2nd BiobasedChem Asia,

22-23 May, 2012 - Bangkok, THAILAND

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Bangkok

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Commercialising Renewable Chemicals ValueChain in Asia!


"PTT Global Chemical strengthens renewable chemicals investments"
~ ICIS, Nov 18, 2011


"Expansion opportunities and investment into growing markets like Asia will be required and targeted strategies built on specific biochemical output need to be considered."
~ Richard Cliento, CEO of GlycosBio, March 6, 2012



Officially hosted by PTT Global Chemical, CMT's 2nd BiobasedChem Asia, marks itself as THE platform for partnerships, investment and collaboration. Be at this premier event to obtain the latest updates and gain insights on future developments.



"The bio-based chemicals and materials industry, carefully nurtured from labs to factories by large corporate developers, stands at 3.8 million tons in production capacity this year, and is on pace to climb to 9.2 million tons over the next five years."

~ Lux Research



Asia presented herself as a natural bio-based materials hotspot. Growing population and relative higher growth in lifestyle upgrading and material in this region has created a demand market for goods and quality (e.g. automobiles, packaging, etc). Apart from plentiful feedstock availability, selective government interventions in the form of direct funding for the industrial biotechnology sector further heighten Asia's profile as an opportunity bio-based chemical hub. Thus, the realisation of Asia as the next frontier for bio-based begins.



Key highlights include:

  • Directives from the Thai Government & PTT Global Chemical's Biobased Chemicals & BioPlastics Roadmap
  • Scope for potential Collaborations & Partnerships in Asia's Biobased sector
  • Compare various offerings of Succinic Acid produced, on technologies, feedstock selection & economics
  • Perspectives from various roles - feedstock, financing, biobased chemical production, technologies, brand owners & end users
  • Grasp important lessons & opportunities on seeking financing or making investments in the biobased value chain
  • Evaluate production economics of plant versus fossil based chemicals e.g. Bio-based Paraxylene
  • Realise multiple benefits from BioRefining concept
  • Maximise potential from emerging feedstock & agricultural residues (e.g. CO2, Cassava, Cellulosic Biomass, Palm Oil Biomass, Sugar Bagasse)


Meet and Network with top panel of
speakers and industry players from
TWO events
BiobasedChem Asia and BioPlastics Markets)
to exchange latest updates!


So mark your calendar today and register
with your team for this event!



You will network with:
- Chemical & Polymer Producers - Biofuel Producers
- Biobased Chemical & Bioplastic Producers
- Agricultural Companies
- Sugar, Starch & Oilseed Processors
- Oils & Fats Suppliers
- Biomass Suppliers & Traders - Governmental Bodies
- Policy Makers and Influencers
- Cleantech / Biotechnology Venture Capital Co
- Financial Institutions
- Technology Platform Developers
- Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Co
- Chemical Storage and Logistic Co
- Catalyst Suppliers - Enzyme Suppliers
- Leading Research Centers - Analysts & Consultants
- End-use companies from: Personal Care &
Home Care/Packaging/Automotive/Adhesive/Solvent/
Printing Ink/Paints & Coatings/Lubricant




Here's what delegates said about our BiobasedChemAsia held in Shanghai on 14 & 15 2011

~ PTT Chemicals


"I received a well structured overview on market structure/mechanism and currently available materials"
~ Clariant Chemicals


"A Nice Overview of the Biobased Chemical Value Chain"
~ Rhodia


"Great meeting, exchange of experiences on renewable, with clear view of commercial opportunities"


"Great opportunity to meet Asian players under one roof"
~ Segetis


"Very good Opportunity to have an overview of Asia needs for Bio Based Derivatives and establishing new relationship with potential partners."

~ Roquette


"This conference provides a platform for efficient communication"
~ Rouquette Management


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Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials to increase polyactic acid capacity 5X; switch to cassava mooted - BiofuelsDigest

News Feed

Reverdia will begin production of Biosuccinium™ at Cassano plant by end of Q3 2012

Posted on : 08 May, 2012


Regulatory authorities have formally approved the joint venture between Royal DSM & Roquette Frères, Reverdia. Reverdia aims to ensure a steady supply of bio-based succinic acid through its proprietary production technology.  It will be the first large scale facility involved in commercial production of bio-based succinic acid marketed under the brand Biosuccinium™.  The distinctive sustainability profile of Biosuccinium™ will permit a diverse range of renewable and sustainable products on a commercial scale, and applications such as polyester polyols for polyurethanes, polybutylene succinate (PBS), plasticizers, 1.4 butanediol, composite and coating resins, packaging, footwear, elastane clothing, shopping bags, mulch films, automotive interiors and more.


