5th Algae World Asia,

07-09 Nov, 2012 - Singapore, SINGAPORE

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

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Advanced Algae heads for Asia!


Heliae raises $15M from Salim Group – R&D center in 2012, aiming for commercial production in 2014; food, feed, fertilizer now, fuels later.  

- Biofuel Digest 4 May 2012


With latest rounds of investments announced for Asia, Algae research and developments are gaining interest as companies race to develop and validate technology solutions for the commercial production of algae.


With the involvement of agribusiness and big food conglomerates like the Salim Group, its evident that algae focus has  expanded beyond fuels and into foods, feed and fertilizers industry

Analysts say that over the next few years, a number of algal companies will hinge on to the feed and food sectors, en route to entering fuels.


Yet, many established companies are focussed on feed and food. While these are smaller markets than fuels,  they offer vast opportunities, and higher per-ton prices

One promising market is astaxanthin estimated to be worth $200 million by 2015  

Microalgae are a highly promising resource for the sustainable production of a wide variety of biomaterials for a wide range of applications and Asia represents a promising market.


Don’t miss CMT’s 5th AlgaeWorld ASIA this November in Singapore.


Top Panel Shares Expertise

  • Roadmap for algae developments in Korea & Japan
  • Indonesia – latest demonstration plant with two kinds of testing facilities; one vertical reactor the scale of up to 1250 liter and the other a horizontal reactor with working volume of 5000 liter.
    What are the various strains of marine mocroalgae that has been isolated from Indonesian ocean and how are these strains managed ?
  • Malaysia - extracting phycobiliproteins from macroalgae and seaweed tissue culture techniques
  • India - Microalgae cultivation using industrial waste streams
  • Producing high-value added products from Macroalgae
  • Commercial production of Astaxanthin, cultivation to processing challenges
  • Vietnam – Utilising wastewater from Cassava Ethanol plants to grow algae for biodiesel. In collaboration with the Finland Institute of Environment (SYKE) and cassava ethanol plants, this project is now targeted for scale up to 2500 liter PBR.
  • Commercial production of spirulina from one of the worlds largest producer in Myanmar
  • China – Sinopec reveals what they are working on in large scale algae fuel production

And many others


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"It is a resourceful and enlightened conference"
Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies (CCMRS-IPB)


"First time I have joined the conference, but not the last"
Roquette Biotech Nutritionals (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd.


"It is a very nice experience at the conference"
Tongwei Aquatic Sciences and Tech


"I learned much information of Algae production"
Easy Bio System Inc


Separately Bookable Workshop
Algae Harvesting & Extraction
of Bio-Compounds For Production
of High Value Ingredients
7 Nov 2012 (1400 - 1730 hrs.)


Dr. Chen ShuLin


Led by Dr Chen Shulin, Professor
Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Washington State University


Dr. Shulin Chen is a Professor of Biological Systems Engineering and the leader of the Bioprocessing and Bioproduct Engineering Laboratory (BBEL) at Washington State University (WSU). He received his PhD in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 1991.

Dr. Chen's research interest is in industrial biosystems engineering applications to bioenergy and bioproducts.

Dr. Chen has published 184 refereed journal papers, contributed to 13 invited book chapters, and is a co-inventor of 30 patent applications. He currently directs research initiatives advancing sciences and technologies on integrated microbial lipid production systems for biofuel, lignocellulosic biomass processing, a new generation of anaerobic digestion technologies, and multi-scale modeling of biorefineries.


Optional Site Visit - Biopolis

9 Nov 2012 (1400 - 1600 hrs.)



picture courtesy from Biopolis


Not the usual tours for general tourists, the site visit to Biopolis will bring insight to Singapore capabilities and innovation. Biopolis is the heart of biomedical research in Singapore. Over the years, it has built up a strong reputation and today, it is now home to more than 30 companies with some of the big names including Novartis, Abbott, Glaxo, Danone, Procter & Gamble, L'oreal, Davos LifeScience, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fujitsu and many others.


The visit will a brief overview of A*STAR followed by a tour in Biopolis Shared Facilities, introducing the various capabilities and potential in this area. R & D labs and the shared facilities that BSF offers will be shown


NOTE: No algae ponds nor PBRs will be shown. The tour will highlight the following capabilities of BSF

  • consumable items and general lab supply (about 3,000 items);
  • Media Preparation: 4 types of cGMP media (DMEM & RPMI) and water for cell culture – WFI sterile; 19 types of in-house media and 17 different buffers at various pHs.
  • Glassware washing, autoclaving, biohazard waste autoclave and disposal services.
  • Scientific Services: Flow Cytometry, Advanced Imaging and Analysis, Genomics Services, X-ray Crystallography and other scientific services.
  • Meeting Facilities: meeting rooms, video conference room and theatrettes for scientific discussion/seminar/workshops


