PET Sheets & Thermoforms,

19-20 Feb, 2018 - Gatwick, UNITED KINGDOM

Crowne Plaza London - Gatwick Airport

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“New opportunities and recycling challenges arising
from market transitioning to PET trays”

“Innovative & Sustainable solutions in
PET thermoform packaging”

"Linpac increases capacity at Spanish PET tray plant"
~ March 17 , 2016 Plastic News Europe


"Quinn Packaging expands PET sheet production in Ireland"
"The additional capacity and Euro 3 million technology investment will enable Quinn to increase its supply of PET sheet to packaging companies for thermoforming applications and food companies for FFS (form, fill and seal) applications"
~ Plastics News Europe 30 March 2017


As demand for convenience food and fresh food packaging increases, more and more PET thermoformed packaging are placed on the market.  Mono-layer trays for e.g. packing fresh fruits and vegetables, and multi-layer sealed trays with lids as seen for fresh meat or food preparations are providing the best packaging assets for the packing, distribution, shelf displays, consumer handling and food conservation at home. 
These trays especially for meals on the go usually have a short  life span, as once the take-out meal is completed, the trays will go into the trash with many ending up at landfills.


Sustainability heads for major retailers are keen to know how they can  improve the image of their brand and ensure the sustainability of its packaging ? 


PET  with its recycling capability is undoubtedly the most attractive material for  thermoformed packaging.  According to Petcore Europe: “The market for PET thermoforms is growing as it continues to replace other materials. Currently, the total EU, Switzerland and Norway market for PET thermoforms is estimated to be 1 to 1.1 million tons of PET virgin and rPET, including imports.”


Considering demand, Petcore Europe reports that PET thermoforms is the No.1 end market for post-consumer recycled PET. This demand has reached higher numbers than the PET bottle to bottle and fibers end markets.


One reason is because the quality hot washed flake is good in the EU and can be used to produce sheets for thermoforming. Consequently, it’s easier and more economical to recycle rPET into thermoforms than bottles.


"Young’s Seafood launches new ‘modern retro’ cod pack"
~ November 3, 2016 – Seafood Source


Working in collaboration with Linpac, the new design utilises a  tray thermoforming process to laminate the newpaper graphic to a transparent rPET sheet.


The challenge now  is to further  improve the recycling of thermoforms that has rPET content  . How many times can trays with rPET content be recycled again ?


WRAP in the UK has done a marvelous job  in promoting recycling of PET trays. Recently launched a new project with eight companies, the objective is to recycle the complete stream of thermoforms, mono- and multi-material, into new applications. The trial will include washing, pelletizing and solid stating, and the outcome material will be available for testing in new applications


Attend the first-of-its-kind PET Sheets & Thermoform conference organised by CMT on the 19-20th of February 2018, ending with an optional site visit to the Viridor Rochester PET recycling facility.

Why Attend

Encouraged by the emerging demand of PET in thermoforming applications, CMT brings you the latest in its PET series and the only most important event focusing on PET thermoforming where Europe’s leading thermoformers converge and network.


Key Highlights include:

  • RPET Market Outlook - and issues impacting the market and the UK perspective
  • Supporting the effective and sustainable use of PET sheets in thermoforming applications
  • WRAP presenting on the circular economy and development in the thermoforming industry and the recovery of trays and containers in UK
  • Young Seafood’s Group sharing their journey on their new fish MAP pack tray  in rPET 
  • France thermoform packaging market – reaching milestones towards a circular economy
  • Recycling black food trays – challenges & progress to date 
  • Carbios share the novel enzymatic process to depolymerize all kind of  PET, including sheets and thermoforms, back into PTA and MEG
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Europe’s packaging market with focus on the thermoforming industry and what happens next 
  • Meeting increasing demand for extended shelf life packaging 
  • Designing for sustainability - our experience with Coop's convenience food packaging        
  • Delivering innovations & sustainable solutions in thermoform packaging
  • APET Developments, Trends & Sustainability Impacts– A perspective from India

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CMT PET Conference Series

CMT PET Conference series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET), Japan (JPET) and now recently Iran (IRANPET). 

Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling.


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News Feed

Mister Blister Invests in multilayer PET rigid film extrusion line in UK

Posted on : 23 Jan, 2018


Mister Blister, a UK-based manufacturer of thermoformed blister packaging, has invested in a Luigi Bandera multilayer PET rigid film extrusion line, supplied by UK Extrusion. 

Bandera, that is Italy-based manufacturer of blown film and foil sheet extrusion lines, has recently increased presence in the UK market by partnering with UK Extrusion. They now have 12 lines operating in the UK and has an established support network.

