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Bio-Markets Asia - Biomass Supply Chain & BiofuelsWorld

27-29 Jan, 2015 - Jakarta, INDONESIA

Le Meridien Jakarta

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Bio-Markets Asia welcomes Mr. Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah

Group President & CEO of Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad as Keynote Speaker


Bio-Markets Asia -  EVENT AT A GLANCE
27 Jan 201528 Jan 201529 Jan 2015
Biomass Supply Chain (BSC)Combined Session for Biomass Supply Chain & BiofuelsWorld Asia
(half day)
BiofuelsWorld Asia
BiofuelsWorld Asia



"Maximizing the Potential of the Green Feedstock for Export or Domestic Power"


"Indonesia to Drive Growth?"


Indonesia's dynamic new President Mr Jokowi Widodo and technocrat team are expected to set up favorable environmental policy and increase industrial production in SEAsia's largest economy.


CMT's Bio-Markets Asia to be held in Jakarta is timely with the country's expected reforms in natural resources including energy and transportation fuels. Last October 2014, new electricity prices are announced with changes to fuel prices and subsidies set to be discussed soon.


These are indications of the new government's commitment to the biofuels mandate and encourage new foreign investments and partnership in the spectrum of power generation, biodiesel and bioethanol production and distribution in Indonesia.


Well-endowed with natural and agri-resources, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam are key exporters of power generation fuel such as wood and palm pellets, palm kernel shells and other biomass, to Japan, South Korea and even to the EU where the utilities are mandated towards renewable energy and biomass co-firing. With feed-in tariffs for renewable energy and electricity prices - biomass power generation is now becoming possible and bankable in Indonesia and rest of South East Asia. State-owned Utility PLN and GE recently announced various biomass power projects to be implemented over next two years.


Meanwhile, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, India and Vietnam are implementing various mandates on biofuel blending in the transportation fuels. Apart from feedstock availability for biodiesel and bioethanol production, production economics, availability of blending infrastructure and distribution channels are key obstacles to the sustainability of the alternative renewable fuels in most countries.


Attend CMT's Bio-Markets Asia to clarify your concerns and gain assurance in the extensive opportunities available in the Biomass Supply Chain and BiofuelsWorld. With extensive networking sessions to help you forge and renew business ties and relationships

Biomass Supply Chain
(27 - 28 Jan 2015)
  • Opportunities in Domestic Biomass Utilization in Power Generation
  • Global Market Dynamics for Biomass to Power & Demand for Feedstock
  • Adding Value to Palm Residue versus Composting
  • Developing Forestry to Pellet Production Facility
  • Pelletizing for Specs Standardization
  • Importance for Organised Logistics Chain
BiofuelsWorld Asia
(28 - 29 Jan 2015)
  • Keynote presentation from Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad's Group President & CEO, Mr Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah
  • Gain perspective on the Opportunities in Indonesia's Biofuels Mandate in Land Transport, Aviation and Power Markets, from Pertamina, Garuda Indonesia and EBTKE
  • Regional Outlook in Biodiesel & Ethanol - Policy & Market Development in India, Malaysia, Philippines & Vietnam
  • Supply Chain Stakeholders' Perspective - Plantation, Producers & Blending Companies
  • Organizing Logistics & Blending Infrastructure for Sustainable Adoption/Usage
  • Next Generation Solutions in Biofuels Productions

Register NOW for CMT's exciting 3-full day event with hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg. Contact us for attractive bundle and group discounts.


Confirmed Speakers to-date
  • Hawkins Wright Ltd.
  • Eco-Frontier
  • GDF SUEZ Energy Management Trading
  • ADL Capital Advisors
  • Ata Marie Group Ltd
  • Indonesian Clean Power Ventures
  • Sararasa Biomass Pte Ltd
  • Clearsource Pte Ltd
  • Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd
  • Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad
  • Inviting: EBTKE
  • Frost & Sullivan
  • PT Inhutani III (Persero)
  • Pertamina (Head Office)
  • Indonesian Association of Biofuel Producers (APROBI)
  • Green Pool Commodities Services
  • Ethanol Producers Association of the Philippines (EPAP)
  • Petrovietnam Research and Development Center for Petroleum Processing
  • DBT-IOC Centre for Advanced Bio-Energy Research
  • PT Perkebunan Nusantara IV (PTPN)
  • Bionas Sdn Bhd - Bio Oil National Group
  • Garuda Indonesia


Industry News Who Will You Meet Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor!

