2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit,

17-18 Oct, 2012 - Yangon, MYANMAR


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"Towards Successful JVs and Financing"

Key Opening Address by:

Dr. Daw Khin San Yee, Deputy Minister

Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development



Official Addresses by:

U Aung Naing Oo, Director General

Directorate of Investment & Company Administration (DICA)


Daw Naw Eh Hpaw, Deputy Director General,

Foreign Exchange Management Department

Central Bank of Myanmar



Other Official Speakers:


U Soe Thein, Deputy Chief Civil Engineer

Myanmar Port Authority


U Kyaw Win, Director (Administration Division)

Soe Soe Lwin, Assistant Director

U Saw Htee Set, Senior Customs Official

Customs Department, Ministry of Finance and Revenue


Major functions of DICA, a division under the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development are:

  • scrutinizing and appraisal of projects that are proposed for investment in Myanmar,

  • monitoring and reporting the implementation of permitted enterprises,

  • registration and administration of Limited Companies, Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Association and Association

  • taking part in regional cooperation relating to investment matters.


Part of Invest Myanmar Series, this summit offers you new insights on key areas:

  • New laws on investments, land acquisitions, joint ventures etc

  • Identify and structure right business models

  • Foreign Investment Law (FDI) and implication for investors

  • Opportunities in telecom and ICT industry, power, mining sectors

  • Finance structuring for JVs

  • Automotive & components industry, Ports, infrastructure sectors

  • Environmental compliance for doing business in Myanmar

  • Sourcing land for industrial, agriculture, hospitality and commercial

Why Attend CMT Invest Myanmar Series?


1. Proven Track Record
CMT has organized 6 summits in Yangon since March 2012 in key sectors - attracting over 1400 delegates from over 35 countries. They are: Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power * New Myanmar Investment *Myanmar Mining * 2nd Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power Summit * 14th Asia CemenTrade* 2nd Commercial Farm Asia*


2. Meet Key Officials & Decision-makers
All CMT summits are opened by Ministers. We work closely with various ministries. The Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Mines & Ministry of Electric Power are official host to some of our summits.


3. Connect with genuine local or foreign partners
Network with the right person or companies. We attract the best possible candidates you can pick as business associate or partner.


4. Covers All Strategic Sectors
CMT covers all the key sectors - Energy , Mining, Agriculture, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Finance, Power, Telecoms and many more.


CMT Invest Myanmar series provide not mere "information" but "insights on growth strategies"




US lifts Myanmar international lending restriction- Boston.com, 10 October 2012


Myanmar is the new frontier for investments for the global oil, gas, infrastructure and a host of fast growing sectors. Riding on the new wave of optimism and opportunities thrown up by the new reforms minded government, foreign investments are poised to head towards Myanmar in the next few years.

With positive investment sentiments from the western countries following the lifting of sanctions, and multilateral agencies setting up bases, Myanmar is today well-positioned to revive its economy. Though concerns persist over inadequate financial & banking system, IPR and trademarks, tax regulations, land reforms, and FDI norms, Myanmar will remain a big bet for global investors.

New found opportunities in ICT and telecom, automotive, and construction, port and road development projects are high potential areas for global majors to ignore. Mining and mineral and farming sectors are also emerging as major attractions for foreign investment.

Yet, for many Myanmar still remain an enigma and an unknown frontier. CMT's 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit aims to unfold the ground realities in Myanmar and address a host of complex issues that are vital for business environment. The summit will bring together on a single platform, top level Myanmar government officials, local & foreign experts, legal & finance advisors and senior representatives from global industry and investment firms.

Attend 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit to be among the first to listen in to exciting session on :


New Update on Opportunites in the New Myanmar Insurance Market

By Pillar of Truth Insurance Company - One of the 12 Companies granted permit to offer insurance services

"Tycoons Rush as Burmese Insurance Privatized" Sep 7 - Irrawaddy



And Network with local businessmen, investors from Asia and the globe, confirmed speakers below:


- Myanmar Egress
- Frost & Sullivan
- Kelvin Chia Yangon Ltd

- Leading Telecom Consultant

- TNS Asia Pacific

- P & A Asia

- EcoDev

- VDB Loi


as well as Chief Executives, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors & Heads of MNCs, Regional and National Corporations including Heads of Business Development, New Ventures, Finance and In house Legal Counsels, Teams involved in Industry Regulations and Risk from these sectors: - Oil &Gas - Power, Electricity & related Infrastructure - Telecommunications - Real Estate - Construction -Automotive & Components

NOT-TO-BE-MISSED! Separately Bookable Workshop and Update

To complement the summit, 2 interactive and intensive modules have also been added to agenda. See details below.


