3rd SAPET, South America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling <br/><i>Mercados de Pet en Sudamérica, Aplicaciones y Reciclaje</i>

14-15 Jun, 2016 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires

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PET Producers & Traders Wrestle for Market Share Amid Global Volatility
Keeping Up with PET Trends & Trade Dynamics
How will Argentina’s Next Policies Reboot the South American Economy
Productores y comerciantes de PET en la batalla por la participación en el mercado en medio de la volatilidad global
Actualización de las tendencias y dinámicas comerciales del negocio del PET
Como las próximas políticas en Argentina influirán en la economía de Sudamérica



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With Argentina’s new pro-growth government at its helm, the country is receiving much interest : International investors, traders, bankers and technology suppliers are visiting the country optimistic that emerging policies will drive hope and reboot the South American economy. 


In early March, the new government negotiated its past debt and now able to secure new financing to stimulate its economy. Yet various sectors of the workforce such as hospital and government office workers, among other public sector employees, are calling for strikes following job cuts to correct fiscal deficit. Although the economy is struggling, Argentina and the region have a steady consumption of PET resin for both packaging and polyester.The economic crisis of the past years boosted CSD refill packaging and sales of family-size packs as well as strong push towards returnable bottles. 


The year began with a stunning announcement by beverage giant Coca-Cola to invest a billion dollars in Argentina over the next four years in its bottling and distribution operations. Clearly showing that international brands are keen to enter and expand in this market and region. Last year, Germany’s KHS also introduced its lightweight PET bottles for still water in Brazil – in tune with consumers’ preference for improved packaging of bottled water and CSDs. Sidel opened a new office in Buenos Aires expanding operations in the region and receiving interest from local converters.


Argentina’s Zero Waste Law aims to ban landfilling of recyclable and compostable waste by end of the decade. The city of Buenos Aires set up ‘green points’ that accept recyclable materials from neighborhoods without containers. Argentina’s sole PET resin producer – DAK Americas has expanded into PET recycling activities with ECOPEK acquired from CABELMA – becoming the second largest PET recycler in Argentina.


CMT’s 3rd SAPET brings leading regional and international speakers to focus on South America’s PET market. How will the South American PET industry perform this year and beyond? What are the recycling developments and trends to produce more sustainable PET packaging? How will consumer trends and disposable income influence the industry? Will the new business driven government in Argentina attract international PET players, bottlers, fillers etc., to expand into its markets?


Find out the answers and clarify your concerns and more at CMT’s SAPET Summit.


Extensive Networking & Vital Sessions by:


  • Syphon – leading Argentinean converter shares PET market growth outlook
  • Plastipak offer on sustainable and lightweight PET technologies for wine packaging 
  • Ravago’s insight on PET thermoform packaging trends including how the PTA structure might change with PET producers integrating PTA in their processes? Is PET going to continue being a commodity?
  • China Resources Chemical Holdings competitive edge in supply into Argentina 
  • Sidera clarifies what is a Normal Value, its relation with the price of export and its incident in the final Antidumping Law. When to start an investigation for dumping. 
  • Ecopek focuses on how PET waste can help deliver a true circular economy in South America? What are the possible challenges for PET collection? Also insights on efforts in Argentina compared to other SA countries
  • Evaluation by PCI Wood Mackenzie on PET market’s global versus south American outlook as well as pricing
  • Euromonitor's analysis of latest packaging trends in key South American countries 
  • Panel Discussion with Regional Convertors & End users on their Sustainability and Light weighting plans and applications 
  • Piovan presenting new innovations in PET processing technology focused on the auto-adaptability feature of the processes of drying and cooling
  • Bericap providing advance applications for screw caps & cost savings with minimal environmental impact
  • Husky’s innovating technologies for beverage packaging, medical and hot runners
  • New Paradigms in injection preforms & cooling systems by Frigel
  • Netstal - Energy Efficient Preform Production and Overmoulding Technology for Barrier Products 
  • SACMI’s new technologies on injection preforms
  • Recycling for Insheet applications by Erema 


The summit is value added with a Post-conference Site Visit to DAK - ECOPEK Recycling Facility on June 15. Due to restricted space, the site visit is limited to the first 30 registrants only. Register early.


Participants can benefit from generous group discounts. Plus, all registered delegates of 3rd SAPET are entitled for a Special Discount on their delegate pass to attend CMT’s other PET summits!


Email Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for more information.


