8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power, 第8回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電~

第8回 バイオマス・ペレット会議 ~貿易と発電~

15-18 May, 2017 - Tokyo, JAPAN

Tokyo Marriott Hotel

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Schedule at a Glance

15 May 2017

16 May 2017

17 May 2017

18 May 2017

Workshop 1

(09:30 – 17:00)

Workshop 2

(09:30 – 17:00)

Main Conference Day 1

(08:00 – 19:00)

Main Conference Day 2

(08:00 – 15:30)

Site Visit

(07:30 – 19:30)

Experience in Large Scale Co-Firing & with Various Biomass Types

From Residues to Plantations: Changes in Biomass Supply & Sourcing to Meet the North Asian Demand

8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power

8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power

Biomass Power Plants & Wood Pellet Storage Facilities in Nagoya & Handa, Aichi Prefecture


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Post Conference Networking Dinner

(17:00 – 21:00)

Kirin Beer Village at Yokohama

Asia Biomass Markets’ Powerhouse Meet in Tokyo! 

“Asia’s Wood Pellet & PKS Buyer-Sellers Meet in Tokyo”

“Japan’s Demand Coming On-Stream & Growing”





Act now. This is your last chance to attend this much awaited

‘Powerhouse Meet for Biomass Buyers and Sellers’! 

Registrations have doubled in the last few weeks and our coveted 2017 list now stands at over 250

– with more companies intending to join. Here’s a sampling of some of those you’ll meet.


Provident Biofuels, eRex, Russia Forest Products Group, Sumitomo, Marubeni, PTT Public Co., ShangQiu HaiQu Machinery Equipment Co., Voyage Power, Iwatani, Zilkha Biomass Energy, Hancock Renewable Energy Group, WPAC, Fram Renewable Fuels, Colombo Energy, Nippon Paper Industries, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Engie, Korindo, Altus Renewables, PT Provident Agro, Prodesa, Mitsubishi, Taiheiyo Cement, IHI Corp, SaraRasa Bioindo, Samsung C&T, Futuremetrics, NYK Line, Mitsui & Co., D/S Norden, Mitsui OSK Lines, Mitr Phol Sugar, USIPA, CM Biomass Partners, Andritz, Fuji Biomass Energy, Westervelt Renewable Energy, Hanwha, SB Energy, Embassy of Canada, Koshikawa BioLogisTech, Renova, Sumitomo Heavy Industries, AS Graanul Invest, Gama Plantation, Norske Skog, Pacific Bioenergy, Tradersbiomass, Enviva, Toyota Tsuho, Idemitsu Kosan, Valmet, AMITA Corp, Clearsource, Renergy UK, Asia Resources Partners, Hanyang Corp. and many more!

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Biomass power and pellet consumption is growing steadily in Japan as the planned IPP biomass power or biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plants started their operation in late 2015.  With the feed-in tariff sets for biomass power generated from wood pellets and agricultural residues (PKS, etc), supplies from North America, South East Asia, Russia and the Oceania regions turns to this emerging and promising new demand market.  Beyond the IPPs, the market looks forward to the next wave of demand surge as the major utilities embrace large-scale biomass cofiring.  And when will this happen?


“J-Power aims to burn more natural gas and wood as Abe fights climate change” ~ 1 Feb 2017, Bloomberg


“Japan’s eRex to build 2 more biomass power stations” ~ 13 Oct 2016, Nikkei Asian Review


“Japan’s Rising Pellet Sun” ~ 14 Nov 2016, Biomass Magazine


In South Korea, several biomass power projects also come on stream and despite import price challenges, it remains a market not to be ignored.   And on the brighter side, biomass and wood pellet could be finding new home in China and Taiwan, will the domestic agricultural residues be sufficient to feed the boilers?


Register NOW to attend CMT’s 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power conference with your team. Contact hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for attractive group discounts.

Also, NOT TO BE MISSED, TWO Pre-Conference Workshops on Large Scale Co-Firing and Changes in Biomass Supply & Sourcing, to equip you with essential insights on biomass supply chain and user experience.


