6th Bioplastics Markets,

23-24 May, 2012 - Bangkok, THAILAND

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok

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Future of Bioplastics, its New Generation Feedstocks and Emerging Applications!



"PTTMCC Biochem (PTTMCC), a joint venture between PTT PLC and Mitsubishi Chemical, has selected BioAmber Inc. as its partner for a polybutylene succinate (PBS) plant that will begin construction in Thailand in 2012."
[14 September 2011, source: PR Newswire]  


"PTT Group has become the world's leading player in the biobased petrochemical industry after its subsidiary PTT Chemical reached an agreement to acquire half of NatureWorks, the world's only manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA)."
[13 Oct 2011, source: The Nation]


A flurry of joint ventures and investments are taking place in the bioplastics industry and many are strategically located in Bangkok, Thailand. Having abundant feedstock supply of cassava and sugar, this makes Thailand a low cost production hub for bioplastics. As such, CMT's Biobased World Asia is held in Thailand. 2 premier conferences, 2nd BiobasedChem Asia and 6th Bioplastics Markets, will be organised under this event with PTT Global Chemical as our Official Host cum Reception Sponsor!


Aside from the commercialized polylactic acid(PLA), biobased polybutylene succinate (PBS) is the next hot biopolymer to watch out for. Recognising the potential growth in applications from PBS, many companies are partnering to set up succinic acid plants in different regions. BioAmber is partnering with PTTMCC Biochem for PBS production in Thailand; hear from the latter on the market growth and potential of PBS and how their joint venture will drive supply globally.


A lot of attention has always been placed on the bioplastics markets development in USA, Europe and Asia. However, Cereplast's recent distribution agreement with GAMA Plastik AS to supply bioplastic resin in Turkey highlighted the immense plastics market potential there. Afterall, Turkey is one of the fastest growing plastics markets in the world and third in terms of market share in Europe behind Germany and Italy. Find out personally from GAMA Plastik at the conference on the bioplastics demand and supply dynamics and the key drivers behind the growth. At the same time, how is the bioplastic industry progressing in Asia? What are the latest updates relating to substantiating of claims, certification and labelling?


Attend CMT's 6th Bioplastics Market Conference to find out more where these developments are taking place and the identification of near future trends in technological and industrial progress. Register online at www.cmtevents.com with your team today!

Multiple Benefits Gained from
Expert Panel

  • Development of sustainable feedstock supply in bioplastics
  • Hear about PTT Global Chemical's green expansion plans & future developments
  • Emerging sources of plant-based sugar/starch feedstock in Asia
  • Biobased PBS & biobased nylon market outlook
  • Find out more about 100% Biobased PET from Virent
  • Development & progress of bioplastics market in Asia
  • Bioplastics trends and biomass flexible packaging market in Japan
  • Stay updated with the current certification and labelling issues
  • Hear direct from end-users their experiences & plans with bioplastics application



You will network with:

CEO/Presidents, MD, GM,
Business Development Directors,
Sales & Marketing Managers,
Commercial Director, Technology
Manager, Product Manager,
R&D Director from bioplastics
owners/retailers/ processors/
converters, financial & academic
institutions, machinery suppliers
& all who wants to get an update
on the opportunities in the
bioplastics business


Here's what delegates said about our 5th Bioplastics Markets held in Hong Kong on 23 & 24 May 2011
5th Bioplastics Markets


The combination of very interesting, high quality presentations and a mixed audience gave the perfect base for good networking opportunities

- RheinChemie


The conference gives good overview for both technical &
market outlook ahead in future

- Salee Colour


Clear picture of bioplastic to lead me go to the right direction

- Srithai Superware


An excellent balance between research, process development, manufacturing and market applications with a global footprint and integration



CMT 5th Bioplastics was a great chance to exchange the non-stopping
growth of bioplastics

- Merquinsa


Nice topics, great speakers, interesting participants

- Clariant




Industry News


To boost Thailand’s plans in becoming a regional bioplastics production hub in motion, policymakers and business operators are preparing the upstream pilot plant, regulations setting for the industrial standards and global accreditation.  The pilot plant will be built and operational by 2015, with an annual production of 1,000 to 10,000 tonnes, if the investors are selected successfully.

Dr. Pipat Weerathaworn, President of the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association (TBIA) said, “Even though the cost of bioplastics is twice as high as its fossil-fuel-based counterpart, growing concerns about ecology and pollution will drive this sector's growth.”   He also said that the Industry Ministry's Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is working on rules and regulations on bioplastics standards including for biodegradable and biodecomposable plastics.


To be at par with DIN Certco, the German bioplastics certification body, the TISI is establishing a biodegradability testing lab and certifying system in the country.


“Thailand is the world's largest cassava exporter and second-largest sugar exporter,”said Dr. Pipat. “These two products are the main raw materials for bioplastics, which seems to perfectly match Thailand."


Above  and other details of the bioplastics industry, feedstock availability, market development and progress in Asia, and much more are among the key issues to be discussed at the 6th Bioplastics Markets conference on 23-24 May in Bangkok. The 1.5 day event which run concurrently with another related event taking place on 22-23 May at the same venue has already garnered participation from companies like Ampacet (Thailand), GE (China) Research and Development, Showa Denko KK (Shoden), Total Petrochemicals Hong Kong Ltd, Wacker Chemie AG and many more.