14 June 2016, Tuesday

Networking Reception & Dinner for all participants

(19:10 - 23:10)



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Leave your hotel in a comfortable bus and be taken to Tango Porteño, a tango venue that used to be a movie theater, located in Downtown Buenos Aires on the famous 9 de Julio Avenue and just a few meters from the obelisk.


Cocktails & Tango show starts at 1930 pm. World class dancers take advantage of the wide stage while wall-screens provide beautiful images of dancing couples. The scenography and costumes at the Tango Porteño create the ultimate framework to transport you to that enchanting time when all Buenos Aires was tango. This will be an unforgettable experience.


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1920 Board Bus
1930 Cocktail with Tango Class
2030 Dinner at the Theatre

The Famous Tango Porteño Show

2300 Show Ends
2310 Bus Back to Hotel or You Can Walk Back at Your Leisure


Site Visit Tour to DAK - ECOPEK Recycling Facility

(14:30 – 18:45hrs.)   

Due to restricted space, the site visit is limited to the first 30 registrants only. Register early.


Pictures courtesy of Ecopek.




ECOPEK, processes bottles, post consumer, whose product is used in new packaging in contact with food.

Produces almost 12,000 annual tons of pellets of PET recycled from cutting-edge technologies that ensure the total decontamination  and with similar quality to virgin resin. 

Our clients, companies, use our product only by CSR, since there is no regulatory framework requiring the use of  recycled materials in new containers in our country.   


ECOPEK, procesa botellas post consumo, cuyo producto se vuelve a usar en nuevos envases en contacto con alimentos.

Es una planta que produce 12.000 tns anuales de pellets de PET reciclado a partir de tecnologías de última generación que garantizan la descontaminación total y con una calidad similar a la resina virgen. 

Nuestros clientes, empresas de primera línea, usan nuestro producto solo por RSE, ya que no existe en nuestro país un marco regulatorio que obligue al uso de material reciclado en nuevos envases en nuestro país.

To Register

For companies in Latin, Central & South America
Email: tanya@cmtsp.com.sg
Tel: 52-55 52941423
Fax: 52-55 55896197
Mobile: 52-155 3655 0760

For companies outside Latin, Central & South America
Email: hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg
Tel: 65-6346 9218
Fax: 65-6345 5928


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This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.


Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg


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Este evento es una excelente plataforma para promover su empresa a jugadores influyentes e inversionistas en la industria. Las oportunidades de patrocinio incluyen exclusivas comidas corporativas y cocktails.


Exhibición / exposición de catálogos pueden acordarse a solicitud de los mismos. Contacte cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg

4th SCAPET 2015 Attendees Profile


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CMT PET Conference series offer up to date business information on regional PET Resin & Packaging markets in Asia (PET Asia Outlook), Europe (GEPET), Middle East & Africa (MEAPET & MENAPET), Latin America (LAPET), South/Central Americas, Andean & Caribbean (SAPET & SCAPET), North America (NAPET), Japan (JPET) and now recently Iran (IRANPET). 


Our program incorporates latest market and technological developments in the entire PET Value Chain, from PET Resin and Raw Materials (PX/PTA/MEG), to PET Preform and Packaging Productions, to Recycling.


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Coca-Cola to invest $1 billion in Argentina over next four years


Light switch for South American bottle market


Sipa machines go into production in Peru, Ecuador


News Feed

PET Market To Enjoy Swift Growth Till 2020

Posted on : 18 May, 2016


The global plastics market was worth US$381.83 billion in 2013, influenced by the application of end-use industries such as injection molding, food & beverage packaging, film/sheet and pipes. Grand View Research Inc. projects of all the plastic types, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is likely to have the biggest demand, and witness significant gains at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2014 to 2020.


The increase in demand is being fueled by the packaging industry of carbonated soft drinks bottles, which is using PET plastic in increased quantities. Another application for PET is for the films and sheets used in pharmaceutical and food packaging industries, and accounts for over 40% of the overall share in 2013. Application in plastic pipes is also projected to increase, at an anticipated CAGR of 5.7% from 2014 to 2020. Contributing factors include an increase rising population levels, increasing rate of urbanisation, infrastructural development and replacement of old pipes made with outdated materials.


Asia Pacific contributed to over 40% of the global plastics market in 2013. While emerging economies India and China are witnessing a significant increase in key end-use industries, Grand View Research Inc. projects that the Central and South American plastics market is expected to exhibit the highest growth rate, an anticipated CAGR of 6.3% from 2014 to 2020. The increase in construction and automobiles industry in Argentina and Brazil is likely to be the driving factor for plastics demand in this region.


