19th ASIA Coatings Markets,

21-22 Aug, 2019 - Bangkok, THAILAND

DoubleTree by Hilton Sukhumvit Bangkok

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Towards Increased Sustainability to Drive Coatings Innovations

Global coatings demand has increased tremendously with rapid industrialization and coatings manufacturers are investing in technologies for high performance coatings.


This year’s program focuses on increased sustainable coating innovations. Stringent environmental regulations imposed by various governments, growing popularity of green building standards, and rising in consumer awareness for sustainable products are some of the driving factors for current and future coatings market. China enforced new national green product standard for coatings last year. Growth in end-user industries has also fueled global demand.


Challenges and opportunities for paint manufacturers & raw material suppliers include:


  • Finding new innovations and developments to achieve sustainability through water-based, bio-based and energy efficient materials
  • Preparing for next generations demand for paints & coatings
  • Leveraging the power of IoT & digitalization
  • Reducing material & production costs
  • Understanding types of materials needed in the future
  • Aligning with changing consumption trends in emerging countries like Indonesia & Vietnam
  • Overcoming market challenges & identifying new opportunities

Join World’s Top Paint Manufacturers & Raw Material Producers at 19th Asia Coatings Markets Summit in Bangkok.  


  • BASF forecasts into Asian coating trends through 2030
  • Kansai Paint reveals M&A potential and opportunities in Asia
  • S T R A B A L A + Architects (Chief Architect - Shanghai Tower) highlights challenges in incorporating “Green” facades
  • Akzo Nobel spotlights on Vietnam’s paint & coating demand & supply
  • PT Propan Raya shares Indonesia’s coating growth & opportunities
  • Asian Paints PPG on how to deal with raw material price hike & achieve cost effectiveness
  • Sherwin-Williams stresses China’s key role in accelerating industrial coating market
  • Digital transformation journey by Covestro
  • Jotun highlights the potential of low cured powder coating technology
  • Analysis on US-China trade tension on Asian economy by CIMB Thai
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion performance through sustainable waterborne ECTFE coating by Solvay

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Testimonials from 18th Asia Coatings Markets 2018
“Good sharing high level information for coating industry”
- PT. Propan Raya
“Very good insights on the current and near future issues
in the coating industry”
- PT. Indowira Putra Paint Factory
“Excellent exchange and networking”
- PT. Connell Bersaudara Chemindo / Connell Brothers Indonesia
“An enjoyable and informative conference. Gained lots of market insights and trends”
- PT. Adiwisesa Mandiri Building Products Indonesia (AMBPI)
“Brainstorming, networking is the most benefit I got from their conference”
- PT Covestro Polymers Indonesia

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News Feed

Solvay’s New Sustainable Halar ECTFE Anti-corrosion Coating System for chemical processing industry

Posted on : 11 Jul, 2019

Solvay’s new waterborne Halar ECTFE coating system widens the scope of metal corrosion prevention applications for the chemical processing industry. Equipped with high adhesion primer and topcoat, the new coating system can be easily applied using standard liquid spray equipment.
Already Solvay’s HALAR ECTFE powder coatings are used for corrosion prevention for equipment in acids, mining, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and semi-conductor industries. Now with the new waterborne Halar ECTFE Liquid Coating Technology, Solvay expands the range of end-use applications to those that are difficult or impossible to powder coat – such as complex shapes, uneven surfaces, oversized vessels, pipe interiors, tanks and containers. In addition, it also provides an alternative protective metal coating option to corrosion resistant alloys.
The new coating technology offers long-lasting performance, chemical resistance, permeation resistance, exceptional surface properties, adhesion and high purity. Apart from these benefits, the formulation is also environmentally-friendly, ultra-low VOC and Hazardous Air Pollutant-free.
At CMT’s 19th ASIA Coatings Markets on 21-22 August 2019 in Bangkok, Joe Chou, Global Marketing Manager - Industrial, I&E2, Solvay Taiwan Company talks more about the new coating technology in his session on ‘What's New?: Enhanced Anti-Corrosion through Sustainable Waterborne ECTFE Coating System’.
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Perma Construction Aids to be acquired by Kansai Nerolac

Posted on : 17 Jun, 2019

Kansai Nerolac – a subsidiary of Japan-based Kansai Paint Company – plans to acquire a 100% stake in Perma Construction Aids – a construction chemicals company in India. Valued at Rs 29.1 crore (about $4.16 million) in cash, the deal is subject to adjustments for borrowings, working capital and fixed assets at the closing date.
Perma Construction Aids that specializes in water-proofing, adhesives, epoxy and admixtures - exports these products to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and Ghana.
With this acquisition, Kansai Nerolac will be able to expand its construction chemicals business.
In 2018, Kansai Nerolac acquired Marpol – a powder coatings manufacturer for Rs 36 crore ($5.53 million). In addition, it also acquired a 55% stake in Bangladesh-headquartered RAK Paints for Rs 45.81 crore (around $7 million).
At CMT’s 19th ASIA Coatings Markets on 21-22 August 2019 in Bangkok, hear on ‘M&A Potential and Opportunities in Asia’ from Nauman Malik, CEO, APAC, Kansai Paint, Indonesia.
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AkzoNobel to focus on premium paints, eyes double digit growth in India

Posted on : 18 Mar, 2019

AkzoNobel aims for double digit growth in India and it is planning to focus on its premium paints business to achieve the target.
Currently, 60% of AkzoNobel’s revenue comes from its decorative paints segment - which accounts for approximately 80% of the overall paint market in India.
As the Indian paint market remains quite buoyant, AkzoNobel wants to focus on its premium paints portfolio.
The decorative paint segment has two categories - one is interior paints and the other is exterior or cement paints. Almost 80% of the decorative paints account for interior paints, with categories such as premium, medium and economy.
Further the premium paints can be classified into plastic emulsions while the medium-priced category includes synthetic enamels. Lastly, the economy category consists of distempers.
Find out more about decorative paint markets in Asia at CMT's 19th ASIA Coatings Markets on 21-22 August 2019 in Bangkok.
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