To attend the event Register here, or forward queries to grace@cmtsp.com.sg


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08 May, 2012


Arkema SA, a France-based chemical maker acquired two Chinese companies as part of a plan to grow its sales by 1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) through acquisitions. Arkema acquired 100% of Hipro Polymers and Casda Biomaterials at $365 million. The former is a maker of biosourced nylon 10.10, and the latter a producer of sebacic acid derived from castor oil, a building block of Hipro’s materials. With a combined sales estimate at $230 million for 2011, the Chinese firms have two production sites in the country with 750 employees.


Arkema’s Chairman and CEO Thierry Le Hénaff said, “It will help us boost our position in China, one of Arkema’s geographic priorities for the last five years. With polyamide 10.10, it aptly complements our high added value polyamide 11 and 12 product range, and fits well with our growth strategy in green chemistry.”


According to the company, acquisition of Hipro would make Arkema the only manufacturer offering a “full-range” of long-chain PA 10, 11 and 12; and the purchase of Casda Biomaterials would make room for expansion in the global markets for lubricants, plasticizers and corrosion-inhibiting additives.


Hence it is fitting that Arkema China is among the invited speakers at CMT’s upcoming conference on 6th Bioplastics Markets to be held on 23-24 May 2012 in Bangkok. Arkema is expected to appoint it’s senior representative to share their perspectives “Market Outlook & Growth Potential for Biobased Nylon, Plans Ahead and provide Updates on Arkema’s Acquisition of the Biobased Production/Supply Chain”.


Register here to attend the event or send an email to grace@cmtsp.com.sg for other queries.


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20 Apr, 2012


Bioplastics are anticipated to grow at a significant pace over the next 3 years at an annual growth rate of 129.8% according to industry reports. Bioplastics are moving past the initial phase of market introduction and are now experiencing robust increase in demand fueled by companies setting up manufacturing plants, increasing consumer preferences for environmentally sustainable materials and improved performance of bioplastic resins. With abundant agricultural sector and large lactic acid (LA) manufacturing base, Thailand is moving forward towards becoming a regional bioplastic hub. Thailand is currently the Asia Pacific's third largest bioplastic producer, ranked behind Japan and China.


CMT's 6th Bioplastics Markets in Bangkok focusses on emerging sources of plant-based sugar/starch feedstock in Asia and development & progress of bioplastics market in Asia. The conference on 23-24 May, 2012 also spotlights on PTT Global Chemical's green expansion plans & future developments in Thailand and much more.


Download complete Conference Agenda here or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more details.

26 Mar, 2012


BioAmber, a next-generation chemicals company, and Mitsui & Co., a leading global trading company, have partnered to build and operate 3 manufacturing facilitates in 1) Rayong, Thailand 2) Sarnia, Canada 3) North America or Brazil.


The 65,000 tonne/year bio-succinic acid facility and 50,000 tonne/year bio-BDO in Rayong, Thailand is projected to come on line in 2014.  The partners, BioAmber and Mitsui are currently undertaking a feasibility study for the Thailand plant with PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited.  PTT MCC Biochem (PTTMCC), a joint venture between PTT PLC and MitsubishiChemical, has selected BioAmber Inc. as its partner for a 20,000 tonne/year polybutylene succinate (PBS) plant that will begin operation in 2014.


In light of continual growth of bioplastics feedstock in Asia, CMT 's 6th Bioplastics Markets in Bangkok  on 23-24 May, 2012 is designed to provide updates on new capacities & growth projections in key Asian countries and more. To provide further insights on Bio-succinic acid and Biobased PBS, CMT is pleased to have secured expert speakers below:

  • Patrick Piot, Vice-President, Business Development from BioAmber S.A.S  sharing his presentation on “Bio-succinic Acid: How to Convert CO2 into Value-added Chemicals?” and
  • Shigeaki Yamane, VP, Manager- Marketing from PTT MCC Biochem Co Ltd providing latest updates via his presentation “Worldwide Market Potential of Biobased PBS”

To preview presentation topics,  download Preliminary Agenda or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more details.


An excerpt from Bioplastic Innovation


02 Mar, 2012


Thailand’s largest chemical producer, PTT Global Chemical PLC (PTTGC) is investing US$150 million to acquire half of NatureWorks, the world's only manufacturer of polylactic acid (PLA). PTTGC plans to co- invest in NatureWorks' $200 million second PLA plant to be located in Thailand. With sugar or cassava as the raw material the plant will commence commercial production by 2015.


This is a significant investment by a leading chemical company to continue its aggressive growth by expanding its capacity to meet global demand for bio-based products. According to Marc Verbruggen, President and CEO of NatureWorks the company selected PTTGC as its partner and Thailand as its second production base because it sees growth in the bioplastic industry shifting to Asia.


In line with above development and to put forth an overview on being on track to PTTGC become a global leader by 2020 and push for Thailand to be an Asian bio-hub, CMT’s 6th Bioplastics Markets on 23 - 24 May 2012 in Bangkok plans to incorporate focussed sessions to provide further insights into PTTGC green expansion plans and updates on new capacities & growth projections in key Asian countries.


The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. For queries  one can email grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Meanwhile, take note too that CMT will also be holding the 2nd BiobasedChem Asia meet from 22 -23 May at the same location! This is to allow industry players from the entire supply chain to come together to exchange ideas and network at the 2 complementary events all at one venue!




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10 Feb, 2012