Sinar Mas to develop biomass power plants


Analysis: The virtue of
strengthening domestic
palm-oil market


Ministry: 15 Investors Eyeing Bioelectricity Projects


Indonesia's 2015 Palm Output to Rise 7%; Exports to Drop on Biodiesel Demand


Garuda to use biofuel in
2016 to reduce emissions


Jatropha mill, biodiesel plants & 'agropolis' to rise in Aris turf


Green Energy for the Future


Jacobs studies feasibility of redeemable biomass electricity credits in Indonesia



CEOs, Presidents, Managing Directors, VPs, Unit Heads, Lead Analysts, Senior Traders, Advisors, Brokers and Consultants from National level governments, biodiesel and ethanol producers, oil majors, palm oil companies, wood pellet and wood chips producers, PKS exporters, power utilities, feedstock producers, plantation and forestry companies, fuel distributors, green chemical companies, automotive manufacturers, trading houses for biofuels and biomass, financing institutions, feedstock processing & torrefaction technologies providers, pelleting machinery providers, logistics & storage providers, catalysts & additives providers, sustainability consultants, EPC & construction, and testing/inspection companies.

This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry.


Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor.


Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. contact cynthia@cmtsp.com.sg today

News Feed

More than dozen Investors keen to develop biogas and biomass power plants in Indonesia

Posted on : 06 Jan, 2015


According to Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources as many as 15 investors are keen on investing in biogas and biomass power plants in the country.


Such interest shown by investors comes after the new government announced the regulation on purchasing power from biomass power plant and biogas power plant by PT PLN (Persero) in October. As per the regulation, the biomass electricity prices has been raised to Rp1,150 per kWh (if it's connected to a medium voltage network) and Rp1,500 per kWh (if it's connected to a low voltage network).


Jambi, East Kalimantan, Bangka-Belitung, South Sulawesi, Gorontalo, Bali and East Java are some of the potential areas that are sought by the investors for these bioelectricity projects.


The ministry is also keen on developing bioenergy plants in Sumatra, given the island's ample palm oil plantations. It's estimated that Sumatra alone can produce 15 Giga watts of biomass and biogas energy with half of them sourced from palm oil biomass.


The only challenge that the investors are concerned is the location of these areas which sometimes are inaccessible and difficult to connect to the transmission cables with PT PLN (Persero).


CMT's Bio-Markets conference coming to Jakarta on 27-29 January, 2015 will discuss the role of biomass for electricity production in greater detail.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.



Garuda to use biofuel in 2016 to reduce emissions

Posted on : 27 Nov, 2014


In a bid to reduce carbon emissions PT Garuda Indonesia will start mixing avtur (aviation turbine fuel) with biofuel from 2016. This initiative follows the MoU signed by Transport and Energy and Mineral Resources ministries whereby, the government aims at reducing the use of fossil fuel in the aviation sector by mixing avtur with 2 percent biofuel in 2016 and planned to increase the amount to 3 percent in 2020.


The airlines plans to use the crude palm oil (CPO)-based biofuel which is currently being tested at state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina's laboratory.


Garuda's fleet is already equipped with the ability to use biofuel. The carrier plans to run a trial soon.


The national carrier is expected to consume approximately 2 billion liters per year of avtur in 2016.


Indonesia's aviation industry is fast developing with the number of aircrafts operating in the country growing from 962 aircraft in 2008 to 1,319 aircraft by the end of 2012, while its passenger count reached 77.2 million in 2013 from 41.5 million in 2008.


The government is also encouraging shipping lines to commence converting oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG).


More on Indonesia's biofuels mandate and the aviation sector will be discussed at the Bio-Markets Asia - Biomass Supply Chain & BiofuelsWorld on 27-29 January, 2015 in Jakarta.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218.



Wood cogeneration plant delivers 1 MW electric and 2.4 MW thermal power

Posted on : 27 Nov, 2014


Low investment cost, easy scalability and high reliability are the main arguments, why Spanner cogen-eration plants are increasingly used in cascade installations for producing heat and power from biomass in the megawatt range. Now, another heat sup-plier has bought an installation of altogether 22 wood cogeneration plants type HK 45. The overall facility produces a combined power of 1 MW electric and 2.4 MW thermal, which is fed on-site into the public grid resp. into the district heating net. It is the biggest single order in the history of Spanner Re2 GmbH.

Cascading over twenty individual wood gasifier CHPs offers a range of attractive advantages: Use of serial components enables a competitive total cost of less than € 4,500/kWel, incl. building, drying, planning and installation. An exchange engine, for example, costs only € 120/kW.