Mister Blister that largely produces blister packaging products and tamper-proof packs is aiming for an average output in the region of 660kg per hour and expects to produce 2,000 tonnes of material per annum – with a majority of it to be used for its own production. It also plans to sell small orders of several popular widths and microns of sheet from its stock.

The lines are said to offer maximum flexibility by processing all packaging raw materials and provide single screw extruders and/or HVTSE co-rotating twin screw extruders, with the option of mineral filler inclusion. Packaging manufacturers can select a single or multi-manifold flat extrusion die with internal deckling systems.

More about PET rigid sheets at CMT’s PET Sheets & Thermoforms on 19-20 February, 2018 in Gatwick, UK. 

For more information, Contact Ms. Grace at or call +65 6346 9147.


Le tout premier sommet sur les feuilles et thermoformés en PET met plein feu sur les solutions d'emballage durables

Posted on : 23 Jan, 2018


Le sommet sur les feuilles et thermoformés en PET de CMT, qui se tiendra du 19 au 20 février 2018 à Londres, dresse le bilan des feuilles et des barquettes thermoformées innovantes utilisées pour la commercialisation des produits alimentaires à l'heure où les supermarchés, les producteurs de denrées alimentaires et le marché de l'alimentation pratique réclament des solutions d'emballage durables et prêtes à l'emploi. 

LONDRES, 10 janvier 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mme Helen McGeough, consultant senior chez PCI Wood Mackenzie, ouvrira le sommet avec une communication intitulée « Perspectives du marché RPET et questions impactant le marché », notamment au Royaume-Uni, et l'impact de l'interdiction de l'importation des déchets de plastique par la Chine. Bernard Chase, spécialiste du secteur des plastiques chez WRAP, évoquera alors les efforts déployés par l'industrie du thermoformage pour récupérer des milliers de barquettes et de contenants au Royaume-Uni dans le but de répondre aux objectifs de l'économie circulaire.

La société Aliplast révèlera comment elle soutient l'utilisation efficace et durable de feuilles en PET dans les applications de thermoformage. Alors que le Royaume-Uni peine à recycler ses milliards de barquettes thermoformées noires, le sommet proposera une session sur le « Recyclage des barquettes alimentaires noires – défis et progrès à ce jour », encadrée par Nextek avec des présentations de Viridor.

Illustrant l'utilisation de plastiques recyclés dans les thermoformés, LINPAC Packaging (Klöckner Pentaplast) présentera une mise à jour sur « rPET - le futur durable » et expliquera comment LINPAC fournit des solutions innovantes et durables pour l'emballage thermoformé.

Young's Seafoods, un utilisateur final du Royaume-Uni, partagera son expérience avec les barquettes MAP qui comportent un couvercle en film haute barrière rétractable, soudé à chaud, pour emballer son poisson. 

Le programme propose également :

  • La technologie barrière anti-oxygène pour barquettes thermoformées A-PET à l'appui de l'économie circulaire – Point Plastic 
  • Le marché français de l'emballage thermoformé – ELIPSO - L'Association française de l'emballage plastique et flexible  
  • Solutions d'extrusion innovantes pour l'emballage rigide – Bandera 
  • Twin Peaks – Drame dans les fusions & acquisitions du secteur de l'emballage et ce que réserve l'avenir – Moorgate Capital 
  • Répondre à la demande croissante pour un emballage à durée de conservation prolongée – AMB 
  • Économie circulaire : un nouveau processus enzymatique pour dépolymériser tous les types de PET, y compris les feuilles et les thermoformés, pour les transformer en PTA et MEG – Carbios 
  • Conception durable - notre expérience avec l'emballage d'aliments préparés de Coop – Quo

Ce sommet phare, qui se terminera le 20 février par une visite du site de l'usine de recyclage PET Viridor Rochester, est organisé par le Centre for Management Technology (CMT) et soutenu par Viscotec et Banderr en tant que promoteur-exposant et Dual Color Sheets Co en tant qu'exposant.

Pour en savoir plus, veuillez consulter le site Web de l'évènement.

Contact :
Mme Grace Oh
Tél +65 6346 9147

La primera cumbre de Láminas y termoformado PET se centra en soluciones de embalado sostenibles

Posted on : 23 Jan, 2018


La cumbre de Láminas y termoformado PET, que se celebra del 19 al 20 de febrero de 2018 en Londres, evalúa láminas y bandejas de termoformado innovadoras para empaquetado de alimentos ya que los supermercados, los productores de alimentos y mercados de alimentos procesados de Reino Unido demandan soluciones de embalado sostenibles, listas para usar. 

