Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update ,

16 Oct, 2012 - Yangon, MYANMAR


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Plan & Prepare for the Opening of Myanmar Telecoms Market



US lifts Myanmar international lending restriction -, 10 October 2012


President’s Office Director U Aung Maw appointed as Managing Director of Myanma Posts and Telecommunications


"According to the Myanmar Times, under a step-by-step privatisation process, the MPT will be abolished and reformed as Myanmar Telecom, which will operate without funding from the government. Yatanarpon Teleport will bemerged intoa new company named Yatanarpon Telecom.

Two other private operators, which could be foreign firms, would join in to offer mobile connections, landline telephones, a public switchboard telephone network, information technology and internet services, the report said.

A telecom corporation will be
set up by the end of the year and then the MPT will call for international tenders and the winning operators should be ready for running by 2013.


Targeting to upgrade user density from 75 percent to 80 percent by 2016, a process will start in 2013 to raise the number of users to 39.5 million by 2016, the report said"

Indo Asian News Service, 11 Sep 2012


This is an update led by a team of ICT experts with extensive Myanmar and regional experience. Besides industry review, the briefing provides forecasts on future trends and expected developments thus enabling you to:

  • Attain overview of the demographics of the country and how this could affect the telecom market and obligations of investors.
  • Gain insight into the ongoing Nation Building processes that will directly impact Telecom investments.
  • Understand the landscape of Local Companies that are currently involved in Telecoms and ICT Developments today and their views for the future.
  • Know who the main players are in the current environment and the ongoing activities and initiatives for Telecom Sector Reform.
  • Participate in group Interactive discussions that can be used to develop and propose new regulatory strategies and structures that could facilitate growth, competition and balance investor risk in a purely Myanmar Context.
  • Discover the 'actual' opportunities that are available in the Telecoms and ICT sector today in Myanmar and understand the strategies that could be used for effective market entry.
  • Learn how New Technologies & Infrastructure development strategies can reduce investment risk whilst enhancing Network Capacity, Coverage, Value Added Services and Subscriber Growth rates.

Confirmed Speakers:


Than Htun Aung

Deputy Director
Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications


U Zaw Min Oo

Barons Tele-Link Services Co., Ltd
Secretary General

Myanmar Computer Federation


Yup Seng Ing, Managing Director


John Stefanac, President SEA/Pacific
Qualcomm International


Paul Gerard Crilley, Senior Consultant
Yatanarpon Teleport Co. Ltd


Charles Ashley, Regional Head
Tune Talk


Stephanie Huf, Head of Communications
Ericsson South East Asia and Oceania


Sami Tabbane, Professor
SFM Telecoms


U Kyaw Naing, Chief Engineer
Amara Communications (Myanmar)


John Martinez
Detecon Asia-Pacific Ltd. (Thailand)


Bertie McCrory, Managing Director
Contatica Asia Ltd.


Hugh McGarry, Principal
Garnet Consulting Pty Ltd

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"Disconnected for decades, Myanmar poised for telecoms boom" - Emerging Frontiers Blog, 13 Sept 2012


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Optelian Announces LightGAIN DWDM Deployment by Myanmar Post and | Telegraph While | on Canadian Trade Mission


HGC Granted Permission to Provide International Data and Voice Services in Myanmar



Axiata among those in Myanmar telecom race - The Star Online, 8 Oct


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NTT Com to boost network capacity in Myanmar - telecompaper, 11 Sept


Myanmar seeks loans for funding projects -, 11 Sep


Telecoms industry to be privatised, says MPT -, 3 Sep


Faster internet on trial: deputy minister -, 27 Aug


Myanmar to launch satellite with help of Japan - Chinadaily USA, 22 Aug


Phone repair training centres find growing market in Mandalay -, 20 Aug


Vietnam wants to introduce affordable mobile phones in Burma -, 16 Aug


Myanmar to open Telecom Market soon - Open Telecom Int'l, 31 Jul


Myanmar prepares to open telecoms market - Telecoms Operator News, 17 Jul


Liberalisation to boost investment in Myanmar - Developing Telecoms, 16 Jul


Technology investors eye on Myanmar’s IT, telecoms and tech - Between online, 6 July


Unpolished gem Myanmar has much potential for IT, telecoms and tech - All Techie News, 5 Jul



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News Feed

Top experts to review latest telecoms developments at Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update opening on 16 October in Yangon

Posted on : 15 Oct, 2012


With a population of more than 60 million and an economy which is only now opening up, Myanmar’s telecom sector is very attractive to global companies such as Axiata, Telenor, Digicel, VNPT-Fujitsu, VimpelCom, and TeliaSonera AB. All are competing for a chance to bag the two licenses that are to be given out to foreign firms with 4G services targeted as early as 2013.


Two other licences are for Burmese companies. One of the mobile phone licenses would be awarded to Myanmar Telecoms Company, a privatised company from the state-owned Myanmar Post and Telecommunications. Another would go to local ISP Yataraporn Teleport. While telecoms players are looking at having presence in the country, Myanmar government is in the midst of selecting a consultant that will oversee an upcoming tender for the telecom licences.


Hence, Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update on 16 October 2012 in Yangon, is well poised for an update on “Myanmar Telecoms Sector Review” by U Zaw Min Oo, Secretary General, Myanmar Computer Federation. He will unveil Current Status of Telecom Networks and Operators, Telecom Infrastructure and Telecom Services, Costs and Tariffs, Local Companies involved in Telecom Sector, On-going Telecom Developments and HRD Challenges.  Other key experts from Barons Tele-Link Services, DigiCom, Qualcomm International, Yatanarpon Teleport, Tune Talk, Ericsson, SFM Telecoms, Amara Communications, Detecon, Contatica Asia, and Garnet Consulting are also sharing their expertise at the event.


Myanmar invites telecom sector investments; Government plans 50% higher mobile access by 2015

Posted on : 13 Sep, 2012


Analyst firm Nomura Research’s report in March cited Myanmar as “one of the last untapped telecom markets in the region”, with the government’s plans to increase mobile penetration by 50% by 2015. In its efforts to bring mobile and internet access to nearly 60 million population and to drive international investment, Myanmar has begun the process of liberalising its communications networks.


Thein Tun, Myanmar Post and Telecommunication Minister told parliament, “(We) have started working on a reform plan to provide telecommunication services to the people at an international standard and at a cheap price.”


He also said that Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications, a state-owned telephone operator, and Internet provider Yatanarpon Teleport, plans to form joint ventures after a tender process which involves “local and overseas companies that have experience in international telecommunication services.”  “After negotiations between consultancy groups and officials, we will continue our (reform of the) telecommunication service by calling an international tender,” he said.  He also added that the ministry was planning a new communications law.


Officials are calling for consultants to organise a planned telecoms bidding process that would open a nascent market to foreign investors who are keen to penetrate Myanmar’s huge growth potential industry. A major opportunity is seen in this sector for international companies to provide mobile phones to an estimated 96% of the country’s population.


Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update, to be held on 16 October 2012 in Yangon promises insight into the initiatives for the Telecom sector reform and the future of the telecom market. This interactive update and briefing will be led by a team of ICT experts, who will deliver a forecast of Myanmar’s growing telecom market as well as address the emerging issues in the industry. To take part in this intensive session, one can Register here. For more details, contact Ms. Hafizah at


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