A-Z Site Assessment for Plantations MYANMAR,

13 Mar, 2013 - Yangon, MYANMAR


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Soil Assessment & Agronomic
Specificities to Raise Yield


Myanmar is well-endowed with natural resources suitable for agriculture, a sector that accounts for 60 percent of the national GDP.


For commercial scale plantations to succeed, modern technology and capital investment is not enough. There is a need for proper assessment of the agro-climatic & soil conditions,  the agro-ecological zones in Myanmar, irrigation, infrastructure facilities are among other issues that facilitates sustainable utilization of the country’s resources.


Historically the environmental impact of the varied farming methods used in Burma, for instance the most commonly used slash-and-burn farming methods, has gradually caused soil erosion and depletion of fertility.


Compounding this problem is the fact that climate and soil conditions throughout Myanmar vary considerably making it a challenge for commercial plantation investors.


How to choose the suitable crops in terms of soil & climates? What are the best agronomic practices to improve productivity and raise yield?


CMT’s A to Z Site Assessment for Plantations Myanmar is timely and carefully constructed to bring you the broad knowledge of Dr Tin Maung Aye who has travelled extensively in the region understanding the agro-climatic conditions,  soils, climate landscape , irrigation, infrastructure facilities among other issues and has worked with farmers and the private sector for agricultural development in developing countries.





Dr Tin Maung Aye originates from Myanmar and graduated with a MSc in Agriculture Systems and a PhD in Soil Science from the Massey University in New Zealand. He has worked as a technician at LandCare Research and as a research assistant for Massey University, New Zealand and also was a part-time farmer for orchards in New Zealand.


He did his Post-Doctoral and research fellow with Melbourne University, Australia on fertilizers and irrigated pasture systems for dairy production.


Although he is currently a Cassava Agronomist / Soil Scientist for International Center for Tropical Agriculture, CIAT in Asia, Tin is very familiar with plantation and farming practices and travels extensively around the region providing trainings and consultancy on sustainable farming practices, yield improvement, and advises on crop suitability in specific agro-ecological zones.


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