3rd Cassava World Africa,

10-11 Oct, 2017 - Lusaka, ZAMBIA

Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka

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"Raising Cassava Productivity in Africa to Meet
Rising Demands in Food & Industry



Keynote Address

Honourable Dora Siliya. MP


Turning a traditional crop like Cassava into industrial carbohydrates for food and non-food applications is the ambition of many African countries. For many years, commercial cassava cultivation in Africa has been limited but this is changing! 


Governments across Africa are pushing for the expansions of cassava investments and value addition which can potentially create more employment and economic development for the countries.  


CEEC unveils K 8 million Cassava value chain programme
~ 13 January 017, Lusaka Times.com 


Oba of Benin allocates 20,000 hectares of land for cassava production ~ 21 March 2017, Today.ng


China New Energy scores $12.5 million in contracts to build cassava ethanol plant in Ghana
~ 29 March, 2017, Biofuelsdigest.com


The potential of cassava as a cash crop will increase but how far and fast will the region see the transformation? Going back to the root problems – Africa even though producing the largest volume of cassava, has yet to capitalize on its harvests through modern mechanization, availability of high yield cassava varieties and improving its processing capabilities. Limitation of investments in agriculture tools and infrastructure hinder these realizations. Where and how will plantation owners, farmers and processors seek the capital to support their expansion plans?


CMT’s 3rd Cassava World Africa returns to Lusaka -establishing itself as the preferred conference with commercial interests for cassava industry players across Africa. Covering cassava varieties , supplemental irrigation, seedlings and with  projects players in West and East Africa share their experiences, challenges, and opportunities with the common goal of maximizing cassava value added products. 

What’s NEW at 3rd Cassava World Africa?

  • Commercial Farm Operator’s perspective on cassava plantation investment
  • Regional Government's Smart Incentives & Policies for Cassava Investment
  • Mechanization Solutions in Advancing Cassava Farming
  • Market prospects of value added products – Starch, Biofuels, Animal Feed, Glucose Syrup, Flour 
  • Outlook for Maize vs. Cassava in Africa
  • Latest Processing Technologies to Produce Quality Starch

Identify these growth opportunities with us at 3rd Cassava World Africa by registering with grace@cmtsp.com.sg

Confirmed Speakers from
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF)
  • Zambia National Cassava Association (ZANACA)
  • Union Dicon Salt Plc
  • Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc
  • Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission
  • Commoditia Ltd
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
  • International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
  • Context Global Development
  • Psaltry International Company Limited
  • Zambian Breweries Plc
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Cassava Road Holdings Ltd.



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Testimonials from 2nd Cassava World Africa 2016

“An eye opener”

British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation


“A very insightful conference, about challenges and opportunities of growing the cassava industry in Africa” 



“I have a lot to take home, and something to put into practice as a potential new investor in Cassava Value Chain” 

Dabol Nig.


“Great speakers and very informative” 


“I never realized just how much potential cassava has. The two day conference has been a real eye opener” 

Universal Farming & Milling


“Good to hear other experiences & meet old friends” 

Thai Farm


“Cassava farming and processing being a new scope for my business development role, this conference is really an eye opener for me” 

Ekcel Farm

News Feed

Nigeria Benefits from Import substitution policy, Generates $4 million yearly from Cassava Starch

Posted on : 02 Oct, 2017


Nigeria has started to benefit from its import substitution policy in cassava starch – led by the federal government – which has earned it $4 million (about N1.22 billion) in the financial year that ended 2016.

Psaltery International Company Limited that has two lines producing 20-30 metric tons of cassava starch per day making a total of 50 tons or two trailer loads every day – is one of the key producers of cassava starch. The company has an annual capacity of 10,000 metric tons. However, it is currently producing about 6,000 metric tons. The cassava starch that Psaltery  produces is used by manufacturing companies as binders and is also used to produce maltose.

Psaltery mainly sells to Nigerian Breweries, Nestle Nigeria Plc and Yale Foods, Ibadan. Nigerian Breweries consumes about 60% of Psaltery’s total cassava starch production in a year while Nestle buys about 30% and Yale Foods 10%.

May and Baker, Unilever and some packaging companies have also shown interest in Psaltery’s cassava starch.