You will network with
- Algae Producers - Renewable Energy Investors - Biofuel/Ethanol Industry - Heavy Industries - Cement, Steel etc - Power Plants - Distilleries - Venture Capitalists - Institutional Investors - Financial Institutions - Industry players - Oil, Gas Cos - Refineries - Biotech Engineering Cos - Airlines - Government Departments and Agencies - Research Consortiums - Cos in nutritional, health, high value added products - Animal Feed Producers - Aquaculture Industries - Food Science Cos - Technology Providers from Algae cultivation to downstream processing technologies
4th Algae World Asia 2011
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Industry News


The 5th Algae World Asia Conference is set to open next week on 7-9 November in Singapore!


This conference hosts experts and key industry players from various core and allied segments.

Participants can look forward to meeting industry leaders from

5th Algae World Asia

and many more!


Here’s the profile of the delegates attending this conference:


5th Algae World Asia Delegates Profile



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31 Oct, 2012


Viaspace, Inc has announced that it has signed business development and confidentiality agreements with Myanmar’s June Industry Ltd, which is a member of the June Group of Companies involved in cultivating, harvesting and marketing algae products.


According to the contract, June will grow Giant King™ Grass in Myanmar for commercial applications including renewable electricity generation. Suitable land, climate, rainfall and irrigation make Myanmar an ideal place to grow Giant King™ Grass.  Viaspace CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen said that Myanmar has the perfect climate to grow Giant King™ Grass, and there is a great need for electricity. “We envision Giant King™ Grass playing an important role in Maynamr’s future, not only for electricity generation, but also for biofuels and other applications that will provide jobs and help alleviate rural poverty. I am happy to be working with JUNE Project Director, Dr. Min Thein, who is very experienced and has a good team.”


"Since the move to democracy and the lifting of sanctions, Myanmar is developing rapidly with the help of foreign technology and foreign investment. We believe that VIASPACE Giant King Grass will be important for bioenergy and other applications. JUNE has the goal to be our country's leading company in green and natural products and technology," adds June Managing Director, Dr Nu Nu Win.


Dr . Min Thein, Founder of June Pharmaceuticals is presenting a paper entitled “Myanmar - Commercial Production and Use of Spirulina Microalgae from Crater Lakes” at the 5th Algae World Asia conference on 07-09 November in Singapore. The talk will cover vital subjects like the emerging applications for Spirulina as biofertilizer and biogas enhancer, as well as the opportunities for new joint ventures (private & govt) in Algae and cooperation with foreign companies. To know more on the Asia’s growing Algae industry, Register now. For further information and queries, please contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


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19 Oct, 2012


One of China’s biggest energy companies, Sinopec, and Airbus are developing a renewable aviation fuel production for regular commercial use in China. Sinopec will produce the certified fuel known as “1# bio-jetfuel” in a newly built refinery in Hangzhou, which is one of the few in the world with the capacity to produce large-scale aviation fuel from biomass.


With its technical expertise gained in previous certification processes, Airbus is supporting the development of the Chinese standard. “Bio-jetfuel is becoming increasingly important in aviation and the energy market. It will help aviation grow sustainably and demand for fuel increase. Sinopec has developed its own technology for producing aviation fuel from biomass and waste oil and has already produced aviation fuel meeting international standards. Sinopec is assisting CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China) in the air worthiness certification process and is proud to be collaborating with Airbus and other partners in the push for alternative aviation fuels,” said DAI Houliang, SVP of Sinopec.


In order to boost commercialisation, using 100% domestic resources and refining capabilities, the partners are also establishing a sustainable alternative fuel value chain in China.  Laurence Barron, President of Airbus China said biofuels are a crucial part of the roadmap to meet aviation ambitious CO2 targets. “We are privileged to be working with our Chinese partners to establish a domestic value chain in Chain which is 100% Chinese.”


Prof. Pu Peng, Algal Biofuel Devt Division, from Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing is presenting a paper on “China – Feasibility Study of Large-scale Algal Fuel Production in China” at 5th Algae World Asia in Singapore. The conference is to be held on 07-09 November, includes a separately bookable workshop on Algae Harvesting & Extraction of Bio-Compounds For Production of High Value Ingredients”, and an insightful site visit to Biopolis. REGISTER here to attend the conference or contact Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg for further enquiries.


Source: Biofuelsjournal.com

08 Oct, 2012


Algae biofuel could be the answer to India’s energy crisis, as coal and liquefied natural gas may not be able to meet the demand. Over 99% of commercial algae biomass produced globally are mainly from seaweeds farmed near the seashore. Algae can be used as a source for biofuel and bioethanol, as well as in the production on hydrogen (used in fuel cells) and methane.


