Shale Gas Summit,

23-24 Apr, 2012 - Beijing, CHINA

Novotel Beijing Xinqiao

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Unlocking the Immense Potential of Shale in Asia


The shale gas industry is rapidly growing in recent years, especially in the USA. Major developments are also taking place in Asia. The U.S. Energy Information Agency estimated that China has 36.1 trillion cubic metres of technically recoverable shale gas reserves, significantly higher than U.S. reserves. Although China has not produced any shale gas commercially yet, it has attracted the attention and investments of various international energy companies. As such, CMT’s Shale Gas Summit takes place on 23-24 April 2012 in Beijing. Ministry of Land and Resources, China will talk about their government’s regulations to support shale gas development and China’s progress within the next 5 years.


With shale gas as the game-changer in the US gas markets, many expect to see a similar impact in Europe. However, the shale gas industry is a lot more restrained in Europe due to environmental concerns and bans implemented by various countries such as France and Bulgaria. With 100 over licenses issued to permit companies to develop shale, Poland seemed to be the country of highest potential. Hear from Polish Oil and Gas Company(PGNIG) on the latest shale gas progress and infrastructure plans.


No two shale plays are alike and depending on the geological conditions in that region, the hydraulic fracturing technology is tailored for the extraction. Fracking technologies used for shale plays in US are definitely not suitable for extracting shale gas in Asia, which is why many Asian E&P companies are collaborating with experienced US drilling service providers to seek their expertise and help. The adoption and improvisation of the right drilling and fracking technology for use in Asia will be explained by Baker Hughes.


How are the other shale gas markets in India, Indonesia and Australia progressing and how are the respective government working to promote this gas exploration? How is this shale gas revolution affecting the global LNG market?


Be at this exciting event and make new contacts! CMT's Shale Gas Summit offers extensive business networking opportunities with Asian and global players in one venue!


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Attend CMT's Shale Gas Summit to clarify your concerns. A timely event with leading panel of the most senior representatives from shale gas exploration companies to government officials, service providers, legal & energy consultants, fund managers and investors.


Multiple Benefits Gained from Expert Panels

  • Find out how shale gas develops as the energy source of the future from Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC)
  • Gain insights on the global gas market, the impact of shale gas revolution and gas pricing mechanism in China
  • Highly anticipated presentation from Ministry of Land and Resources, China on the latest shale gas market developments in China
  • Progress of exploration projects in China
  • Lessons  learnt from North America
  • Baker Hughes shares the adoption of shale gas drilling & fracking technology for use in Asia.
  • Efficient water management for cost-effective shale gas development
  • Learn about technologies and practices to reduce air emissions from shale gas development from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Zoom in on the shale gas market developments in India, Poland, Australia & Indonesia


Major shale gas players, Oil & gas operators, service providers, investors, fund managers, water management companies, government officials from energy ministries, financiers, legal & energy consultants, drilling & upstream service providers, technology & equipment companies, environmental & regulatory authorities, geological institutions.


This event is an excellent platform to promote your organization to influential players and investors in the industry. Sponsorship opportunities available include Corporate, Exclusive luncheon & Cocktail sponsor. Exhibition / catalogue display can be arranged upon request. Contact


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News Feed

Sinopec's shale and oil sector investment in 2012 will be 1 billion yuan ($158 million)

Posted on : 05 Apr, 2012


China has set its goal to maximize the utilization of its shale gas resources for economic expansion, rather than wholly depend on imported oil. Sinopec Group is said to be investing 1 billion yuan ($158 million) in 2012, towards its shale gas and oil division. The Group has completed drilling 3 shale gas wells as of now, and works are in progress for another 7. These cover some locations in the Nanchuan block to which Sinopec won the rights to explore during China’s first shale gas auction in July 2011.


An annual shale gas output of 6.5 billion cu m by 2015 is the goal projected by the National Energy Administration. Based on data from Ministry of Land and Resources, China has overtaken the United States by having the largest reserves of unconventional gas at 134 trillion cu m. A senior researcher at the ministry quoted, “Survey and evaluation activity related to China's shale gas reserves, which is still at the preliminary stage, is a key issue before China goes to commercial production”. Although no specifics were disclosed, the ministry is said to be opening more shale gas tenders in 2012.