Planning and realization are simplified and accelerated by simply linking proven standardized single units. Each individual wood gasifier works inde-pendently from the others, is individually and easily controlled, and can be started and stopped within minutes, so that individual systems can be switched on and off anytime to meet actual requirements. High system redundancy ensures high availability and optimum adaptation to actual consumption.

Holz-Kraft cogeneration plants are especially attractive for operators with good access to regional, cheap wood chips or waste wood. In the described power range they offer decisive advantages over other biomass CHP technologies like steam turbines or ORC systems, especially when it comes to investment cost, efficiency, overall profitability and realization speed.
Holz-Kraft cogeneration plants are robust and reliable. They integrate Span-ner's proven automotive expertise combined with innovative, patented wood gasifier technology. Their success builds on efficient wood gasification, a highly pure process gas, and consistent wood chip pre-dying.

"In cascade configuration our wood gasifier CHP units are a real alternative to other technologies in the 1 MW power range", says Thomas Bleul, Managing Partner at Spanner. "They use regional, cost attractive resources; they are environmentally friendly and feature easy scalability. This new big order clearly shows the excellent future prospects of our technology also in the MW range, as well as its potential for efficiently replacing fossil fuels."

Spanner wood cogeneration plants are highly efficient in transforming wood chips into heat and power following the combined heat and power (CHP) principle. They use natural wood chips and offer attractive cost advantages from the use of proprietary, self-produced heat and power. Several hundred Spanner cogeneration plants are used in agriculture and forestry applications, hotels and catering, and in local heating networks in Europe, Asia and North America.


Mr.Thibaut Aubert, International Sales and Marketing, Spanner Re ² GmbH will deliver a presentation on 'Wood Gaz Cogeneration Perspective for Indonesia' at Bio-Markets Asia on 27-29 January, 2015 in Jakarta.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218 for more details.

More information on Spanner wood cogeneration plants at www.holz-kraft.de


Indonesia’s Biodiesel mandate leads to decline in country’s diesel imports

Posted on : 31 Oct, 2014


Indonesia was once Asia's biggest diesel importer. But the country has slipped to the number 3 spot with fuel demand declining and as the government pushes for biodiesel in transport, power and marine sectors, the fuel imports are likely to witness further drops. The country is importing approximately about 3-4 million barrels a month now, which marks a decline from 5-6 million barrels a month last year.


The demand is estimated to further decline in the next few years, especially with the government planning another hike in the country's heavily subsidized fuel prices.


This decline in imports by Indonesia also means adding more to Asia's growing surplus fuel and is likely to affect suppliers in Singapore and South Korea.


According to estimates by Woodmac, Indonesia is expected to witness a decline in diesel demand to 455,000 barrels per day (bpd) this year, from 497,000 bpd last year.


Although the country is unlikely to meet the ambitious biofuel target set for this year, diesel imports have already taken a beating.


The biodiesel mandate has also proved to be a big boost to Indonesia's huge palm oil based biodiesel sector.


More on opportunities emerging from Indonesia's Biofuels Mandate will be discussed at Bio-Markets Asia coming to Jakarta on 27-29 January, 2014.


Contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg or call +65 6346 9218.




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Speaker Profile

Ms. Zurina Amnan
Group CEO, Bionas Sdn Bhd - Bio Oil National Group
Nano-Emulsion & Polarization Technology in Biofuel Production - Solution to Sustainability from Feedstock Supply, Production & Commercial
Day 2 [Wed 28, January], at 04:10 PM

Zurina is entrenched in the Group's operations, managing 5 additives and biofuels processing, blending and storage plants, 19 pressing mills, 471 nurseries and collection centres and over a million acres of Jatropha plantation.

The Company's investment into Nano-Emulsion and Polarization technology in biofuel production has created a revolutionary in energy sector towards bio-energy sustainability and security. The production cost has reduced tremendously and the use of multi-feedstock ....
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Mr. Thibaut Aubert
International Sales and Marketing, Spanner Re ² GmbH
Wood Gaz Cogeneration Perspective for Indonesia
Day 1 [Tue 27, January], at 11:00 AM

 Thibaut Aubert is in charge of International Sales & Marketing activities for Spanner Re2 GmbH. Thanks to his entrepreneurial background in multiple industries in North America and Europe for medium and biz size corporations, Thibaut brings International sales perspectives in opening and developing sales activities throughout the world. A....
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