Multiple Benefits to Attain Your Business Leads 

  • Maximum networking benefits over 4 days, offering vital face-to-face interaction with the buyers and users, power utilities, trading companies, industrial boilers & buyers from Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan
  • Updates on Japan’s FIT scheme & implication on biomass utilization growth and imports requirement
  • Keep track on the biomass demand & import growth in South Korea, China and Taiwan
  • Get REAL into black pellets with utility users’ experience
  • Evaluate the supply and competitive advantage from a cross-regional offerings of wood pellet from Southeast Asia, US, Canada, Baltics and Australia
  • Assess the cost efficiency and supply sustainability of PKS & other Oil Palm Biomass
  • Better your supply chain risk management of wood pellets and other biomass offerings
  • Deepen your knowledge on operating IPP biomass power plants



【東京2017年3月21日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】東京で5月15-18日、第8回バイオマス・ペレット貿易と発電会議(Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Summit)を開催。北アジアのバイオマス発電容量や、原材料輸入、供給材料の価格動向、ならびに東南アジア、欧州、北米の木質チップ/ペレット販売業者の激しい競争に関する最新情報を発信する。




韓国のバイオマス電力市場に関してはHanyang Corporationが、中国本土と台湾の見通しについてはそれぞれChina Renewable Energy Industry AssociationとInduforが紹介する。


バイオマス販売企業側からPKS取引のAsia Resource Partners、タイのBioPellets、カナダの木質ペレット生産/販売のPinnacle Renewable Energy、米国のEnviva、バルト3国のGraanul Invest、オーストラリアのAltus Renewablesが出席。会議内の「世界の木質ペレット生産者パネル」では、他の参加企業と共に2016年の上位木質ペレット供給地域について、ならびに今後のペレット価格の見通しについて討論する。さらに注目すべきは、アジア市場への持続的ペレットの供給、また北米、ロシア、インドネシア、ベトナム、マレーシア、タイのペレット価格競争に関するディスカッションである。


IHI、Hawkins Wright、Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation、Ata Marie Group、 Fuji Biomass Energy、US Industrial Pellet Association(USIPA)、Voyage Power Fuji Keizai、Argus Media。


2017年会議では2つの事前ワークショップも開催。「Experience in Large Scale Co-Firing & with Various Biomass Types(大規模混焼発電と様々なバイオマスの使用について)」、


「From Residues to Plantations: Changes in Biomass Supply & Sourcing to Meet the North Asian Demand (残渣物から栽培へ:北アジアの需要増加がもたらすバイオマスの供給と調達の変化)」である。


第8回バイオマス・ペレット貿易と発電会議はCentre for Management Technology(CMT)が主催し、Independent Power Producers Forumの後援、そしてWood Pellet Association of Canada、住友商事、Astec Inc、Enviva、Valmetの協賛のもと開催される。


ウェブサイト参照先: http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=170501&pu=270957 






"Деревянные пеллеты Азии, а так же встреча покупателей и продавцов оболочек ядра пальмы в Токио "
"Спрос на Японию растет и вводится в эксплуатацию"

Ключевые моменты:

  • Основные торговые пути Азии и конкуренция цен на пеллеты из Северной Америки, России и Юго-Восточной Азии 
  • Рост спроса на Биомассу Японии и Перспективы импорта 
  • Обновления на энергетическом секторе биомассы в Южной Корее, а так же Спрос  и Требования импорта 
  • Обновление политики  Возобновляемой Энергии Японии, с акцентом на Мощность Биомассы 
  • Политика Китая на Энергию Биомассы & Проявление спроса на Биомассу и импорта 
  • Китай и Тайвань: Появляются новые рынки Торговли Биомассы в Северной Азии 
  • Различные технологии утилизации биомассы 
  • Региональное развитие рынка щепок и рост спроса на поколение электроэнергии 
  • Развитие рынка черных пеллетов 
  • Опыт работы коммунальных предприятий с черными Пеллетами 
  • Требование об устойчивом развитии и экономической эффективности пальмового масла биомассы (PKS, EFB, Пальмовые Пеллеты и т.д.) для Мощности Биомассы 
  • Сдвиг спроса Японской Биомассы - Анализ Увеличение спроса Японской Биомассы, требования к множественным сырьевым стратегиям, а так же решения, которые необходимы для повышения стабильности поставок 
  • Группа: Рынок масличной пальмы Биомассы в Юго-Восточной Азии - конкурентоспособность поставок в Северной Азии 
  • Обновление Тайских Деревянных Пеллетов и Перспективы поставок на рынок Северной Азии 
  • Обзор западной канадской цепи поставок деревянных пеллетов в Азию 
  • Подготовка США для обеспечения безопасного, устойчивого снабжения Пеллетов на азиатские рынки 
  • Всемирная панель производителей деревянных пеллетов