Reverdia’s General Manager Will van den Tweel said, “Biosuccinium™ is a unique, high quality bio-based succinic acid produced with the most advanced and sustainable technology. Reverdia developed a unique proprietary yeast technology to convert sugars into succinic acid. The novel process is simple, stable, very energy efficient and generates less waste and impurities than the bacteria-based technologies which are currently being used in alternative routes for bio-based succinic acid."  The facility located in Cassano Spinola, Italy will be operational by the end of Q3 2012 with a capacity of approximately 10kt.


The industry is witnessing more and more companies move towards sustainable and renewable products. To provide deeper understanding of Reverdia’s strategies, feedstock flexibility, views and approach on 2nd generation feedstock, progress of the first commercial plant in Cassano and more, the 2nd BiobasedChem Asia conference on 22-23May in Bangkok have secured Mr. Will van den Tweel to present an insightful session on “Reverdia(TM), Commercialising Biosuccinium, Sustainable Succinic Acid(TM)” specially for businesses looking to shift in a similar direction.


The 1.5 day event which is just two weeks away has already attained participation from companies like BASF East Asia, BASF SouthEast Asia, BASF Thai Ltd., Genomatica, Honam Petrochemical, Itochu, Myriant Corporation, Nestle Waters MT, Procter & Gamble, PURAC Biochem, ThyssenKrupp Uhde GmbH, Vogelbusch GMBH and expects to welcome many more to sign up soon.


Register for the event or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for queries.


Read complete article here.


Danish firm Novozymes signs up with COFCO for enzyme acquisition & plans major expansions in Chinese biochemical sector

Posted on : 20 Apr, 2012


In keeping with China’s 2011-2015 five year plan, President for Novozymes China, Michael Christiansen remarked that the company was discussing projects with six or seven firms looking to produce value-added downstream products such as plastics and fibres from agricultural waste. He also said, "What we have seen in the biochemical area is that we will have lots of projects. We have got three new projects this year, and next year I expect that would be increased to an additional six or seven, which are enabled under the incentives and aspirations of the new five-year plan."


Li Bei, the Deputy Head of the biochemical and bio-energy division at COFCO, a major bioethanol producer in China, had mentioned earlier that “China has the potential to produce 7-8 million tonnes of cellulosic ethanol by 2020, and COFCO aims to produce 45 percent of the total.” Christiansen also said that Novozymes has an exclusive enzyme sales contract with COFCO, which plans to grow its cellulosic ethanol output to 50,000 tonnes in 2012, and further double it in 2013. The enzymes are required to break the long starchy chains of cellulose present in the agricultural waste.


A more in-depth look at the Asian markets is what Senior Director and Asia-Pacific Chief Economist of IHS Inc, Mr. Rajiv Biswas will share as he delves deep  into the Macro Economic Outlook and the Growth in Asia at CMT’s 2nd Biobased Chem Asia conference in Bangkok, on 22-23 May.


To attend the event, Register here. Or email grace@cmtsp.com.sg for more details.


Excerpt from Reuters.


Just Released! Exclusive White Paper on “The emergence of bio-based materials and chemicals - the Asian opportunity “

Posted on : 15 Mar, 2012


In anticipation of the 2nd BiobasedChem Asia in Bangkok to be held in Bangkok on 22- 23 May 2012, CMT together with official host cum reception sponsor PTT Global Chemical unveils an exclusive offer! 


We are proud to make available as online download, a 6-paged comprehensive white paper, entiled “ The emergence of bio-based materials and chemicals - the Asian opportunity”. This exclusive publication is the latest collaborative effort by CMT and Andrew Soare, an Analyst with Lux Research.


The complimentary white paper outlines all that you need to know about innovation and growth in the bio-based industry in Asia, key growth factors in the industry, the leading companies driving the penetration of bio-based chemicals globally , future developments  and opportunities for partnership, investment, or collaboration.


If you are a/an:

  • Asian company looking to develop or commercialize novel technologies & capitalize on the favorable bio-based market conditions in Asia
  • Non-Asian technology developer seeking access to the growing Asian bio-based materials and chemicals market
  • Regulator, financier, and corporation looking to stay abreast on the driving trends and leading innovators in the global bio-based chemicals industry

Then the paper is a MUST have. Do not hesitate, grab a copy now!!Simply fill in the form below to download your complimentary copy today.


