Myanmar Consumer Summit,

09-10 May, 2013 - Yangon, MYANMAR


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"Benchmarking Today's Myanmar Consumers to Create Sustainable
Growth Opportunities for Tomorrow"

Ministerial Address by:

H.E. Dr Pwint San, Deputy Minister
Ministry of Commerce

Why Attend CMT Invest Myanmar Series?


CMT is an active global conference organizer and since 1982 supports business development across Asia, MidEast/Africa and the Americas. Recent political and economic reforms in Myanmar are very encouraging with the country favored as the rising star in Asia...CMT is contributing by bringing business and investments to the country with events that offer vital business intelligence.


1. Proven Track Record
CMT has organized 14 summits in Yangon since March 2012 in key sectors - attracting over 3000 delegates from over 50 countries.These include:


- 1st & 2nd Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power

- 1st, 2nd & 3rd New Myanmar Investment
- 1st & 2nd Myanmar Mining
- 14th Asia CemenTrade
- 2nd Commercial Farm

- 1st Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update

- 1st Myanmar Real Estate

- 1st Myanmar POWER Summit

- 3rd RubberPlant Summit

- 9th SugarWorld ASIA


2. Meet Key Officials & Decision-makers

CMT works closely with various ministries. The Ministry ofEnergy, Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Electric Power &Ministry of Transport act as official host and supporter for many of our summits


3. Connect with genuine local orforeignpartners

Network with the right persons or companies.We attract the best possible candidates you can pick as business associate or partner.


4. Covers All Strategic Sectors

CMT covers all the key sectors - Energy, Mining, Agriculture, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Finance, Power, Telecoms and many more.


5. 1 to 1 Meetings with GovernmentOfficials

CMT facilitates dedicated private consultation sessions with government officials at our events.


CMT Invest Myanmar series provide not mere "information" but "insights" on growth strategies



Doing Business in Myanmar

under the Implementation of FIL

10 May (2-5pm)



Workshop Outline:

- Overview of Myanmar investment climate
- Updates on key-laws
- Overview of the consumer industry in Myanmar and case studies
- Finding the right local partner
- Structuring a joint venture
- Barriers in doing business in Myanmar
- Why to do business in Myanmar

Led by
Mr. Alessio Polastri, Managing Partner
Polastri Wint & Partners



Who you will network with


CEOS, Presidents, GMs,
Product/Marketing/Sales Directors,
Business Development Managers,
Head of Strategic & Planning,
Supply Chain Managers,
Brand Manager, Head of Consumer
Insights/Customer Knowledge,
Retail Analyst and MerchandisingDirectors from FMCG Companies,
Advertising & Marketing Firms,
Retail & Consumer Industry,
Market & Retail Research/ConsultingServices, Logistics & Warehousing,
Retail & Shopping Centers Developer,
Fashion & Apparel Industry,
Mobile & Electronics Companies,
Domestic Appliance Manufacturer,
Supermarket/Food & Liquor Companiesand organizations which support and/orsupply products & services to theconsumer industries.

Fast-changing Myanmar joins consumer age


Myanmar: retail's new gold rush


Brand owners target Myanmar


New consumer trends catching up in Myanmar! Global firms have Myanmar firmly in their sights as the nation's 60 million people hanker for quality consumer goods.


But rushing in is laden with risk. Lack of structured data and insights into this unexplored market has made the task of developing the right business model more challenging. Are Vietnam, Cambodia and other ASEAN country models adaptable in the context of present ground realities in Myanmar which is still at the 4th tier of retail business? How will policies evolve to enable co-existence of traditional stores model with the modern hypermarkets and the malls?


Cultural practices and consumer buying behavior in Myanmar are yet- to-be-explored retail domains. Integrating into the dominant traditional stores model is vital for any new investor. What strategies will be needed to identify the right partner and locations? Perhaps, the major challenge lies in lack of structured data on the consumer preferences, regulations, and market segmentation that is the key to any investor.


CMT's Myanmar Consumer Summit plans to address short and long term opportunities to develop the road map needed for establishing successful businesses in untapped Myanmar markets.


This summit enables you to gain insights on:


Consumer Market

  • The volume/value/nature of Myanmar consumer market
  • Comparison of developed and emerging consumer markets
  • Potential for luxury products

Business Strategy

  • Evolving your business model to suit the local customer's preferences
  • How and when to enter a new market and positioning your product correctly
  • Economic developments in different states
  • Effective communication channels and media consumption habits
  • Retail space availability and opportunities for FMCG manufacturers

Brand Building

  • Developing sales network for stronger brand awareness
  • How companies develop their brands in emerging markets and lessons for Myanmar
  • Views from local brand owners: preparing for the influx of foreign brands

Legal Issues

  • Legal framework for consumer market after the recent new foreign investment law
  • Significant clauses on media & advertising law

Register and receive a copy of this Myanmar FMCG survey reportBonus Gift for Registered Participants!


Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), a leading market research and market information group and key contributor of CMT’s Myanmar Consumer Summit is giving away a free executive summary of its largest ever consumer based FMCG survey report released exclusively for this event!


The syndicated survey covering over 11,000 interviews in 12 locations in Myanmar provides a complete in-depth overview of 17 major FMCG categories and insight into retail volumes at the store level and consumer diagnostics down to the brand level. 


This exclusive report entitled “Tapping the last frontiers of Asia: Myanmar’s untapped FMCG opportunities” will be available as free download to registered participants.