Спонсоры: Sumitomo, Enviva, Wood Pellet Association of Canada

Выступающие: China Renewable Energy Industry Association, Indufor, eRex, IHI, Hawkins Wright, Asia Resource Partners, Fuji Biomass Energy, Ate Marie, BioPellets Thailand, Pinnacle Renewable Energy, US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA), Voyage Power, Graanul Invest, Altus Renewables, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, и многие другие.


Семинар Вариант № 1
15 мая (09:00 – 17:00)

  • Опыт совместного сжигания в крупном масштабе с различными типами Биомассы
  • ЕС / Голландская Биомасса, политики совместного сжигания : Драйвер, реализация, сдвиг политики, перспективы на будущее и т.д.
  • Insights for Japanese Policy Makers & Utilities
  • ECN’s Joint Experience with SIX Trialled & Tested Co-Firing Strategies: Insights from Experience, Dos & Don’ts, etc
  • Co-Firing Experience in Smart Blending & Biomass Feedstock Diversification
  • Новые разработки

Семинар Вариант № 2
15 мая (09:00 – 17:00)

  • Опыт От Остатков до Плантации: Изменения в поставок Биомассы & в снабжении, чтобы встретить Северный азиатский спрос
  • От остатков до плантации - обеспечение Ресурсами биомассы
  • Выделенные Плантации Биомассы: Текущий Ландшафтный дизайн
  • Выбор вашей Биомассы: Параметры в Коротких севооборотов (деревянистых культур & недревесных опциями, например, Трав & и т.д.).
  • Управление Плантациями Биомассы: управление активами & оперативные соображения
  • Устойчивость и сертификация биомассы на основе продуктов
  • Варианты инвестиций посвященные для энергетических плантаций биомассы
  • Как насчет покупателей? Пользователи Перспективы и соответствия Биомасса с конкретной энергетической конфигурацией 

Для справок связаться с conferences@cmtsp.com.sg

CMT's 7th Biomass Pellets Trade and Power





“Best conference for biomass”

- Hanyang Corporation


“Wonderful learning experience for a very important topic”

- Asia Resource Partners


“Stakeholders in biomass industry from around the world join this conference, better organising and wide connection”

- Tipawat Corporation


“This was one of the best conferences I have attended. Informative and good networking”

- Owl Energy


“Good overview and to get health check on what happens in the Eastern half of globe”

- ASMC International





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12 Mar 2017

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Bundle Package (Conference, Workshop, Dinner & Site Visit)

15-18 May





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16-17 May

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1 - 2 Delegates

3 or more Delegates

1 - 2 Delegates

3 or more Delegates







Post-Conference Networking Dinner

17 May




Site Visit

18 May



USD895 (waitlist)

Workshops and Site Visit are open to conference participants only


Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.


Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact fiona@cmtsp.com.sg or (65) 6346 9138






お問い合わせはfiona@cmtsp.com.sg または (65)6346 9138までお願い致します。



There is no better place to enter the market, showcase products, promote your brand, and meet new business partners and distributors. Exhibition Booths are NOW available for booking.

CLICK HERE now for more information & to secure your booth.

Industry News


CMT is pleased to welcome US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA) as Breakfast Talk Host and Sponsor at the much awaited 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Summit – coming up in Tokyo from 15-18 May.