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In the meanwhile, do stay tuned for further updates on the 2nd BiobasedChem Asia meet which is strategically scheduled to run back-to-back with the  6th Bioplastics Markets conference so as to enable you to capitalize and attend 2 events at one go. Click here to find out more.


GlycosBio to begin its first Biochemical production facility in southern Malaysia

Posted on : 02 Mar, 2012


GlycosBio, an international biochemical company commercializing sustainable chemicals made from renewable feedstocks is building its first facility in southern Malaysia with an initial capacity of 10kT/year in 2013. According to Robert Toker, the company’s VP for partnerships, Southern Malaysia is an ideal location for the project with feedstock and good market access. With the tyre market supply chain driving the isoprene monomer market, demand fundamentals are sound in emerging markets such as China, Indonesia and India. GlycosBio plans to focus much of its initial research and development efforts on creating isoprene to support Malaysia’s rubber industry. Moreover, GlycosBio also plans to develop four production facilities by 2017.


According to latest market reports, the bio-based chemical market is anticipated to grow at over 20% per year and exceed $500 billion until 2017. More updates on Biobased chemicals markets , current start-ups and projects will be provided at CMT’s 2nd BiobasedChem Asia in Bangkok on 22-23 May, 2012 . In addition, those attending the conference will have the option to attend 2 Separately Bookable Post Conference Workshop on the 24 May 2012 on Biobased Feedstock Competitiveness & Conversion Economics OR Sweet Sorghum Cultivation & Pretreatment.


To learn more about the conference click here. Or email Ms Grace, grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Read full article here.


Bio-based chemicals capacities to proliferate substantially to 140% by 2016.

Posted on : 10 Feb, 2012


A report recently completed by Lux Research found that the bio-based chemicals industry has reached a tipping point, with capacity expected to double in market potential to $19.7 billion in 2016 as global manufacturing capacity increases by 140 percent. The report data yielded that the global capacity for 17 major bio-based materials dramatically increased to 3.8 million tons in 2011. Over the next five years, capacity is expected to rise by 9.2 million tons. By 2016 consolidation is anticipated within bio-based materials manufacturing sector  as leaders buy up technologies and access to feedstock.


As the momentum builds for the development of bio-based chemicals sector, the Asian markets are flourishing. More on prospects & strategies for the bio-based chemicals market, availability, updates of current and novel feedstock to be shared by key industry experts at CMT’s 2nd BiobasedChem Asia on 22-23 May, 2012 in Bangkok.


Meanwhile, take note too that CMT will also be holding the 6th Bioplastics Markets from 23-24th May at the same location! This is to allow industry players from the entire supply chain to come together to exchange ideas and network at the 2 complementary events all at one venue!


To reserve seats Pre-Register here or submit your queries to grace@cmtsp.com.sg




Arkema to acquire two bio-based Chinese companies

Posted on : 09 Jan, 2012


France’s leading chemicals producer, Arkema recently announced  investment of $365 million to acquire Chinese companies Hipro Polymers, a fast-expanding producer of biosourced nylon 10.10, and Casda Biomaterials, world leader in sebacic acid derived from castor oil. This acquisition will boost Arkema's position in China. The project is subject to approval by the Chinese authorities and the operation is anticipated to be  finalized in early 2012. Thus, with expanding demand for bio-based products, Asia is witnessing investments and expansions.


After being well-received by the international biobased chemicals industry experts and players at the 2011 inaugural Shanghai event, CMT will host the 2nd BiobasedChem Asia on 22-23 May, 2012 in Bangkok. The second edition aims to share insights on investments in Biobased chemicals in Asia, prospects & strategies for the Asian market , snapshot of current start-ups and more . An additional feature to the 2012 meet is a separately bookable post conference workshop on Biobased Feedstock Competitiveness & Conversion Economics and  Sweet Sorghum Cultivation & Pretreatment on 24 May 2012.


The program details are currently being finalized , anticipated to be completed soon. For now, to reserve seats, pre-register for 2nd BiobasedChem Asia  here. For additional information, email Ms Grace , grace@cmtsp.com.sg


Note: Participants are also encouraged to register  for CMT’s forthcoming  6th Bioplastics summit scheduled on 23-24 May 2012 in Bangkok. Program details to be finalized soon.