The US Department of Energy’s (DOE), National Algal Biofuels Technology Roadmap foresees a vital role for algae in the coming years, in energy management.  Between now and 2020, developed countries will embark on large scale production of algae based biofuels. Meanwhile, in India, the development of technology and engineering practices for production of algae biofuel is in its initial stages.


Some salient features that prove advantageous for algae in India include diversity, vast coastline, sufficient solar energy, does not compete with food crops for land availability, can grow in places away from forests, thus reducing the damages caused to the eco-and-food chain systems. Algae biofuel could therefore present a great opportunity.


At the 5th Algae World Asia in Singapore on 06-07 November, and in his talk entitled “India -Microalgae Cultivation using Industrial and Agricultural Waste Streams for the Production of Biofuels”, Senthil Chinnasamy, Chief Technology Officer, Biotechnology Division at Aban Infrastructure Pvt Ltd will discuss at length on the production of biofuels from microalgae.


To spotlight on demand for astaxanthin products is Dr. Sebastian Thomas, Technical Advisor, Parry Nutraceuticals with his session entitled “Commercial production of Astaxanthin by large scale cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis – Prospects and Concern”.


Besides microalgae, macro algae commonly known as seaweed, also has a variety of applications - as a food source, fertilizer and other industrial applications. Managing Director of Aquagri Processing Pvt Ltd, Abhiram Seth will elaborate more on seaweeds and algae at the conference, in his session “Looking Beyond Carraggeenan, from Red Sea Weeds and Algae”


Register here to gain more insight into Asia’s algae industry at the 5th Algae World Asia in Singapore. Or forward your queries to huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


Source: Deccanherald.com


27 Aug, 2012


Loxley Plc is investing 60million Baht to construct an algae-based biofuel pilot plant in Ratchaburi province. The investment came after Loxley signed a memorandum of understanding for the algae-based biofuel development project with Bangchak Petroleum Plc, Ratchaburi Electricity generating Holding and the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE).


Nattapon Dejvitak, Vice President for Business Development in Loxley said that the location is likely to be the power plant owned by Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc, so that carbon dioxide from the plant can be used to feed algae. Although it may take years to find the appropriate algae species for production, the construction on a six-rai plot will begin by mid-2012 and will be completed in the following several months.


He also added that Loxley would use the technology, wastewater treatment and techniques for algae plantation, harvesting and extraction developed by Brisbane-based algae oil developer MBD Energy Co. The daily algae production target is at 90 tonnes, which translates into 10 tonnes of biofuel a day. The plant will begin operation next year and based on business, a commercial-production plant with an investment cost of 1billion baht may be built within 2014. Loxley earlier said that it would spend about 4 billion baht under its five-year renewable energy plan which ends in 2014.


On 8-9 Nov in Singapore, the 5th Algae World Asia will explore the possibilities and opportunities that algae development holds in Asia. As matter of fact, a key representative from Loxley is slated to deliver a presentation at the event. While the final conference details are underway, one may Pre-Register here. Enquiries may be directed to Ms. Huiyan at huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


Source: bangkokpost.com


18 Jul, 2012


Arizona-based algae technology solutions company, Heliae recently announced its receipt of capital funding of $15 million from International conglomerate Salim Group’s agribusiness company PT. PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk, through its subsidiary, Agri Investments Pte. Ltd.


"I am personally pleased to welcome the Salim group into the Heliae family. As one of the most prominent equatorial-based food businesses in Southeast Asia, their Chairman, Anthoni Salim, recognizes the need to develop new and sustainable sources of nutrition and agricultural inputs to support the region's growing demands," stated Frank Mars, co-Founder and Chairman of the Board for Heliae.


The investment will aid in taking steps towards operating an R&D centre in Indonesia, which will also serve the region. It will also fund research and development at Heliae’s demonstration facility in Arizona. "Frank and I are of one mind on developing the solutions to address today's issues with soil fertility, fresh water, growing demand for fish and animal feeds and ultimately sustainable fuel," declared Anthoni Salim.


Dan Simon, President and CEO of Heliae said, “The recognition and support of the Salim Group delivers a sense of validation to our work. These additional funds will help us broaden our reach and allow us to build a presence in Southeast Asia. Of equal importance to Heliae is the strategic relationship we have developed with Salim's team and alignment of both groups -- we look forward to the large impact we'll be able to make collectively.”


In response to the steady developments in algae technology and growing investments interests in the region, namely North Asia, CMT’s 5th Algae World Asia conference to be held in Singapore on 08-09 November will present fresh and insightful analysis on the Asian algae sector. The conference will highlight the roadmap for algae developments in Korea, Japan, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, plus many other recent updates in the algae industry.


Details of the conference are currently being finalized, and will be available soon. To reserve seats, Pre-Register here or send your queries to huiyan@cmtsp.com.sg


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19 Jun, 2012