On 17 May, get a jumpstart at summit day 2 morning over breakfast and a talk on ‘The US Wood Pellet Supply Chain: Secure, Sustainable, and Accessible’  moderated by Seth Ginther, US Industrial Pellet Association plus  speakers – Harold Arnold, Fram Renewable Fuels;  Antonio Monteiro, Colombo Energy; Mike Williams, Westervelt; Thomas Meth, Enviva; Michael Dalton, Georgia Biomass; Ben Garnett, Drax Biomass and Tom Reilley, Highland Pellets.


The leading US pellet producers and exporters will discuss the current market and future opportunities for sourcing a secure supply of pellets from the US. Plus, learn more about the US wood pellet supply chain, including feedstock availability, sustainability, and export infrastructure from the major players in US production in this session. 


The US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA) is a not for profit trade organization that promotes safety and sustainability practices within the US industrial-grade pellet industry, as well as the growth of the overall bioenergy market. USIPA represents over 60 members companies throughout the supply chain, including all the major US pellet export manufacturers. USIPA was founded in February 2011 by several industry leaders, including Enviva, Fram Renewable Fuels, Georgia Biomass, and the Westervelt Company. 


Join 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power on 15-18 May, 2017 in Tokyo for all the latest updates in biomass markets.


For more information about the conference, contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call (65) 6346 9218.

03 May, 2017


Japan’s Kansai Electric Power Co. (KEPCO) has announced a joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp. Power Systems – a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp.  The JV named - Aioi Bioenergy Corp will be responsible for converting KEPCO’s Unit 2 – a 375-MW Aioi Power Station in Hyogo Prefecture from its current heavy oil or crude oil sources to woody biomass. The Aioi Power Plant comprises three units each of 375MW.


Unit 2 of the plant was commissioned in 1982. After the conversion to woody biomass feedstock, the plant will have a capacity of 200 MW.


With an initial capital of 450 million yen ($4 million), the joint venture is expected to promote and develop biomass power generation business in Japan.


MCP has spent 40% of the capital sum in the project with the remaining invested by KEPCO. MCP already has other renewable energy projects in Japan – with 73 MW of power generated from solar projects, and is developing and constructing wind and geothermal power generation projects across the country.


These projects are expected to help Japan cut carbon dioxide emissions – as they will use naturally derived fuel.


More on Japan’s biomass power projects are discussed at 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power on 15-18 May, 2017 in Tokyo.


For more information about the conference, contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call (65) 6346 9218.



17 Apr, 2017


Muroran Biomass Power Generation GK is planning a biomass power generation plant in Muroran City, Hokkaido, Japan. The EPC contract for the same is awarded to JGC Corporation – which is a lump-sum turn-key contract.


Expected to have a capacity of 74.9 MW – the Muroran City biomass power plant will be one of the largest biomass-fueled power generation plants in Japan.


Utilizing renewable energy feed-in tariffs (FiT), the plant is said to be built in the idle land owned by TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K.  The plant will be fueled by palm kernel shells and is estimated to be commissioned in autumn, 2019.


As per the contract, JGC will be responsible for uploading the feedstock, as well as its storage and transport, and the supply of other necessary equipment together with the power generation unit.


More on Japan’s biomass power projects at 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power on 15-18 May, 2017 in Tokyo.


For more information about the conference, contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call (65) 6346 9218.



03 Apr, 2017


-- 5 15~18 도쿄에서 열리는 유명한 8 Biomass Pellets Trade & Power 정상회담은 북아시아의 바이오매스 용량, 원료 수입, 공급원료 가격 동향 동남아시아, 유럽 북미의 우드칩/펠릿 판매업자 간의 치열한 경쟁 등에 관한 최신 소식을 전할 예정이다.


