. has started to use recycled plastic packaging for its  containers selling cold noodles.
Meanwhile Ohsho Food Service Corp plans to replace its plastic straws with biodegradable ones and plastic spoons with biomass plastic ones at its 729 restaurants across the country.
For the latest on bioplastics use in Asia, attend CMT’s 14th BioPlastics Market on 17-18 March, 2020 in Bangkok.
Contact Grace at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for details.