LONDRES, 10 de enero de 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- La Srta. Helen McGeough, asesora sénior de PCI Wood Mackenzie abre la cumbre con el artículo "RPET Market Outlook - and issues impacting the market'" (Perspectivas del mercado del PET reciclado y los problemas que tienen impacto en el mercado), en especial en Reino Unido y el impacto de la prohibición de deshechos de plásticos de China. Bernard Chase, especialista del mercado, de Plastics, WRAP habla de los esfuerzos realizados por la industria de termoformado para recuperar miles de bandejas y recipientes en Reino Unido para cumplir con los objetivos de la economía circular.

Aliplast revela como está soportando el uso eficiente y sostenible de láminas PET en aplicaciones de termoformado. Puesto que el Reino Unido tiene dificultades para reciclar billones de bandejas negras de termoformado, la cumbre tiene una sesión sobre "Recycling black food trays - challenges & progress to date" (El reciclaje de las bandejas negras de alimentos: desafíos y progreso hasta el momento) liderado por Nextek junto con presentaciones de Viridor.

LINPAC Packaging (Klöckner Pentaplast) da una charla de actualización sobre "rPET - the sustainable future" (PET reciclado: el futuro sostenible) y cómo LINPAC está ofreciendo soluciones innovadoras y sostenibles en embalado de termoformado, para ilustrar el uso de plástico reciclado en termoformado.

El usuario final de Reino Unido, Young's Seafoods, comparte su viaje en el uso de bandejas de embalado MAP que ofrecen una apertura fácil, tapa de film de alta barrera de termosellado para la bandeja para empaquetar pescado. 

El programa también incluye:

  • Tecnología de barrera de oxígeno para bandejas de termoformado APET para soportar la economía circular - Point Plastic 
  • El mercado de embalado de termoformado de Francia - ELIPSO - La asociación francesa de embalado de plástico y flexible 
  • Soluciones innovadoras de extrusión para embalaje rígido - Bandera 
  • Twin Peaks - El drama de embalar M&A y que pasa en el futuro - Moorgate Capital 
  • Satisfacer una creciente demanda para una vida útil alargada del embalaje - AMB 
  • Economía circular: un proceso novedoso, enzimático para la despolimerización de todos tipos de PET incluyendo láminas y termoformados, en PTA y MEG - Carbios 
  • Diseñado para la sostenibilidad: nuestra experiencia con el embalaje de alimentos procesados de Coops – Quo 

Esta primera cumbre concluye con una visita a la fábrica de reciclado PET de Viridor en Rochester el 20 de febrero. La cumbre la ha organizado Centre for Management Technology (CMT) y está patrocinada por Viscotec y Banderr, como patricinadores y exhibidores, y Dual Color Sheets Co como exhibidor.

Visite el sitio web del evento para obtener más información.

Ms. Grace Oh
Tfno. +65 6346 9147
Correo electrónico

Erstmalig ausgerichteter PET Sheets & Thermoforms-Gipfel nimmt nachhaltige Verpackungslösungen unter die Lupe

Posted on : 23 Jan, 2018


CMTs vom 19. – 20. Februar 2018 in London stattfindender PET Sheets & Thermoforms Summit fokussiert sich auf innovative thermogeformte Trays und Folien für die Lebensmittelverpackung, da Supermärkte, Lebensmittelproduzenten und der Convenience Food-Markt in Großbritannien sowohl nachhaltige als auch sofort einsatzfähige Verpackungslösungen verlangen. 

LONDON, 10. Januar 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Zum Auftakt des Gipfels wird Ms. Helen McGeough, Senior Consultant bei PCI Wood Mackenzie das Paper ‚RPET Market Outlook - and issues impacting the market (RPET Marktperspektiven  - und marktrelevante Fragen)‛ präsentieren, wobei insbesondere Bezug auf Großbritannien und die Auswirkungen des von China erteilten Plastikmüll-Verbots genommen wird. Im Anschluss daran diskutiert Bernard Chase, Sector Specialist – Plastics bei WRAP, die Bemühungen der Thermoforming-Branche zur Rückgewinnung von Tausenden von Trays und Behältern in Großbritannien, um die Ziele der Kreislaufwirtschaft erreichen.

Aliplast zeigt auf, wie sich die effektive und nachhaltige Nutzung von PET-Folien bei Thermoforming-Anwendungen unterstützen lässt. Da Großbritannien mit dem Recycling von Milliarden von schwarzen Thermoform-Schalen im Land zu kämpfen hat, bietet der Gipfel eine Sitzung zum Thema ‚'Recycling black food trays – challenges & progress to date (Recycling von schwarzen Lebensmittel-Trays – Herausforderungen und bisherige Fortschritte)‛ an, die unter Leitung von Nextek mit Präsentationen von Viridor steht.

LINPAC Packaging (Klöckner Pentaplast) veranschaulicht die Verwendung von recyceltem Plastik im Thermoforming  und zeigt mit seinem Update ‚rPET - the sustainable future (rPET- die nachhaltige Zukunft)‛, wie LINPAC innovative und nachhaltige Lösungen für Thermoform-Verpackungen liefert.