(도쿄 2017 3 21 PRNewswire=연합뉴스) 한국과 일본은 기존 신규 바이오매스 발전 용량을 충족시키기 위해 높은 우드 펠릿 수요를 보이고 있다. 그에 따라 스폿 우드 펠릿[http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=170501&pu=270957 ] 가격이 상승하고, 판매업체들은 시장에서 점유율 경쟁을 하는 상황이다. 도쿄 정상회담에서는 일본의 주요 바이오매스 생산업체가 바이오매스 요건에 대한 기대 사항을 논의할 예정이다. IPP eRex 올해 300,000톤에 달하는 야자 껍데기와 바이오 연료를 구매할 예정이다. Sumitomo Corporation 50MW 바이오매스 발전소를 완공할 전망이다. 업체는 우드 펠릿, 우드칩 PKS 대한 일본의 수요와 수입에 대한 내용을 공유할 것으로 예상된다.


한국의 바이오매스 발전 시장에서는 주식회사 한양이 수요를 충족하고 있으며, 중국과 대만에서는 중국재생에너지산업협회와 Indufor 공급을 담당하고 있다.


이번 정상회담에 참여하는 바이오매스 판매업체에는 PKS 트레이더 Asia Resource Partners, 태국 BioPellets, 캐나다 우드 펠릿 생산/유통업체 Pinnacle Renewable Energy, 미국 Enviva, Baltics Graanul Invest, 호주 Altus Renewables 등이 있다. 이들 다수가 '국제 우드 펠릿 생산업체 패널' 참가해 2016 최대의 우드 펠릿 공급 지역에 대해 논의하고, 펠릿 가격에 대한 통찰을 제공할 예정이다. 또한, '아시아 시장을 위한 지속가능한 펠릿 공급 [ http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=170501&pu=270957]' 비롯해 북미, 러시아, 인도네시아, 베트남, 말레이시아 태국 펠릿 가격 경쟁에 관한 더욱 흥미로운 논의도 펼쳐질 예정이다. 정상회담에 참여하는 기타 연설자로는 IHI Corporation, Hawkins Wright, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, Ata Marie Group, Fuji Biomass Energy, US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA), Voyage Power Fuji Keizai, Argus Media 등이 있다.


2017 정상회담이 열리기 전에 '대규모 동시 소성 체험 다양한 바이오매스 유형', '잔여물부터 농장까지: 북아시아 수요를 충족시키기 위한 바이오매스 공급과 소싱 변화'라는 개의 워크숍이 열릴 예정이다.


Centre for Management Technology(CMT) 조직하는 8 Biomass Pellets Trade & Power[http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=170501&pu=270957] Independent Power Producers Forum 더불어 Wood Pellet Association of Canada, Sumitomo Corporation, Astec Inc, Enviva Valmet로부터 후원을 받는다.


문의사항은 웹사이트[http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=170501&pu=270957]에서 조회하거나 Hafizah(+65-6346-9218 / hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg ) Tami(+8180-4207-4141 / cmtrep@cmtsp.com.sg )에게 연락한다.

23 Mar, 2017


Japan’s industrial gas supplier – Air Water is planning to invest 20 billion yen ($181 million) in a biomass power plant in Fukushima Prefecture. The plant, expected to be one of the biggest biomass power plants in Japan, will have a capacity to produce 75,000kW of electricity.


With a projected start date in 2020, the plant is at par with the biomass power plants built by Sumitomo Corp in Aichi Prefecture, eRex and Kyushu Electric Power subsidiary’s project in Fukuoka Prefecture.


Expected to be the largest domestic power generator, the plant will consume only biomass feedstock. The Osaka based company plans to procure feedstock such as coconut shells, etc., that are produced as waste by palm oil factories in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as wood pellets from Southeast Asia, North America and other places.


Air Water plans to sell the electricity mainly to Tohoku Electric Power under the feed-in tariff system for renewable energy. Biomass power generators (that consumes coconut shells and imported materials) are allowed to sell 1 kw per hour of electricity for 24 yen for two decades.


The company is also considering selling power to newer retail electricity providers or use it in group operations.


Apart from this biomass power plant, Air Water also plans to build a co-fired plant using both biomass and coal in Yamaguchi Prefecture – in a joint venture with Chugoku Electric Power.


More on Japan’s biomass power projects at 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power on 15-18 May, 2017 in Tokyo.


For more information about the conference, contact Ms. Hafizah Adam at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call (65) 6346 9218.



18 Jan, 2017