Myanmar Telecoms Reform Update


Tuesday, 16th October

08:30 - 17:00

Led by Mr Paul Crilley

Senior Consultant, Yatanarpon Teleport



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  • Attain overview of the demographics of the country and how this could affect the telecom market and obligations of investors.
  • Gain insight into the ongoing Nation Building processes that will directly impact Telecom investments.
  • Understand the landscape of Local Companies that are currently involved in Telecoms and ICT Developments today and their views for the future.
  • Know who the main players are in the current environment and the ongoing activities and initiatives for Telecom Sector Reform.
  • Participate in group Interactive discussions that can be used to develop and propose new regulatory strategies and structures that could facilitate growth, competition and balance investor risk in a purely Myanmar Context.
  • Discover the 'actual' opportunities that are available in the Telecoms and ICT sector today in Myanmar and understand the strategies that could be used for effective market entry.
  • Learn how New Technologies & Infrastructure development strategies can reduce investment risk whilst enhancing Network Capacity, Coverage, Value Added Services and Subscriber Growth rates

Aimed at Global Telecoms Players and their key teams including Strategic Planning, Project Planning and Engineering Support Managers and Executives as well as Myanmar Companies and Entrepreneurs who are keen to tap into the evolving regulations and opportunities.

Post conference Workshop:


Business Contracts in Myanmar

Thursday, 18th October

14:00 - 17:00


Led by Mr Alessio Polastri,

Managing Partner, P&A Asia




For 3 hours you will receive legal advice and practical grounding in business dealings in Myanmar on how to protect and ensure your rights and cover your responsibilities - whether it's for agreements for Agency and Distributorships or for JVs and other dealings.


Agenda of workshop


1. Agency and distribution agreements

2. What is a joint-venture agreement?
3. Finding the right partner
4. Ordinary and extraordinary clauses in a joint-venture agreement
5. Protection of know-how
6. Protecting from your local partner
7. Protecting from your international partner


The intensive clinic is led by Mr Alessio Polastri, who will draw on his experiences in Myanmar and current engagements advising:

  • a Government entity in setting up a joint venture with a local agriculture conglomerate
  • a foreign company in relocating garment factories to Myanmar
  • foreign investors in setting up joint ventures with local individuals/companies in the hospitality industry
  • a multinational involved in chemical industry in setting up a branch in Myanmar
  • a foreign investment bank in acquiring interest in a local mining company
  • local companies in the development of several infrastructures in Myanmar


Over 300 attendees at the 1st summit in June !




"A great conference and cultural experience"
~ Pöyry


"A very holistic approach that provides a fundamental understandingof Myanmar's foreign investment situation"

~ UPP Holdings


"An excellent introduction to doing business in Myanmar"
~ Phu Bia Mining


"An excellent first hand delivery of ideas, on a country, which is on the verge of a big leap"
~ SBI Capital Markets


"Wonderful summit for networking opportunities and best place to acquire more knowledge of Myanmar investments"



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Industry News


“Myanmar is about to enter three golden years as it begins to take its place once more on the world stage after decades of isolation”, said Thailand’s ambassador Pisanu Suvanajata, who also urges  “Thai investors should seize the opportunity to invest in Myanmar within the next three years before the Asean Economic Community is formed in 2015."


For the first time, Myanmar will open its new capital to the world, as it hosts the SEA Games next year in Nay Pyi Daw and numerous high-level ministerial/leaders’ meetings throughout 2014, as the chair of the Association of South East Asian Nations.


In the past year or so Myanmar has become the darling of Asia, now that sanctions imposed by major western powers are winding down. Investments are pouring into the country, and a lot more projects waiting in the wings.


Rising income levels and investments have all spurred the economic growth of the natural resource-rich country. The Thai ambassador urged Thai businessmen to seek good opportunities in Myanmar and to speed up their activities before other foreign investors arrive, which would mean more competition. He added that large Thai companies like industrial estate developers were keen to invest, but he wanted more small and medium-sized industries to also look at Myanmar. Infrastructure such as roads, airports and power are among the areas the country needs to invest in, as well as other priority sectors including healthcare, power generation and supply, and education.


Further updates on the investment sentiment and the opportunities in Myanmar are to be discussed at the 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit in Yangon. The conference on 17-18 October 2012 offers insight on new laws on investments, land acquisitions, JVs, identifying and structuring right business models and other key subjects. Top officials from Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, andCentral Bank of Myanmar, Ministry of Finance and Revenueare speaking at the summit. Click here to sign up and attend the conference. Or forward any queries to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Excerpt from Bangkokpost.com 

08 Oct, 2012


On 07 September 2012, Myanmar’s parliament passed a much anticipated foreign direct investment law that is vital for government’s expansion plans. The new law to be signed by President Thein Sein is considered a major step forward. Several provisions that would deter foreign investments were dropped. One of which is such a requirement of $5 million minimum initial investment outlay. The new version permits foreign parties to hold 50% stake in joint ventures.