The 3rd SAPET (South America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling), in Buenos Aires from 14-15 June 2016 will examine the region’s role in this rapidly growing market.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.


Read More:

La cadena de empaque en PET se reune en Buenos Aires el 14 y 15 de Junio durante la 3era edición de SAPET (Mercados del PET en Sudamérica, aplicaciones y reciclaje) organizado por CMT

Posted on : 04 Apr, 2016


Productores locales y comercializadores de PET internacionales se encuentran optimistas por el crecimiento del mercado de PET en Sudamérica, particularmente en Argentina en donde el nuevo gobierno se encuentra a favor de la apertura comercial.


Algunos de los líderes convertidores de PET, propietarios de marca y recicladores que expondrán durante el evento son:

·         El convertidor más grande y líder a nivel mundial, Plastipak sobre “Nuevos desarrollos de empaque ligero en peso en PET, soluciones de barrera para empaque de vino.

·         PCI Wood Mackenzie sobre la perspectiva global de PET con enfoque en los mercados sudamericanos.

·         China Resources Chemical Holdings comparte la perspectiva de un comerciante asiático

·         ECOPEK explicará el tema de la economía circular y los desafíos de recolección de PET, así como su reincorporación en los procesos productivos.

·         La perspectiva de Ravago sobre las tendencias de empaque de PET: ¿Cómo la estructura de PTA podría cambiarse con productores que integran PTA en sus procesos?

·         Sidera compartirá las medidas antidumping del PET en la región.

·         El convertidor argentino Syphon hablará sobre los desafíos y las oportunidades en el mercado Argentino de PET.

·         Euromonitor presentará las tendencias de empaque en Sudamérica en base a las preferencias del consumidor y la demanda de envases de PET de tamaño familiar en bebidas gaseosas.


El panel de convertidores regionales contará con presentaciones como la de CRISTALPET de Uruguay, así como otros de Bolivia, Chile, Argentina y Paraguay que hablarán acerca de la industria que se mueve hacia el PET de empaque ligero y el material RPET.


Las sesiones técnicas incluyen:

·         Sacmi presentará el “Ultimo desarrollo en preformas de inyección”

·         Frigel hablará sobre “Sistemas de refrigeración para el PET en la industria de bebidas”

·         Piovan presentará los avances de taparoscas que representan ahorros con un impacto ambiental mínimo

·         Las tecnologías innovadoras de Husky para empaque de las bebidas en deportes y en el sector salud

·         La perspectiva de NETSTAL acerca de la eficiencia energética en la producción de la preforma y en la tecnología de sobremoldeo para los productos de barrera

·         Erema presentará el reciclaje para las aplicaciones insheet


Se realizará además una visita post conferencia a la planta de producción de reciclaje de PET de ECOPEK el 15 de Junio.

La conferencia organizada por “Center of Management Technologies (CMT)” cuenta con patrocinio de Bericap (Patrocinador oro), Piovan y Husky (Patrocinadores plata), Frigel y Erema

Visita la página WEB del evento / contacta Hafizah al +65 6346-9218.

Para compañías en Latinamérica, Centro y Sudamérica contactar a Tanya al +52 55 5635-2672.

South America’s Água Mineral Santa Joana Starts Using New Lightweight PET Bottles from KHS

Posted on : 10 Mar, 2016


Water bottler Água Mineral Santa Joana has started to use new lightweight PET bottles manufactured by Germany’s KHS.


The new KHS 0.5-liter PET bottles weighs only 8.9 grams and 1.5-liter PET containers at 22 grams compared to the usual 13 grams (0.5-liter) and 26 grams (a 1.5-liter).


The new bottles not only saves material costs but also leads to energy savings. Água Mineral Santa Joana that produces up to 27,000 of 0.5-liter and up to 26,400 of 1.5-liter PET bottles per hour can significantly benefit from this transition.


Since material use account for 70% of the manufacturing costs for beverage producers, the use of lightweight PET can significantly reduce production costs.


For instance, if a manufacturer reduces four grams in the packaging weight when producing 300 million 1.5-liter PET bottles annually, it can save as much as €1.8 million - €450,000 per year for each gram saved.


The lightweight PET bottles are already available in Brazil.


3rd SAPET (South America PET Markets, Applications & Recycling), in Buenos Aires will discuss more about lightweight PET bottles.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.