In light of interest in shale gas in Asia, CMT’s Shale Gas Summit on 23-24 April in Beijing, will see Mr. Bao Shujing Bao, Professor/Deputy Manager at Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Production share his views and information through his presentation on `Sinopec’s Shale Gas Exploration Progress and Experience'.


For full details on conference agenda, please visit event page. Else you can Register here or contact for queries.


Read full article:


China boasts worlds biggest shale reserves

Posted on : 15 Mar, 2012


A new survey report issued by China’s Resource Ministry has revealed that the country has 25.1 trillion cubic meters of exploitable shale gas reserves. According to Yu Haifeng, Deputy Director of the Resource ministry, if the country's shale gas output exceeds 100 billion cubic meters by 2020, the fuel will become an important source of China's energy supply. China is reporting discoveries of major shale gas reserves in Sichuan region and recognizes shale gas as the clear alternative to coal.


This April, the oil & gas community will convene in Beijing for a high-level discussions on environmental impact and considerations, government regulations to support shale gas development, China's progress in shale gas within the next 5 years and strategy to open shale gas blocks for bidding . These are some of the issues to be shared by Mr. Zhang Dawei, the Deputy Chief, Strategic Center of Ministry of Land and Resources, PRC when he delivers his presentation on Shale Gas Developments in China at CMT’s Shale Gas Summit on 23-24 Apr, 2012.


For more on program details Download Conference Agenda here. To sign-up go to Register page or contact


Source: The Telegraph


Chevron joins Royal Dutch Shell Plc in exploring Shale gas in China

Posted on : 28 Feb, 2012


China, holder of the world’s largest reserves of shale is all poised to welcome more investments in natural gas drilling and extraction


On Feb. 12 , the Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) said the ministry will formulate a series of supporting policies to bring in diversified investment in shale gas exploration to push forward large-scale extraction of the resource, a move expected to boost the country's natural gas supply and even change its entire energy supply structure.  Then on 24 Feb, news reported that Chevron will start China shale gas exploration making it the newest player after Royal Dutch Shell to carve its stake in China.


In response to the positive developments and interest in Asia, particularly China, CMT has put together a Shale Gas Summit this coming 23-24 April which looks into pertinent issues, challenges facing the industry and lessons to be learned from experiences from shale projects in USA and others. Held in Beijing, the program agenda for this 1.5 day event was just recently finalised and currently open for registration.


Click here for a copy of conference timetable or email for other queries.


ONGC in talks with ConocoPhillips for deep sea oil, shale gas exploration

Posted on : 07 Feb, 2012


Indian state-run ONGC Ltd is in early-stage talks on possible tie up with ConocoPhillips, US energy major for the exploration deepwater and shale gas blocks in India.


Reports also suggest that under the proposed deal, ONGC had offered 19 of its deepwater oil and gas exploration blocks in the Krishna Godavari basin along with other offshore basins including Cauvery, Mahanadi and the Andaman and Nicobar basins to ConocoPhillips for joint exploration. The tie-up will also look at co-operation in onshore shale gas opportunities in India, North America and elsewhere in the world.


More on Shale gas developments in India & other project updates will be shared at CMT’s Shale Gas Summit on 23-24 Apr, 2012 in Beijing. The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be released soon. Meanwhile one can email Ms. Grace at to Pre-register interest .


Excerpt from


PetroChina strikes huge Shale Gas Reserves

Posted on : 23 Dec, 2011


PetroChina  has discovered shale gas reserves in the Sichuan province of China, as reported by the Financial Times on 7 Dec, 2011. The exact size of the potential reserves is not yet known.


State-owned China National Petroleum Corp has drilled about 20 wells, with each able to produce over 10,000 cubic meters of gas per day, a company official confirmed. These developments could drastically boost China's domestic supplies of natural gas and relieve pressure for increased imports to meet soaring energy demand. China has so far not launched commercial shale gas operations but is partnering with Sinopec, BP, Chevron , Royal Dutch Shell and other foreign companies seeking to improve its own technology.


In line with the above developments, China is poised to become the world’s largest producer of shale gas. CMT's aptly timed Shale Gas Summit on 23-24 Apr, 2012 in Beijing reflects on global gas market outlook & trends, Shale gas developments in resource-rich regions like China, India, Poland, Indonesia, Australia.


The details of speakers’ topics and sessions are currently being finalized and will be available soon. Meanwhile one can email or 65 6346 9147 or PRE-REGISTER interest here.