INDUSTRY NEWS ...   Be a Sponsor or Exhibitor

It just got easier for tourists to swipe their Visa, MasterCards in Myanmar


Finally: Fast food on the table in Myanmar


Myanmar opens retailing sector to foreign investors


Japan's brewery company may enter Myanmar's beer market


PepsiCo to sign Myanmar bottling deal as rivalry with Coke grows


Indian FMCG players eyeing Myanmar


TNS wins first global client engagement in Myanmar


Myanmar holds lucrative food opportunities for Thailand


This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to players & investors in the industry. Contact us for a customized Sponsorship or to book your Exhibition space now! Email or Tel +656346 9130





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For VOA application, visit site below:


Myanmar Visa

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News Feed

Myanmar’s booming industry draws international brands

Posted on : 03 Apr, 2013


Myanmar’s FMCG sector is moving at a fast pace as international brands stream into the country following the rise in local demand and lift in trade sanctions by Western countries.


Leveraging on the 60 million-strong population and propelled by increasingly beauty conscious locals, the beauty industry is one that is expected to boom with significant results compared to other segments.


Beauty brands/stores and salons from Europe, America and regional Asia are popping up in Myanmar to tap on the opportunity to provide local women with more skincare and cosmetics options.


Just recently, the world’s third largest consumer goods company, Unilever, announced its entrance into the emerging Myanmar market. With its line of more than 400 brands, the multinational giant’s presence will add pressure to local brands, boasting an extensive range of products targeting niche markets that may not have been addressed previously.


International brands may be alluring and in demand, but the price still remains out of reach for an average Myanmar consumer. Local brands’ market knowledge, brand familiarity and extended presence can still give them the upper hand.


Mr. Myint Zaw, Sr. Chief Operating Officers of Myanmar Brewery Ltd and Mr. Ralf Matthaes, Regional MD of leading market research firm, TNS, will share insights on Myanmar’s growing FMCG sector at CMT’s Myanmar Consumer Summit.  Exploring key aspects such as business strategy, buying behavior, shopping habits and consumer characteristics, these sessions provide vital information that are helpful for business developments/expansions, especially for the new entrants.


Other essential areas that will be explored include branding, legal framework, media and advertising, etc. Details of CMT’s inaugural Myanmar Consumer Summit is available here.


For enquiries, please contact Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. +65 6346 9218.



Read more: Myanmar’s booming beauty business

TNS unveils fresh market data and exclusive insights into Myanmar’s consumer market

Posted on : 20 Mar, 2013


Tapping the last frontiers of Asia: Myanmar's untapped FMCG opportunitiesGet your “who, what, when, where, why and how” answered at CMT’s Myanmar Consumer Summit (MCS) with a complimentary summary of the largest consumer-based FMCG report by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS).


Leading market research and analysis firm TNS is publishing an insightful and comprehensive report on Myanmar’s consumer market. “Tapping the last frontiers of Asia: Myanmar’s untapped FMCG opportunities” report is a product of TNS’ largest, syndicated study on Myanmar’s FMCG market thus far. It incorporates insights from a sample size of more than 10,000 everyday consumers, HPC sector and retailers, revealing in-depth information on 17 major FMCG categories. A free executive summary of the report is to be exclusively released as complimentary download to MCS registered participants.


Author of the report and Regional MD of TNS Indochina|Myanmar, Mr. Ralf Matthaes will present further findings and evaluations at the MCS event itself, held in Yangon, May 9-10, 2013. His session zooms into core areas including consumers’ demand and the sector’s growth opportunities.


For more information on other topics, please refer to the Program Agenda or contact Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. +65 6346 9218.

Perfetti Van Melle and Nestlé are taking the sugary route in Myanmar

Posted on : 25 Feb, 2013


Multinational confectionery giants Perfetti Van Melle and Nestlé are looking at a sweet future in Myanmar.


After scaling down their business in Yangon during the period of economic sanctions, Nestlé is now seeing a possible expansion plan that is presently kept low-key.


Meanwhile, confectionery giant Perfetti Van Melle, the third largest confectionery group in the world, has already announced its intention to enter Myanmar with the help of market expansion services group, DKSH.


The lack of local consumer market data and trade infrastructure, however, are challenges to the distribution of products and business expansion.


“At this stage, we have launched a very limited number of brands and stock keeping units. We want to get a better understanding of the market first before proceeding in planning a wider assortment.”

Luca Parodi, Executive VP of Perfetti Van Melle Asia Pacific


Still, for both Nestlé and Perfetti Van Melle, the growth in developing countries including Myanmar is promising. Just last December, Euromonitor revealed high potentials in confectionery retail growth in emerging countries. From 2012 to 2017, the retail growth in emerging countries is expected to exceed that of their developed regions counterpart by three times.


Euromonitor Atrractive Growth Markets

"... 77% of global growth will stem from developing markets."

Extracted from Euromonitor International. Click here to view the full report.


The upcoming senior-level Myanmar Consumer Summit in Yangon on May 9-10 is a timely platform for keen investors and MNCs to understand the consumer trends and value of the emerging market opportunity – information that is not currently available. Other key highlights include business strategy in a new market, infrastructure, trade policy & regulations, communication channels set-up, customs challenges, retail landscape, brand building and challenges & gaps in consumer market from perspectives of both local and foreign brand owners.


For more information on the conference, please contact Ms. Hafizah at or Tel. +65 6346 9218.


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Multinationals aim for sweet success in Myanmar

Positive Outlook in Emerging Confectionery Markets