More about Africa’s cassava processing projects at CMT’s 3rd Cassava World Africa on 10-11 October in Lusaka, ZAMBIA.

Contact Ms. Grace Ho at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or tel +65 6346 9147 for more information.


MP Minister of Agriculture, Zambia to Address CMT’s 3rd Cassava World Africa in Lusaka this October

Posted on : 26 Sep, 2017


CMT is honored to welcome Honorable Dora Siliya, MP, Ministry of Agriculture, Zambia to deliver the Opening Address at 3rd Cassava World Africa – taking place in Lusaka on 10-11 October, 2017. The opening address by the esteemed Minister is scheduled at 9:10 am on Day 1 of the conference. 

The summit features key speakers addressing Zambia’s initiatives to boost cassava cultivation as well as development of value added products. Zambia National Cassava Association (ZANACA) analyzes the opportunities and challenges in commercialisation of smallholder cassava production in Mozambique and Zambia. A case study of launching cassava beer from scratch is shared by Zambian Breweries via session on ‘Processing and Brewing Cassava Beer’ highlighting its work with smallholder farms and managing the supply chain. Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZANACO) will join a panel discussion on ‘Financing Cassava Projects & Downstream Investments’.

The other notable speakers are from Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), Union Dicon Salt, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission, Commoditia, Uganda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Context Global Development, Psaltry International, The Rockefeller Foundation, Praj Industries, Nine Stars Integrated Services, Enviplast, CNH Industrial South Africa, Tanzania Agriculture Export Process Zone, Context Global Development and Cassava Road Holdings.

Join CMT’s 3rd Cassava World Africa on 10-11 October in Lusaka, ZAMBIA.

Contact Ms. Grace Oh at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9147 for more information.

ZAMBIAN Breweries Puts Millions to Fuel Zambia’s Cassava Growing Sector

Posted on : 03 Aug, 2017


ZAMBIAN Breweries (ZB) Plc has invested US$ 2.2 million in Luapula Province that will enable 4,000 small- scale farmers engaged to grow cassava. The brewery plans to turn Mansa town into a ‘cassava capital city of Zambia’.


ZAMBIAN Breweries is one of the top buyers of agricultural crops in Zambia – including maize, barley, sorghum and cassava to produce its beers.


Further the brewery has also commissioned a US$33 million malting plant in the Lusaka-South Multi Facility Economic Zone (LS-MFEZ) with an initial production capacity of 15,000 tonnes a year. The plant has boosted the demand for barley from local farmers.


On the R&D front, the brewery has collaborated with Zambia Agriculture Research Institute to develop new varieties for cassava and invest in mechanisation of cassava production with support from Musika.


More about Africa’s cassava plantations at 3rd Cassava World Africa on 10-11 October in Lusaka, ZAMBIA.


Contact Ms. Grace Ho at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or tel +65 6346 9147 for more information.



Guinness Nigeria Plc gets 20,000 hectares of land for Cassava Cultivation and Processing

Posted on : 13 Jun, 2017


Oba Ewuare II of Benin Kingdom has offered 20,000 hectares of land to Guinness Nigeria Plc. The land will be used for cassava cultivation and processing.


The cassava farm worth over $20 million will be located in Edo state’s Ovia North-East local government area. The proposed cassava farm and processing place is expected to kick off during this year’s farming season.


The farm is slated to produce over 20,000 tonnes of cassava annually – that will be processed into cassava flour, starch, sugar and ethanol for industrial uses.


The Benin monarch’s move is seen as his commitment towards creating employment for the youth in Edo South senatorial district. The initiative is also expected to revive  agriculture to ensure adequate food supply and also provide raw materials for cassava based industries.


The palace will cooperate with the state government in facilitating investors in the sector.


Guinness Nigeria Plc has made some progress in agro businesses in the state and it is in line with the efforts of the palace. However, there are some challenges  particularly while commencing mass production of cassava and processing in Bini kingdom.


More about Africa’s cassava plantations at 3rd Cassava World Africa on 10-11 October in Lusaka, ZAMBIA.


Contact Ms. Grace Ho at grace@cmtsp.com.sg or tel +65 6346 9147 for more information.