A barrier to foreign investments was lifted with the easing of sanctions by the Western nations. Investors were also further encouraged with the reforms to the financial system, particularly the abandoning of an onerous dual exchange rate system.

Yet another progressive aspect of the new law is that instead of 35 years land leasing to foreign investors in the old rules, it is now extended to an initial period of 50 years with an option to renew.


Myint Soe, Chairman of the Myanmar Garment Association and an executive member of the Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that permitting 50% foreign equity in joint ventures was conducive to attract foreign investors who might be wary if the law favoured protection for local entrepreneurs too much. “What Myanmar needs is a law that will attract new investment rather than restrict it. I welcome the fact that the amended law has dropped the regulation that requires $5 million startup initial capital.”


The 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit to be held in Yangon on 16-18 October 2012 will offer vital details of the various developments in Myanmar. The summit features an official session on “Investment Opportunities and Private Sector Development” by U Aung Naing Oo, Director General, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA), Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development. Furthermore, Ms. Cheah Swee Gim, Director and Foreign Consulting Attorney, from Kelvin Chia Yangon Ltd will speak on “New Foreign Investment Law – Implementation Guidelines”.


Register here to attend this summit, or contact Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg for further queries.


Source: Abcnews.go.com


19 Sep, 2012


Myanmar will see a $380 million investment by Daiwa Securities Group, in partnership with major Japanese tech companies. Daiwa aims to build the IT backbone for the government. This shows Japan’s ambition to hold a competitive position in Myanmar’s infrastructure development. Takashi Fukai, a President of Daiwa Institute of Research, said in a Reuter’s interview that Panasonic Corp., Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd., NEC Corp., and KDDI have indicated interest in joining the project and providing technology and services. He said, “We’re going into Myanmar in a way that is all-Japan.” The ‘cloud’-based computing system is expected to cost about 30 billion yen ($384 million).


A Daiwa executive said that Daiwa has already been chosen to help set up a local stock exchange, and has been selected by the central bank to draw up plans for the computer network, and is seeking Japanese government aid to offset the cost.

Daiwa and the Tokyo Stock Exchange are also partners in a project to develop a new stock exchange for Myanmar. According to Fukai, a stock exchange would help draw foreign investment to Myanmar and could be up and running by 2015. More than 20 Myanmar Companies, ranging from gas company to agriculture enterprise, were approached by Daiwa to list on the exchange. Fukai estimated a turnover of 1 billion yen if 300 firms were publically traded by 2020.  Around 2 billion yen is the estimate of revamping the Myanmar securities exchange, in which Daiwa is a joint venture partner.


Funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Fujitsu and NTT Data have also started a study on Myanmar’s intrabank settlement system.


More in-depth and first-hand details on the New Foreign Investment Law, its implementation guidelines, updates on manufacturing, agents & distributors, telecommunications, oil & gas, infrastructure and investment opportunities in Myanmar will be unveiled at the 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit, from 16-18 October 2012, in Yangon. Although conference agenda is not finalised yet, Pre-Registration is now underway for those interested in attending. In the meantime, one may forward enquiries to Ms. Hafizah at hafizah@cmtsp.com.sg


Read complete article at Reuters.com


13 Aug, 2012


At the New Myanmar Investment Summit 2012 held in Yangon in June, over 300 delegates heard first-hand and interacted Myanmar's Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Mines officials as well as, many experts from the private sector sharing at the 2 day summit.

A key highlight was the Official Opening Speech by His Excellency Dr. Kan Zaw, Deputy Minister, Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development. In his talk, he shared his views on the prospective areas of investment in Myanmar, reviewed the economic situation of the nations, and encouraged the exploration and strengthening of joint businesses and partnerships. Themed "Business Strategies and Successful JVs", the June summit in Yangon was such a resounding success that 2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit is being planned to be held in Yangon from 16-18 October.


For that purpose, a quick industry survey inviting suggestions on issues to include in the upcoming event to ensure comprehensive coverage of topics that matters is now underway. All are welcome to take part - to start simply click icon below.


2nd New Myanmar Investment Summit Survey

Further, for a glimpse of what was shared and what to expect at the second edition in October, CMT is making the Official Opening Speeches from the 1st summit in June as well as recently concluded Myanmar Mining Summit in July available as complimentary download. Just fill up the form below to obtain a copy.


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26 Jul, 2012