Der britische Endabnehmer Youngs Seafoods berichtet von der Einführung und den Erfahrungswerten mit MAP Verpackungsschalen mit leicht abziehbarem, hochgradig undurchlässigem Folien-Deckel, der mit dem Tray verschweißt ist, um seinen Fische zu verpacken. 

Das Programm bietet außerdem:

  • Sauerstoffbarrieretechnologie für thermogeformte A-PET-Schalen, um die Kreislaufwirtschaft zu unterstützen – Point Plastic 
  • Der Markt für Thermoform-Verpackungen in Frankreich – ELIPSO, französischer Verband für Kunststoffverpackungen und flexible Verpackungen 
  • Innovative Extrusionslösungen für starre Verpackungen – Bandera 
  • Twin Peaks – Drama in Packaging M&A und die Frage, was als nächstes kommen wird – Moorgate Capital 
  • Der steigenden Nachfrage nach Verpackungen mit verlängerter Haltbarkeit nachkommen – AMB 
  • Kreislaufwirtschaft: ein neuartiges enzymatisches Verfahren zur Depolymerisation für alle Arten von PET, einschließlich Folien und thermogeformte Verpackungen, und Rückführung in PTA und MEG – Carbios 
  • Design für Nachhaltigkeit – unsere Erfahrungswerte mit Coops Verpackungen für Convenience Food – Quo

Der erste PET Sheets & Thermoforms Summit wird mit einem Besuch vor Ort bei der Viridor Rochester PET-Recyclinganlage am 20. Februar enden. Das Gipfeltreffen wird vom Centre for Management Technology (CMT) ausgerichtet und von Viscotec und Bandera als Sponsor und Aussteller und Dual Color Sheets Co als Aussteller unterstützt.

Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Veranstaltungswebsite.

Ms. Grace Oh
Tel +65 6346 9147

UK’s rising food on the go sector demands Innovative look and practical Packaging

Posted on : 02 Jan, 2018


Food on the go sector in UK is growing rapidly. These food trends also call for innovative packaging as food on the go outlets are not keen to package their food in ordinary packs! 

There is a rapid rise in the demand for on the go breakfasts, dinner and snack options coupled with growing popularity of street food. According to Huhtamaki, which commissioned independent consumer research into food to go consumption within the UK, 73% of consumers buy food to go at least once a week and 36% of consumers say they buy more food to go now than they did three years ago. 

Food packagers are vying to cater to this market with innovative designs. There are a host of clever packaging solutions such as:

•         Tri-Star Packaging’s eco-friendly street bowl made from unbleached bagasse. The microwave and oven-safe bowl features an optional clear rPET lid made from recycled and recyclable materials, offering the kind of visibility and presentation consumers prefer.

•         PFF Packaging Group’s new pot called ‘Desto’ made with easily recycled, lightweight PP inlet. The container is ideal for instant soups, noodle meals and ice cream and is able to address recycling concerns associated with PE coated paper. Its lightweight PP inlet can be sorted and collected at conventional municipal recycling facilities.

•         The ‘pizza pocket’ targeted for high street sandwich shop chain Greggs by Smith Anderson Group. The new open sided pack – or ‘pocket’ – made from heavyweight brown greaseproof paper that allows customers to eat on the go.

•         Wagamama restaurant’s series of bowls that fit inside other bowls. The noodles sit in one bit and the sauces clip underneath the lid so it doesn’t go all soggy.

More on PET sheets and thermoform packaging for food on the go markets will be shared at CMT’s PET Sheets & Thermoforms on 27-28 February, 2018 in London. 

For more information, Contact Ms. Grace at or call +65 6346 9147.


Irish packaging company Invests in Extrusion Line for PET sheets

Posted on : 13 Oct, 2017


Ireland’s Quinn Packaging has installed a new PET sheet extrusion line – supplied by SML Maschinen. The new line comes at EUR 3 million and incorporates Erema’s "Vacurema" recycling technology. It can produce food grade plastic sheets that has an increased volume of recycled raw materials (PET bottle flakes). 

The new technology will help realize Quinn Packaging's Eco-Innovation initiative that aims to manufacture environment friendly products and reduce the company's carbon footprint.

With the new PET sheet capacity, Quinn Packaging is well positioned to increase supply to packaging companies (for thermoforming applications) and food companies (for form, fill and seal applications). 

Quinn Packaging also expects to supply PET sheets to European countries, especially supermarkets and food processing companies that are keen on environment friendly packaging.

More details on PET sheets and thermoform markets will be shared at CMT’s PET Sheets & Thermoforms on 27-28 February, 2018 in Cambridge, UK

For more information, Contact Ms. Grace Oh at or call +65 6346 9147.